I awoke to see Charlie standing over us glaring down at me. I guessed it had something to do with the way Bella was curled tightly around me, her legs entwined with mine and her hands resting on my chest.

"I want to speak to you Edward. And I'd prefer it if we could talk before Bella awoke." He said calmly and quietly.

I nodded and began to try and gently ease Bella away from me without waking her. She moaned lightly and turned over as I moved my legs out from hers. She awoke slightly, her eyelids pulling back to reveal her dark brown eyes. I gently soothed her and coaxed her back to sleep.

Charlie watched this with a pronounced scowl on his face.

I stood once I was freed and quickly ran a hand through my untidy hair. Charlie didn't move immediately but instead stood watching me for several tense seconds. I stood a good five inches taller than him, and this was something he obviously didn't like.

"Come with me." He said, walking out of the small area where we had slept and back into the 'main room' as I guess you could call it. The room we had dined last night. He stood still for a moment before he began to speak.

"I want you to understand something Edward." He started. "Bella is my only child. And as you may or may not know, as I do not know how much she has told you of her life, Bella's mother Renee died when Bella was very young." I nodded.

"You knew this?" He asked quickly.


He seemed to ponder this information for a second. "Yes, then you must realise how precious she is to me."

"Of course sir." I replied.

"Now she seems to be very close to you. And I will respect my daughter's decision. Although I still do not trust you, she has not suffered as I have, seen the world as the cruel, horrible place that it can be. And I hope that she will never have to see that. Whether that is from you or anyone else, I trust you to protect her. And if you don't…" He didn't finish his threat.

I nodded quickly. "I completely understand sir."

He watched me closely as if he was trying to see if I was lying to him. Obviously he was satisfied as he quickly walked away and began to tidy away last night's bowls. I stood in the centre of the room until he finished, it was obvious he did not require nor want my help.

"Go and wake Bella." Charlie said quietly when he had finished.

I wandered back into the small curtained-off area where Bella was still lying fast asleep. She was so beautiful. I bend down and gently shook her shoulder. She moaned and rolled away from me, lightly batting my hand away.

"Go 'way." She groaned. I laughed and poked her in the side.

"Alright, alright I'm up." She sighed turning over.

She slowly opened her eyes and I watched as he long eyelashes brushed against the soft skin under her eyes. Blinking a few times to get used to the light, her eyes finally settled on me.

"Morning Edward." She whispered.

"Good morning. Your father told me to wake you."

She looked confused for a second. " My father… My father!" She sat up quickly and swayed slightly. I grabbed her gently so she didn't fall back.

"Yes, your father. We found him, remember?"

She smiled. "Yes. I just forgot for a second." I laughed lightly.

"He wasn't very nice to you yesterday." She frowned. "I'll talk to him about that later."

I stroked her arm softly. "No Bella. He was fine yesterday; he's your father, he's going to worry about you. Especially as he knows the circumstances under which we met."

"That doesn't mean he can be horrible to you Edward."

"Bella, as your father he's worried. If I were a father I would want to protect my daughter." I told her. She stared at me for a few seconds before she nodded and stood up.

'If I was a father I would want to protect my daughter' would I ever have a daughter? I imagined a small girl a perfect mix of myself and Bella and I smiled even wider still.

"What are you smiling about?" She teased, lighting poking me in the ribs. "Not some other woman I hope…" She smiled.

I pulled her against me and leant down to whisper in her ear. "You are the only one I will ever love."

I heard Charlie cough loudly outside and I pulled out of Bella's embrace. Charlie was trying to look busy when we walked back out into the main room, but he was still too close to the bedroom so it was obvious he had been stood outside listening a moment ago.

"So…" He started but stopped, probably unsure of what to say.

Bella laughed. "Dad, really nothing is different. I'm the same Bella I was a few months back. I just have Edward now and that's something you're going to have to deal with."

I tried to protest but she turned and glared at me.

Charlie sighed. "Doesn't mean I have to like it. You're still my little girl Bella."

"And I always will be." She replied pulling him into an embrace.

After a few moments he pulled away.

"Right, we better get some work done then."

I'm not going to lie and say that the day wasn't difficult for me. As much as I hated the fact I had been brought up in such a privileged and thus somewhat sheltered life, it was the life I had always known. I was used to servants caring to my every whim and if I ever did a chore myself it was usually only a small thing or it was the only chore I had to do in the day. The day with Charlie truly wore me out. He got me chopping firewood at the beginning of the day claiming that 'I was much younger than him so consequently more capable' and that if I was going to be staying I should 'pull my weight'. Once I was finished with that he led me around to the back of the cottage, the opposite side to which we had seen in the night, around here I was surprised to see a few chickens and a single cow. He told me that we needed some eggs and milk and then simply left me to get on with it.

Three hours, hundreds of scratches from the chickens and a bruised arm from where a particularly angry cow had kicked me later I emerged with half a bucket of milk and five eggs. The cow kicked over the bucket after I'd finally found out how to milk the bloody animal, hence half the normal amount of milk. As for the eggs, let's just say those chickens didn't want to give them up without a fight. I'm ashamed to say they won said fight.

Apparently the house also needed a fence surrounding it so that people knew that the property was out-of-bounds so Charlie started me on creating that. Figuring out how to make the fence posts took two hours and then I had to start creating them which took even longer. By sunset I had just about managed to get a few posts into the ground and I was rather pleased with myself.

By the time I got around to caring for Akila who was very upset that I had ignored her for the entire day, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I dragged myself back into the house just after darkness fell to see Bella and Charlie barely containing their laughter.

"I don't think he's cut out for this kind of work, do you Bella?" Charlie laughed, finally breaking.

I looked down to the floor slightly ashamed. I felt Bella put her hand on my arm and I looked up at her. "Come on love…" She said her humour evident in her voice. "Off to bed."

Outside the wonky fence poles fell over.