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chpt 5

just random talk

They spent the night gazing upon one another...telling stories, laughing, or simply silent. Every so often, they would recline on one elbow, or the other elbow. And every so often, one would reach a hand out, and the other would do the same. Their hands passed through each other's like the wind through the leaves of a tree...but just because they could not touch did not mean that they could not feel…

Kim watched her grandnephew as intently as she used to watch Joshua Wendell Mankey in a former life. She studied every nuance. The way he smiled smugly and lifted an eyebrow when he facetiously referred to himself as " the Ron-man." So like her first Ron. The way he smirked when he zinged her with a pun. So like her Tweeby brothers. The way he was silent when lost in thought. So like her father. The way compassion and empathy seemed to emanate from him. So like her mother.

She wanted to be somewhere so she run to him and hug him, as she used to do when he came back from Yamanouchi…or the Christmas when he went on a solo mission against Drakken and Shego so she could be with her fam. She wanted to be able to pillow his head on her lap while he watched Snowman Hank

…And Kim gasped to herself. So the preoccupation. Daydream much? she asked herself with some slight bitterness. That was another generation…another time and place…a whole 'nother life…another Ron…

That was two generations ago…she was a high school student with a badical boyfriend whom she loved. Then her life took a turn straight out of a horror movie. She was sealed up…buried alive.

That Ron was dead. And so was the perpetrator of the ghoulish crime, Tara. So was Drakken. So were her parents. And, with tragic irony, so was she.

Her mother the neurosurgeon might say Kim was presenting with symptoms of confusion, an indication of progressive mental deterioration. And an EEG test would indicate no brain wave activity. Wade might put it in terms of having bad sectors in her hard drive. Wade was dead, too.

But to this new Ron, her second Ron, none of that mattered. He had worked miracles. He had saved her world. He had reached across the gulf caused by her hatred of her murderer.

She thought of his favorite saying…besides the one where he said he loved her. According him, his mother, Kimberly Ann Stoppable had invented it. Ron Stoppable hated irony…but Ron Possible loves paradox.

He himself was a living paradox. An amalgam of both Stoppable and Possible traits. Randomness and purpose. Her decayed face did not frighten him. Her lifelessness did not appall him.

It was by her decision that they related in this manner, through their virtual clones, their holographic forms. It was another irony. After sixty years of imprisonment, he had, in effect, left the door to her cell unlocked. She could exit at any time. But, though her anger was gone, her suspicion and reluctance remained. So he drew her out with a gentle hand…slowly…gradually…with infinite patience…the way she used to accustom a new babysitting client to her presence…the way an animal rescuer would draw out an abused pet. It was all very Zen.

Kim had let her attention wander. Head in the game, she told herself. Ron was asking her about her talk with his grandfather's virtual interactive the night before.

" talked with Grandpa...the virtual Ron Stoppable clone."

"For hours. It was a good thing. I got a lot settled in my head."

"That's cool. That's really good."

"You look like you're thinking."

"Well...I'm wondering...should I have given you the Kimmunicator weeks ago?"

"No. I wasn't in any condition to deal with it. I would've just ejected it back up the pipe and told you to insert it up your...well, you get what I mean."

He laughed. "I do. You almost sound like you watched Medical Emergency."

"I thought about it...but I wanted to see all the other stuff...the home videos and pictures. You were cute as a baby."

He shrugged. "I suppose. Thank you. I was thinking of uploading other shows into your Kimmunicator."

She looked at him skeptically, out of the corner of her eye. "Like..."

He smiled slyly. "Oh...Scamper And Bitey...Star Passage...Captain Constellation...Global Wrestling...X-treme X-mas..."

She glared at him. "Dork! If you know me like you say you do, you know I can't stand those shows!"

"...The 'Real' North Pole."

She sputtered. "Ugh! Please! Gag me! Then I so would've shot the Kimmunicator back up the pipe...and aimed for your mouth...or butt!"

Ron smirked. "Aw, Aunt just miss being in an igloo."

Kim smiled sardonically. " never sat on a raw fish, did you?"

He laughed. "No...never have. You'll have to show me what it's like."

They bantered each other mercilessly, like old friends. There was warmth, and laughter, and joy.

The conversation drifted to other topics.

"So Mari's seeing Carl."

Ron nodded.

"Is she over you?"

"I don't know. I don't think in those terms. I just want her to be happy."

"And you? Are you over her?"

"I don't think much about that, either. My head was totally into you."

"Now you sound like my first Ron."

"That's good, isn't it?"

She nodded. "Oh, yes. Most def. Ferociously good." Her hand played with his blue radiance. "My first Ron had to sort of they do for martial arts. Do you have to do anything know...make it come?"

Ron shook his head. "Nope. It's like breathing. I just sort it."

"A lot?"

"Rarely. I've done it more tonight than ever in my entire life."

"Does it drain you? Like some kind of power expenditure?"

" least not yet."

"How old were you when you could make it happen?"

He laughed. "Puberty."

Kim laughed too. "O-kay. I so won't go there."

"Thank you."

"Could you control it?"

"At first, I could just make it shine. It was a little frightening. I was afraid I had some kind of demonic power. But uncle Lon explained that it was part of the family genetic legacy now."

"Did he show you how to move stuff? Or do the floaty thingy?"

"No. that had to wait until I went to Yamanouchi."

to be continued

And here I arbitrarily pause our chronicle. I had planned on having this series finished by Christmas 2011. But, hey…Glacial Slowness and all that equivocation.

I let a spoiler slip. At one point in this tale, Ron Possible was dating Yori and Hirotala's daughter, Mariko. But that deep-sixed. Why? For the same reason Ron Stoppable and Yori didn't work. Or Ron Stoppable and Zita Flores. The Partner's preoccupation with his Heroine. The karma is strong. Details pending in one of the other Heroine's Legacy tales.

Preview of coming attractions. Kim's first mission in her new life in a couple chpt.'s

Happy 2012 to us all.