AN: When I first saw the movie, I thought it would be a great thing to write a fanfiction about, but there was none. Yesterday when I was sick I finally found that there were other people who thought as me and I found myself bugged by this plot and I wrote it. I hope there will be other plot bunnies who won't leave me alone and I can add more short stories to this but know read and enjoy.

Disclaimer:I don't own The Three Musketeers, they're creation of wonderful Alexander Dumas.

D'Artagnan cursed, why the stairs had to be so long. He didn't have strength anymore and he couldn't breathe normally, every step he took was harder. Maybe he shouldn't have sent those three away, they could have helped him. But they weren't his friends; they just were the three musketeers he patrolled with.

He had been in Paris for two years; Monsieur de Treville had put him into the general guard of the Musketeers for a probationary period. Because of that d'Artagnan patrolling the streets of Paris and all his fellow musketeers, who had the same duty, knew what would happen to them if any harm fell on the young boy. There was not one of them who was so well protected as d'Artagnan

And tonight something had happened. D'Artagnan had been out in the patrol when he heard a strange noise from one of the alleys; he had gone to check and met with five of Cardinals guards. He had got two of them, when a third had sneaked behind his back pushed his sword through the boy's leg, at that moment the other musketeers arrived. The damage was already done. D'Artagnan had insisted that he was alright, that no physician was needed, no one could argue with him, the Musketeers knew that the boy was stubborn. So they helped him to the front door of his house where he sent them away.

At the moment he reached for the door of the apartment, he knew it had been a bad idea. He was all alone, there was no one. King had sent Athos, Porthos and Aramis to mission, all of them to different parts of the country. Athos had suspected it to be one of Richelieu's ploys, but it was their duty to obey the king, they couldn't argue about leaving their young charge alone. D'Artagnan himself had sent Planchet away, because he was all alone and didn't need a servant. And now there was no one to help, it was the last thought he had before his gave away.

So he laid there just a reach from the door and he found himself thinking that that was it. He was going to die alone, at the age of twenty, just few weeks before his probation was over and he would have been one of the elite musketeers.

Just before the darkness consumed him, he heard a door open.

"D'Artagnan!" very familiar voice cried, but then it was all black and he didn't know anymore.

Next thing he knew was someone's finger pushing damp hair from his eyes, he opened them, he wasn't in the hall, and somehow he had ended up in his room. He remembered someone coming that meant someone had been home.

D'Artagnan turned to the person sitting beside his bed, "Athos?" he crocked, as soon the words were out a cup of water was before him, he drank like he had spend weeks in the dessert, when the cup was empty Athos placed it on the table.

"What are you doing here?" D'Artagnan didn't understand.

"Well last I controlled I still live here." The older man raised his eyebrow.

"No, I don't mean that, what are you doing home? How long have I been sleeping?" Boy knew that it couldn't have been long, because his leg was still hurting.

"A day or so, give or take few hours," Athos leaned back to his chair and crossed his arms, "To answer your first question. I finished my mission early, reported to the king and came home. I just had taken of my hat, my cloak and the sword belt. Poured myself a cup of wine and thought to enjoy it in front of the fire, when I heard a strange noise behind the door. What do you think I found there?"

D'Artagnan clumped before he answered, "Me?"

"So now, would you tell me what the hell happened." Athos was angry, d'Artagnan knew that, but he wasn't angry at him…yet. So he told the older musketeer what had happend, leaving nothing out.

"Where are those three musketeers now?" Athos' voice had grown cold. D'Artagnan sighted there was no Aramis to soften it, or Porthos to make some silly joke.

"I sent them away." D'Artagnan said cautiously, the cocky boy had disappeared, he knew he had been stupid, and now seeing Athos disappointment in him, hurt.

"You did what!?" Athos didn't yell, "And when we are on that topic. Where is Planchet?"

"I also sent him away." D'Artagnan, wished now that he hadn't, then Athos wouldn't be this angry.

"I figured that out, but the question is why?" Athos seemed calmer.

"Well he has been complaining how he hadn't seen his sister for month, when you all were gone I figured I could let him go. I hoped when he comes back he wouldn't complain that much," Athos raised his eyebrow, d'Artagnan snorted, "Yes, that isn't possible."

"When Planchet is meant to be back?"

"Tomorrow." As he said that, Athos sighted and covered his eyes. When he lifted them, d'Artagnan saw that they were empty from all emotion; there was no worry, anger, disappointment.

"So it means that we all would have come home to find your corpses at the stairs, did you even think about that?"

"No, I didn't think, I'm sorry." D'Artagnan felt tears in his eyes, but he couldn't let them fall, he didn't want to seem weaker as he had already in front of Athos.

"It seems so, now go to sleep, you need the rest." D'Artagana closed his eyes; before he fell asleep he felt a hand running through his hair. He already knew that Athos was worried otherwise he wouldn't be this angry, now this confirmed it.

When he woke up again he heard voices.

"As I told you before, this is Cardinals ploy. He wanted us away and targeted the one he thought to be weakest of us all, but he plan backfired at him, when I came home early." Athos sounded tired; he must have been up all that time d'Artagnan slept.

"The boy was lucky; he would be dead if you hadn't been here." Aramis' voice came just next to him.

"I told him as much, there was infection and because of that a mild fever. That's why he has been sleeping for a half a day."

"He must have been a sight when you found him." There was worry in Porthos' voice.

"Yes, I thought he was dead, he scared ten years of off me and I'm already old." D'Artagnan opened his eyes slightly and saw how Athos pinched the bridge of his nose.

"You're not old Athos." D'Artagnan smiled from the bed.

"Look the sleeping beauty has wakened." Porthos started to laugh.

"You worried us boy," Aramis whispered, "it was a close miss, few inches and the sword would have gone to the main artery, you wouldn't have lasted till home."

"Forgive me." It was the only thing d'Artagnan could think of saying

"There is nothing to forgive," a small smile covered Aramis' face, "You only have to promise us to never do that again."

"He can't do it again, he will be always with us." Porthos proclaimed.

"Yes, Monsieur de Treville came by just before you woke." Athos rose from the chair under the window, "he said as soon as you are well, you will be officially part of the Musketeers and you will go everywhere we go."

"Really!" D'Artagnan would have jumped from the bed, if he had the strength.

"But first you must rest, you leg must heel. You will be limping for few months, but yes you will be officially a musketeer." Aramis pushed boy's upper body back to bed.

But d'Artagnan didn't care; he was going to be a real musketeer. The future seemed bright.

Then Porthos' face came to his view "But now d'Artagnan, do you know who exactly where your attackers?"