So, everyone who's read any of my other stuff, you know I mostly stick to writing HP FanFic's on here, but I'm going to write DH in the near future. Well, the League is just a big a part of me as either HP or DH, just a different part of my mind. I've been writing one for a while, though I didn't really start out as League, I changed it around a bit and, guess what, it fit the League world quite well.

I did some rewrites, changed some characters and names, and here it is. Although this is only the first chapter.

The world and all the characters except, my OC's, are owned by the Amazingly Talented Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Hell's New Heroes

In the Ichidian Universe no one was safe. People were dragged from their homes and killed in the streets- victims of a ruthless tyrant who was bent on being the sole ruler of their entire empire. Those who opposed him and his army formed an alliance called The League which fell under the leadership of the Quorum.

After they put down the tyrant, the Quorum realized that the best way to keep trouble from starting was to cut it off at its head. A separate group of soldiers was needed, The League Assassins. Highly trained and highly valued, they are the backbone of the government.

But not even the League is immune to corruption…

Welcome to a world where corrupt assassination politics dominate everything and everyone- because sometimes the cure really is worse than the illness. It's kill or be killed. You're either the hunter or the prey.

But there are those who will protect you. Men and women who come from the streets and from bloodied backgrounds of survival. You just have to decide is they're better than the ones chasing you…

Or worse.

Sarcastic, loyal, highly trained and lethal, these men and women are the next generation of heroes. They know how to laugh in the face of madness and danger, and to endure the worst The League and their enemies can hurl at them.

Most of all, they know to fight and protect.

The war is on…

The above words are Sherrilyn Kenyon's words, not my own.