Thalia's POV

I left the pavilion and led the hunters to their cabin. Then I bolted to the Athena cabin. I furiously knocked on the door. Annabeth answered so i hug/tackled her. "Thalia!" she squealed. "Hey! Hows camp been tell me things." I replied excitedly. So, after an hour of that i went to visit didn't answer his door , so i yelled "YO,PERCE COME HERE!" I heard him trip and curse in Ancient Greek before he answered his door. "Hey Thals!" "Hey!" I said then hugged him. "I just visited your girlfriend and we talked for awhile. I thought I'd come say i'll be here for two weeks so meet me and Annabeth at the lake tomorrow at 12." I explained "Ok but bring your bathing suit cuz im not promising i'll keep you dry." "Ok see ya there" I said while walking off.

I soon decided to go invite Nico to to our lake plan. I came up on the dark, mysterious Hades cabin. I gently knocked on the door. Nico answered the door. When he saw me he tried to hide his surprise, but he failed. "Oh hey Sparky." he said. "Hey there Death Breath." "Whatcha up to." "Well," I started "me Percy and Annabeth are going to the lake tomorrow to catch up on things and i thought you might want to come." I felt myself blushing. Why was I blushing? Hunters don't blush bad Thalia bad.I thought. "Sure what time?" Nico replied smoothly. "Noon see ya there bye" I rushed out. "Ok bye."

*The Next Day*

Nico's POV

I woke up way earlier than i planned to. And I have no idea why. It was 8:00 in the morning. Ugh. I went to shower. Then put on a black shirt with a red skull on it. I was on my way to go eat breakfast when i spotted Thalia, Annabeth, and Percy. I walked over to them. "Hey guys" I said. "Hey" they replied in unison. "What are you doin up so early? You usually miss breakfast." Annabeth asked. "I really don't know why i'm up but I thought I would be like other campers and eat. Besides i'm bored and hungry." I told them. "Alright, you guys go ahead me and Annabeth will catch up!" Percy said. "NO!We never see Thalia we're going with them." Annabeth said directing it at Percy. "Fine." He said sounding like a little kid. We got to the pavilion and said bye to each other. I ate slowly to try to make the day get to 12:00 faster. I was looking forward to the lake and lets just say that it's not because Annabeth and Percy would be there.

*Annabeth's POV*

I was the first one at the lake. Just like always. I was sitting with my back turned from camp and I was skipping rocks. When Thalia appeared behind me. "Hey" I said with -out looking at her. "Hey" she replied. "You got your bathing suit?" I asked randomly. "Yeah, under my clothes." Thalia said boredly, twirling her hair. Percy was next to show up. "Hey guys, I brought us a snack in case we get hungry but don't wanna leave." "That was smart." I remarked. That Sea Weed brain just grinned. Nico suddenly came jogging up. "Hey guys." he said out of breath.

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