Hey everybody, what's going on? xD So, this is my first Victorious story! Published, at least. I wrote another one before this, but I think I'll wait before putting that one up, if at all. Just let me know if you're interested in me posting it; if enough are, then I will :)

Anyways, this is told from Jade's point of view. I do not know if it is entirely accurate (it's a fanFICTION, am I right?), but some of the likes and dislikes are legitimate (you will most likely recognize these. Guaranteed).

Disclaimer: I do not own Victorious, its characters, or its amazing cast. Those all belong to Nickelodeon and Dan Schneider, who is one lucky, genius bastard (and I mean that in the most loving of ways. I have absolutely nothing against the man; I kind of idolize him xD)

Please enjoy!

What Jade Likes

First of all, if you think that this is going to be some sort of deeply-revealing, sugar-coated, underside personality of Jade West that no one has ever seen before and is a huge, hush-hush secret that must never be repeated in front of anyone, anyone, than you would be wrong.

It's not like these revelations should be surprising or anything like that. They're just little things that one might find interesting; though I really don't understand why someone would even bother wanting to know what I like - just be sure not to do things that I hate and you'll live to see tomorrow.

Okay than, here goes. Things that I, Jade West, like:

I like horror films.

I like the screaming that comes right before the blackout in all of those aforementioned classic horror films.

I like screaming. I like the vibration it brings to my ears and the burning rawness it builds in my throat. Though, now that I think about this more thoroughly, screaming cannot be good for my voice at all.

I like chocolate. Dark chocolate; not that sugary-melty-moist (ughh, moist) milky chocolate that little girls receive in tiny, pink packages on Easter. And certainly not those big, red, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate that frilly, stupid, love-struck girls demand from their boyfriends every. single. Valentines Day. But a small portion of fine, deep, dark chocolate that I can easily grab from the checkout line at a grocery store? Yeah, I like those. Not too sweet. Nice and bitter.

Fall weather. Fire-colored leaves littering the ground as I walk over them wearing a peacoat jacket, imagining a gust of wind billowing up at any moment and swirling those crumpled leaves all around me like a tornado, lifting me up into the air and transporting me to some foreign world where the piles of golden, amber leaves are endless.

Yeah, Autumn is a good time of year.

I love Beck.

And scissors; they can cut through anything. Even skin, but I'd rather test that on somebody else's rather than my own.

I like twilight. Not the stupid vampire novel.

I like shrimp, but not with tails.

I hate the tails.

I like dominoes. I like how they fall, one after the other. They could go on forever, if you set up enough of them; they could just keep falling, and falling, and falling, and falling, and falling, and falling... like Snow White running through those black woods before she finds a well and just stares down into the depths of it and topples on through it. She just keeps sinking deeper and deeper...

Oh, that's my version of the story. That doesn't really happen.

I like temperamental weather. Raining one minute, sunny the next; pitch dark for the brief thunderstorm- thundering loudly and shaking the house- only to clear up and seeing your lawn covered in the thickest of dew and sloppy water gushing out of the mud that was once dry, barren dirt.

I like fishponds. Not with lillie pads, though. Nor with fish. The sliminess of the algae resting on top, beneath, and around the little water holes, however, charms me to the edge of any fishpond.

I like it when the power goes out in my house and I can hear the neighboring kids cry.

I like it when the rain looks purple.

And I like my school. It's cooler than yours. It has its share of ding-bats and prim-prims (Vega), but it's tolerable.

I like Cat; she's deeper than she initially appears. Similar to a sneak attack. Or a puppy (because little pups always show up all playful and cute but then they look right into your soul with their big, brown, watery eyes and just stare at you for hours on end and just comfort you and ask, "What's wrong? I'm here for you.")

And yes, I did just compare Cat to a dog.

I like laughing at others' misfortune. It's pretty damn funny. For example: Vega's talentless older sister.

Satisfied with that list?

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