Hi all! So, upon quite a few requests, I decided to post a part two to What Jade Likes. Hope you enjoy it :)

Small rant, don't read if you do not wish to know about my personal life: It's my birthday today! But, to be dead honest with you, it's been the worst birthday ever. First of all, it's a rainy Tuesday and I went to school. Normally, that wouldn't get me down, but paired with all the other crap today, it was quite melancholy. Secondly, most of my friends actually forgot about my birthday. Two originally remembered and reminded all of my other friends, but still. I always remember their birthdays and I always bake them something or create ridiculous crowns for them to wear. The fact that none of them seemed to really remember hurt. A lot. I pretended not to fully care in school (what was I going to do? Guilt them and cry pitifully all day long?) but truthfully, how do you just not realize that your friend's birthday is coming up when you've known them for years? Third, my parents weren't home all day. Fourth, no one has made me a birthday cake yet. Five, I ate dinner by myself and it was leftover lasagna. Sixth, my little sister hasn't talked to me all day. Seventh, my older sister is the only one to have given me a present so far and she isn't even here and I miss her. Eighth, I have a monster test tomorrow.

So, to sum it up, I decided to post this because I've determined that it will actually cheer me up greatly.

I do not own Victorious or its characters.

Part 2

So, I'm back. Not that I want to make another list of things I like, but because Beck requested it. He says it's better for me to express my feelings in this "positive light" as opposed to my darker side by stating all the things I can't stand. Though I really think that he just wants to me to say that I love him again; I think he really liked that last time. So, for Beck - and all of his lady friends out there - I say:

I love Beck. He's my boyfriend. Moving on now.

I like the color green. Surprised? Well, you shouldn't be - my name is a shade of green. Quit being an idiot.

I also like black. And brown. Not yellow.

Especially not canary yellow.

I hate the word canary. It sounds nasally.

Oh, this is supposed to be a list of things that I don't hate.

I like glass. Broken or otherwise. Especially hourglass dials. There's something about timing your seconds in little grains of sand - always the same grains of sand - that makes life seem endless. Not that I would want to live forever - I just like it because it makes me feel far from dying. Unlike birthday parties.

I like milk and cookies. DON'T judge me.

I like being feared.

I like cold showers. Why? Because I just do.

I like CDs. And, while I'm at it, I also like boom boxes, cassette tapes, VHS movies, the accompanying VCRs to go with said VHSs, old-fashioned records and record players, Walkmans, and the band organ. To sum up: I like the way technology used to be. Not that the organ is necessarily a piece of technological equipment, but it ties in with my whole "old day music" theme that I had going. Plus the organ is way cooler than the skiffy little keyboards nowadays (take that as a hard hit, Andre? Sorry, my bad). Modern, frivolous, unnecessary gadgets such as the Pearpod, Pearphone, Pearpad - basically all Pear items - are stupid. And yes, I use them, but I do not like that I like using them. They shrink our world. I hate that.

I like the word hate.

I like hating things. Certain people too.

I like the way clay smells. Earthy. Sticky. I just like it.

I like braiding Beck's hair. I've never sported the style myself - I would never wear one - but I've actually performed the styling on Beck on several occasions. He'd make a cute girl.

And no, I will not send a picture to all of you who I may consider to be the aforementioned "Beck's lady friends." And no, I will not allow you to take a picture of my boyfriend in braids. Tough shiz, suck it up, grow a backbone. Why don't you go get your own boyfriend? You could braid his hair and leave the hair of my boyfriend well enough alone.

Aside from braiding Beck's hair, I like feeling it in general. It's softer than mine will ever be. He still won't tell me what he uses in it to make it so... model-like.

I like clean floors. Wooden floors cannot be dirty. Why? Because then I can't walk barefoot - not that I walk around barefoot all the time like Sikowitz does, but in my own house on a hot day where my feet are already sweaty, I'd rather not wear socks. And if the floors I'm walking on are all dusty or dirty or wet or sandy or grainy, it's one of the most disgusting surfaces to walk on and my feet are plagued with all of that debris, and I have to scrape all this crud off of the soles of my feet.

Vacuum your freaking houses. It won't kill you.

Or if it does kill you, you at least deserve it - because no one wants to walk on your grotesque flooring.

This is starting to sound deliciously hateful, which means I have to go.

Your reviews will make me feel so much better x3 Thank you to all who reviewed part one, by the way, if I couldn't thank you due to anonymous reviewing!

Hope you all liked!