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Warning: this story is a dark humour/fantasy story, (strong self-raised on the streets) third year AU with some inFamous cross over elements (It shall be based primarily at Hogwarts). It shall also contain violence and some fem-slash with multi-pairing (harem-ish). There is mentions of sex and some semi-sexual situations, and lots of cussing. Thank you for reading and enjoy the story.


Episode I

City of Lightning

Hi, my names Morgana Evens and I've just turned thirteen years old. Yesterday in fact. It wasn't such a great day as I have no family or friends to celebrate with as I live alone on the streets of London. Though, don't you worry about me I'm used to it, I have been here since the incident when I was eight. The Ray Sphere. The maker of Lightning… me, a power house for super powered electricity, being able to suck it out of the very sockets in the wall just to strengthen my self.

It's why I'm safe from the perverts who would want to abuse me, though that's not saying they haven't tried because they have and they ended up dead… fried within my power and now this cities underworld fears me, they call me Lightning out of reverence of my abilities.

I don't care for the male of the species; I never have and never will. I remember before my power when my uncle came home after a bad day at work and beat me as if it were my fault. I was special then as I healed like a miracle, and it scared my family and made them hate me more. The men I've known have never been soft and gentle like girls but rough and violent, and I refuse to let any male touch me out of principle.

I know what others on the street call me behind my back, the dykning rod, sparkle the girl vibrator (well not all of them are any good, after all most of these fools have barely been to school), but I don't give a shit. So what if I find other girls attractive… so what if I have taken sexual payment from other girls for me 'taking care of something' for them… why shouldn't I be allowed pleasures in this world that make me feel good about my self even if its only for a moment.

I can't believe how sick of this filthy city I am… can't I have something else? Something more? Dreams? A future? I sigh as I look into the reflecting glass of the window as I easily hold on to the ledge with my fingers my feet pushed up against the concrete over twenty stories high as I was on my way to the roof, I just look at my self.

I'm wearing a black tee that hugs my form but cuts of above my stomach leaving my tone tummy bare, but I'm a little small in the chest area, and I'm wearing black hipster combats with a pocket belt around my waist holding all of my most important stuff. I wear a creamy white leather jacket with some blue edges and a large blue hood. My hair is a cream blonde that some times looks white or silver depending on the light and within and very noticeable is the pink copper that makes my hair look unique, and the oddest bit is its natural. I'm not stupid I know I'm beautiful, and I've heard others say so and mean it.

I stare at my electric blue eyes sadly as my life has always seemed incomplete before looking to my grey hiking boots modified with metal plates around the sides of the soles, and on my hands blue fingerless gloves with metal plates. The metal really doesn't do anything special but makes the blue sparks of warning electric look more menacing and cool. I am a girl after all; I can be a little vane.

I sigh before I climb the last few floors with grace and agility and crouch as I land on the edge of the roof. The Ray Sphere had also enhanced my natural strength and senses along with my powers so I find climbing easy and fun. Its one of the best ways to escape the fuzz when they've chased me (only happened a few times) for theft or something that I didn't do but I was with or around the person that did. They can't catch me.

I shoot forward suddenly and jump across the roof, my hands flat down by my sides spark and glow blue as I float at speed across and over the edge and drifting down between two buildings before I land safely on the ground. However, I was not expecting to land the moment an old stern looking woman appeared out of thin air in front of me.

The woman didn't seem the least bit bother by my falling with style. "Miss. Potter you should be more careful, you could hurt your self," the woman had said shocking me. I had never actually had anyone actually speak with real concern before. I've lived on the streets long enough to know when someone is being sincere or not. Though she obviously has me mistaken for some one else.

"Its Evens not Potter," I retorted with a scowl.

The woman frowned. "Your name is Morgana, correct?" she asked and I nodded. "You live her in London City?" Again I nodded. "They call you Lightening because you have the power to harness lightening and use it as you wish?" Again I nodded, now feeling highly confused as I've already figured out she has powers. "I hear that you hate men and that you're a menace to society."

"Well I don't exactly hate men," I replied with a shrug. "I just distrust them, don't like them, think they're ugly, and… well I probably am a menace to society so what?"

I was surprised the woman gave me a tight lipped smile as she pulled out an envelope from her robe (odd). "I'm here to deliver this to you. I'm afraid its taken two years as your powers seem to interfere with… certain aspects of getting it to you. And I must say if I had known those… those… people would have thrown you out onto the streets I would have began searching a lot sooner, I told the old fool not to leave you with them…" she trailed off looking embarrassed at her rant before continuing. "But you look well, clean, and with clean clothes I am relieved."

I smirked at her. "You can thank my talents in theft for that," I said making the woman looking uncomfortable as I finally opened the letter she gave me and carefully read it through several times before looking up at her. "So not only am I the Lightening Princess but now I'm a fecking witch, and going to be the only thirteen year old in first year?"

"Y-you mean you don't need convincing to come?" she asked in surprise. "I hadn't planned on it being this easy."

I shrug. "Well it explains my fast healing from when the fat bastard used to beat the shit out of me and call me a freak," I replied shrugging again while her eyes widened in shock. "I believe you mentioned some old fool leaving me there?" I say with a sinister smile as I clench my right fist making several blue sparks.

She coughed into her hand nervously. "Well, erm… I was asked to find you and bring you to stay with a nice magical family for the rest of the summer break at least."

"So I'll get the shit out of here?" I asked hopefully and she nodded slowly. "Sweet, this shit hole town was fucking me off I thought I might go crazy and go on a super fucking awesome old fashioned mutant rampage through the city just to liven up my spirits."

"So let's get out of here then," she said quickly and worriedly. "Emm, by the way, I'm Professor Minerva McGonagall, deputy headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," she introduced her self proudly like I give a dam.

I managed to hold in my snicker. "So how are we getting out of here?"

"Don't you have any belongings?"

"Only what I've got on me, come on already I'm board and you interrupted me while I was base jumping."

"Okay," she answered, confused. "All you need do is hold my arm, and please try not to use your… power at all or I may go wrong."

I shrugged and gripped her arm a little too tightly because she winced so I loosened my grip and the next thing I know it feels like I'm being squeezed through a tunnel and then its over as we're in the country not too far from but not too near a small village and I look up at the wonky farm house.

"I would have thought that you magical guys wouldn't fall for cowboy builders," I said shaking my head. "It looks like this poor family have resorted to using magic to keep the place up. We should call Dom Littlewood or Matt Alright about this. These builders should be named and shamed."

She just stared at me as if I'm crazy but if there is one type of criminal I hate it is scam artists stealing people's hard earned money. It's just not right because most of those people can't afford to get someone to sort it afterwards and I'm certain most of them don't have magical powers to hold the house together.

"Uh, I think its always been like that," she replied nervously and I couldn't help but blush and was thankful the owners didn't hear or I would have embarrassed them and I don't want to offend people who are so kind as to let a stranger like me stay in their home.

After a few moments she knocked on the door and I met with some fat jolly woman who would make a better Santa than some of the pervs I've seen. The only thing jolly about them is the fact the children's parents let them sit on some strange unmarried fat douches lap.

It was only a minute when the fatty… sorry… ginger fatty was trying to… hug me… fuck no my lightning said as a tiny stream lashed out and McGonagall said something about me not liking people touching me, which is perfectly true, unless I want them too, they're cute, and a lot younger than fatty… I'll admit I like red heads but ginger… at a stretch if she were cute enough and has a super fine body.

Soon I was invited in and the Professor of… I didn't ask… fuck it I'll find out eventually… well anyway she left and I was led into a large lounge. I was impressed the place is certainly nice and homely. I was introduced to the primarily male family, first off was Percy… a douche bag who obviously wants to suck politician cock when he finishes school this year.

Then the twins barely avoided twin strikes of blue as they attempted to offer their hands and their mother was quick to reprimand them and tell them I don't like being touched. The twins I figured are odd because instead of being afraid that they almost got blasted across the room they seemed to be amazed and think it cool, I internally shrugged at least they're kind of funny.

Next up was a ginger my age. He has this clueless expression and seemed to think I'll like him but I told him to go and fuck him self because I don't associate with deadbeat pricks. Molly Weasley tried to reprimand me as the moron stormed off muttering some crap about some old guy. I wonder if Ron is into that kind of thing, but I cringe in disgust as I'm finally introduced to Arthur Weasley the father, and told that the other two boys Charlie and Bill have already left home.

And last but certainly the only member of this family I want to know, Ginevra 'Ginny' Weasley with her long dark red hair shining under the candle light (I know I couldn't see one light switch). I couldn't see much of her under her black robe but I was certain she has a fine body, but my eyes flick back up to her face with cute little freckles and my heart skipped a pleasant beat as I discover that I won't get a room of my own but I'm sharing with Ginny, and I can practically smell the innocence in the room from these naive morons. I'll just get the pleasure of educating my sweet Ginevra.

I step nearer to her and put out my right hand in an offer to her mothers worry. "Thanks for letting me share your room with you babes, I'm sure you and I will get along real fine. Perhaps you can help me learn some stuff? That Professor woman says they're going to try to at least fast track me through first year so I could perhaps join second by New Year. Then I'll be in your class permanently, won't that be cool?"

"Y-yeah," she replied as she reached out timidly and took my hand. I held hers back shaking it as a large relieved smile lit up her beautiful face. Her hand is smooth and soft and going to be touching me tonight, I can barely wait. "W-would you like me to show y-you m-our room?" she asked nervously, probably because I haven't let her hand go yet.

"Sure, that'll be awesome, we can hang out just you…" my eyes lit up as I pushed some power into them before they faded back to normal and I could hear her heart pounding. "And me…" I laughed as I tugged her hand because she seemed to have zoned out for a moment before she realised what she was doing and led me up the stairs where I heard Percy reprimanding his parents about how dangerous some guy called Dumbledore said I am and that just because he asked for them to take me in doesn't mean they should. I was pleased that Molly was at least sticking up for me I still think she's just a fatty, but maybe she'll cook awesome meals, I figure fatty's are good in the kitchen.

Ginny led me into a small room on the first floor with two beds set up surprisingly close. Heck, one shove. "There," I say in amusement as I remove my foot from the bed I pushed to make two singles into one double we can share. Ginny looked at what I had done embarrassed. "What, are you afraid of me?" I asked her.

She turned to me and looked into my eyes. "A-a little," she agreed. "The headmaster says you might have killed someone before."

I closed the gap between us within moments and she startled as I carefully wrapped my arms around her waist, pinning her arms to her sides and held her softly to my body. "And it frightens you that I might have killed someone?"

"I-I guess," she whispered and I could feel her heart beating between us terribly fast. "Y-your Morgana Potter, your not supposed to do bad things."

"Ok-okay sweets, what the hell are you talking about?" I demanded in confusion. "McGonagall called me Potter before when my name is Morgana Evens… what's the deal, why go to all the trouble of finding me anyway?"

She gasped with wide eyes. "Y-you don't know?"

"Know what?" I demanded angrily. "Tell me now or I'll shove my fingers up your asshole followed by ten thousand volts!"

She started and tried to pull away but it was useless against my strength as she just spoke, telling me about how my parents died at the hands of Voldemort (she wouldn't say his name until I licked her tasty soft nose and sent a spark into her. It was painless but she got the massage). I told her to always say his name or she is shitting on my families sacrifice. I was surprised that she spoke his name for me no matter how scared she sounded and I loosened my grip, hugging her I buried my face into her neck, my lips touching her soft skin.

"Thank you," I said after a few moments sending a quiver down her spine before I pulled back with a grin. "I think you should know before you fully decide whether you could possibly be my friend. I'm a bitch; I'm hateful, bitter and vengeful. I was beaten as a kid and dumped in London soon after I got my powers, when I was eight. I plan on destroying those who ruined my life, from Voldemort, to my relatives and even Dumbledore and the Death Eaters. They've made me what I am Ginevra, can you truly be friends with someone who wants to slaughter all those who violently and maliciously harmed her?"

Ginny just stood still staring into my eyes. "You're so unhappy. I can feel it now," she whispered sadly. "I couldn't before because you're-you're unstable emotionally, so angry, so full of hate. I'm an empath, as well a few… other things" she replied to my confusion. "Dumbledore really just wants to hear me say you're mad. He says you could be more dangerous than V-Voldemort, but all I could feel was fear. I think when he found you he may have realised that… that you wouldn't praise him for rescuing you from that hell. He realised you had the power and will to oppose him.

"I-I'm not stupid Morgana. I've had these powers since I was born. I know how to dissect emotions. I can tell a lie from fact, and Dumbledore is always lying. I don't think I've heard him tell truths. He tries to hide lies a lot of the time behind half-truths. He's a worse person than you could ever be. He does what he does because he's selfish."

I couldn't help but smile and I just leaned down placing my lips on hers, I softly kissed her before she pulled back with wide horrified eyes so full of confusion. I didn't pursue her, and I would never trey to force someone to do anything like that. I would never force another girl into doing things as I've seen the filth that would, have, and I've taken the lives of those who would have forced them selves on me.

"W-what was that?" she asked shakily and I noticed her small tongue lick her lips as I let her go and she took a step back.

"It was a kiss silly," I replied with as soft a smile I could manage. "Have you never… never been kissed before?"

"N-no," she replied nervously. "G-girls aren't supposed t-to kiss each other like that."

I rolled my eyes shaking my head before looking directly into her eyes. "I find boys, men, males to be disgusting wastes of space, repulsive and plain ugly. I dislike them and I have never found one attractive, but I like girls and I've kissed loads of other girls and it's wonderful. You and I Ginevra are two of a kind. We have abilities that others don't, we're special… why should we let some males think they can control us. You could be powerful with me Ginevra."

I opened out my right hand to her. "You and I," I continued. "Are different, don't tell me your family fully accepts your ability to feel their emotions."

"M-my mum says I should n-never f-fully feel someone," she answered timidly touching her lips with the fingertips of her right hand. "S-she says I'll get lost in someone else's feelings and get addicted."

"You are stronger than that," I replied honestly. "I have met plenty of people who have had terrible lives that strengthened them, but they're still weaker than you, but with me. I can help you to feel things you had never dreamed possible, physical pleasures, and my emotional pain. Let me taint you and make you stronger for it, and I shall be here for every deprived and sane-less step you take, just take my hand."

"I-I don't know," she replied, confused as she took half a step closer as her left hand raised a little as if to take mine. "My mum and dad wouldn't like…"

"Follow your heart, not theirs, and certainly not mine," I firmly reply surprising me and her. "Come into my arms my Dark Princess, and together we can do great things and bring other girls into our Dark Sisterhood and we shall not allow foolish old bastards to tarnish our freedom."

Ginny's hand was already in mine before I finished and her soft pale cheeks were bright red as she allowed me to pull her into my arms, my lips touched her forehead as I spoke softly. "Tonight my Ginevra," I whispered saucy. "I will make you mine, and you shall know pleasure you have never even dreamt."

To Be Continued…