Episode X


I glared as Lupin as we hurried down the corridor in the direction of Hagrid's Hut as Sirius is heading that way on the map. "So why not tell me you knew my parents, everyone else I assume did that I care to talk to kept pushing the subject away."

He sighed and looked more tired than ever. "I'm sorry but Dumbledore told me not too. I need the money as its hard having my… problem. The Ministry restricts what I can do so much that if I am not hired by someone with power or wealth then I cannot work here and end up tutoring in maths within the Muggle-world, which pays less than you might think."

"I see," I replied feeling a little sorry for him. "Then I'll guess Dumbledore is the reason others are so unresponsive to queries on my parents. If you could, I wish to know the reason behind this."

"He says that you are both highly dangerous and mentally unbalanced," he replied with a humourless chuckle. "He says with your powers that if you knew who your parents were, what they were like and the reasoning that led to their death that you would go on a homicidal rampage until you've murdered Sirius. Though, I believe he may possibly feel you'll go on a rampage until he's dead.

"I get the feeling he fears you more than anything," he sighed. "It makes sense if even half of the rumours around this school are true and add in what I already know I wonder whether I shouldn't have drunk my potion and locked myself in a room with the old man."

I couldn't help but laugh. "That's cool… vengeance may not solve much in this world, but for an unrepentant old bastard like him it will at least make me feel at little better."

"You're more like your mother than your father," he said quietly. "James was quite the trouble maker but he always looked up to Dumbledore while Lily was hot tempered and had a mean right hook." I couldn't help the smile. "She had also never believed in Dumbledore's philosophy as she wanted the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore's anti purest movement to strike back with lethal force but he always won out because of the support of people like Molly Weasley and her one sided view of the world that always coincided with Dumbledore's."

I just shake my head as I return attention to the map and start. "What the heck," I say and Lupin looks over my shoulder to see Ron and Hermione out and just leaving Hagrid's hut, and if the maps to be believed Pettigrew is riding on Ron somehow. "He must be in his rat form," I say as Lupin nodded having told me about the animagi thing and me discovering the odd dog was Sirius at my match.

Then even more startling Sirius comes out of nowhere (bushes) and attacks Ron before dragging the boy off as Hermione gives chase. Ron is then seemingly dragged under the Womping Willow Tree and through what looks like a tunnel with Hermione soon following after.

"Come on, we must hurry before he kills Pettigrew!" Lupin said in a panic. "Without Pettigrew Sirius will have to continue on the run because of the Ministry being idiots won't listen to us no matter how much money you throw at them."

I nod as we hurry outside and round the castle and I just dodged as we reached the attacking tree and flung a static blast before Lupin reached me and the tree froze, but we wasted no time as I dived through the gap under the tree just after the Professor and before the tree started attacking again.

"Good job," he whispered as he began leading the way with me following. "I guess it has more use than just threatening people. Though I do here that for the most part they're not threats."

I couldn't help but laugh. "So how far does this tunnel go?" I ask him as we've been moving for about five minutes.

"It leads to the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmead," he replied. "It's one of the few secret tunnels out of school that hasn't collapsed."

"Wow, that spreads confidence in my safety Professor," I retort, though amused. "Aren't you supposed to protect the bad students as well as the good?"

"Well yes…"

"Then tell that to the other teachers I had while wearing Slytherin colours," I say in annoyance. "Giving points to others when they had plainly seen me doing better. Sure, I don't really care about the points too much but my little Shortcake likes to get them… it is truly unfair and foolish."

"Yeah well, your mum was kind of the same there," he agreed. "She had these two girl friends in Slytherin and hated when they were singled out just because they're Slytherin. Though she loathed Snape, the slime ball was always eying her."

I shivered at the thought. "Do you have to fight the impulse to just kill him for just entering a room?"

"Damn, you too," he asked in surprise. "I thought it was just me, though I have noticed Flitwick's hand twitch towards his wand once or twice. I think only Dumbledore enjoys his company."

I snort at that. "Yeah two sociopath's enjoying each other's company, just add in a couple psychopaths, and they've got themselves a party."

"I'm still trying to come to terms with that Halloween party you magicked up. I don't think it was nearly as amusing until you and your friends turned up in costume just as should be done for Halloween… and coming as Dark beings was the icing as I think Dumbledore gained a few years just because you lot were intent on a good time. I believe now that Dumbledore doesn't like to lose control, and enjoys things staying so old fashioned and traditional.

"I still can't believe you were sitting on Dumbledore throne chair and it looked to me like you were trying to rule them… Dumbledore was frantic later about it at a staff meeting saying that you were working so much quicker than Voldemort ever did."

"Blah, too much trouble," I retorted. "I was just making a point to Percy Weasley that he does not have a say because he has not the power."

"I guess," he agreed. "Well here we are, quieten down," he added shushing me, which normally would have pissed me off.

He then lifted a trap door and climbed through. He then turned to give me a hand but started as I was already out smirking at him.

"Super powers remember," I whispered to him, amused as we continued through the dusty old shack and to some stairs where we could hear noise. It was surprisingly quiet climbing the stairs and I could see light flowing from a room at the top, and being me kicked the door clear off its hinges.

Ron Weasley was lying on the bed quivering and holding the filthy rat close to his chest while Hermione Granger was pinned to the far wall the moment we entered, by a long haired shaggy man with tattered robes spilling off his gaunt form and pained tired blue eyes, and dirty beard.

"Come any closer Morgana and your friend bites the dust!" Sirius croaked out but I just laughed.

"Her… my friend?" I ask, shaking my head in bewilderment. "I don't know where you got that idea… go ahead, kill her for all I care. You must have me mistaken for someone who cares for either of these idiots. If I did I would already have freed them and be beating the living shit out of you, you dipshit."

He started before bursting out laughing. "Ha, you don't fool me kid, Dumbledore gloated enough for me to know… that… they…" he paused as he looked at the two to see they looked even more scared now than before

"Dumbledore," I hissed and sparks exploded around my body for a moment and Sirius took a half step back and his magic dropped the bossy-pants girl. "The old man knows nothing of me but my hate for him, and the vengeance I will reap upon his thieving soul. He stole my life, he…"

"It isn't your life you bitch," Ron suddenly spat out. "You should be doing what we want until You-Know-Who is dead when Professor Dumbledore says if you survive I can have…"

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Ron screamed bloody murder as I grabbed his broken ankle and pulled him from the bed and slammed him painfully into the wall I rip the squeaking rat from his hands and throw it into Remus' where he barely catches it.

"YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH ME!" I scream as I grab his face and his screams only get louder as blue energy starts streaming from him into me.

"Morgana stop it, you're killing him!" Lupin demanded but I would not. "Morgana, we won't be able to explain his death. They know you hate him for being too stupid to just leave you, Ginny and your friend's alone. You'll be the first person they see. It's not worth it! They do not own you, if anything it's the other way around, someday they will all pay, but not like this, murdering a weak, insignificant selfish greedy bastard isn't worth the trouble!"

I let go and threw Ron to the side as the energy drain stopped and the boy fell unconscious as blood pooled from his lips, ears, and eyes I turned to Hermione and she flinched.

"Are these the people you side with Granger?" I asked quietly, though she flinched at her name. "Ungrateful fuckers that would force their saviour into the bed of some freak mother fucker. I will not allow a man to touch me like that ever, even if I have to topple the world until they get the message, and if I weren't gay I most certainly would NOT want him!" Hermione just whimpered back shaking from fear.

"Holy shit," Sirius whispered hoarsely after a few moments silence. "Well it seems I was misinformed, but you have to believe me…"

"We already know about the rat," Remus told him as he pulled out an unbreakable cage and shoved it in before locking it.

"M-Morgana he-he's, a, a…" Hermione began but trailed off into a frightened whimper at my cold glare.

"Lykan," was my nonchalant reply, which caused her to jump. "That is your problem Hermione. If a popular textbook on dark creatures said that your sweet pet bunny is a thing that will rape your ass when you least expect it you would believe it's true. And you seem to be under the impression that Dumbledore is good because he has authority and that he knows what's best because he's old and therefore wise. If you ask me he's a senile old bastard with dementia. What kind of sane person would hire Snape?"

"B-but he… Professor Snape…"

"Is an evil bastard that should not be allowed to 'teach'," I retort rolling my eyes. "And I use the word 'teach' very loosely because the filth has taught me nothing but how pitying it is to bully school children into crying or failing your class. You have no right Granger to defend him."

"Dumbledore's letting the greasy fuck teach?" Sirius asked, appalled at the very thought. "Bastard was always a vindictive little shit that Dumbledore let get away with whatever he wanted while us Marauders got the stick when it was him. We didn't ever pull a prank that could cause damage or hurt someone, but we got into trouble for them."

Lupin nodded in agreement. "It's unfortunate but true," he agreed sadly. "I'm sorry I let them do this to us. However, we can do nothing about that now, we must take Pettigrew in."

"Allow me," I reply as I snatch the cage away from him. "Lupin, when we're out I suggest you leave as it's almost dark, and I'll deal with the rest, understand?"

He just nodded as I turned to Hermione. "You coming with us or staying with it?" I demanded gesturing towards Ron. She was shaking as she stood. "Good because none of us intended to tell anyone where Ron is, so that leaves you if you feel like it."


The four of us escaped the tunnel and tree fine enough but it had taken time travelling and it was broaching dark when we entered and Lupin was quick to flee across the grass and into the woods as his transformation begun.

"Sirius, go with him," I command. "If you stay Dumbledore may try something desperate, don't worry about me I can handle myself."

"Okay, but I'll be around, 'k?" he replied and I nodded pushing him to leave and Hermione and I watched him shrink into a big black dog and disappear into the forbidden forest.

I turn to Hermione and she flinches as I place a hand on the back of her neck to 'lead her on' my fingertip brushing a curious chain when I started feeling abnormally cold. I looked to bossy-pants and she me looking even more terrified.

"Fuck no!" I growl out as I take a deep breath just as they fly closer I pull my wand on them. "Hmm… that's an awful lot," I mutter as I aim at over one hundred. "But what the fuck, lets add my power too it… Expecto Tonare Patronum!"

I yelled the spell (slightly modified to use my power) pulling at all of the happiness my girls have granted me over the short months I've known them and I can't wait for more of those months. I'm begging every god of Thunder or Lightning for it to work as this is the first I've had to test my spell.

It roars from me with an explosive sonic boom that is awing as a shockwave of white mist and blue lightning charges, bringing a feel of static around me in the air as a universe of beauty seems to explode before me, stunningly beautiful, silvery swirls of galaxies.

However, it hit the dementors and they screamed ghostly whales as one after the other they exploded into red, yellow, and orange sparks, and bursting into ash setting free streams of green 'fireflies' shooting into the sky and out of sight streaming through the beauty of my spell as it continued cutting down dementors spreading out around Hermione and I it felt like I had created my own universe of destruction as I hear the cries from behind.

I have no doubt Hermione's thankful that my power is only tingling over her skin and it's like I can taste her and feel her magic as well as the dementors and those of the freed spirits. The dementor's cries were long and loud, and I'm sure a few may have escaped but I didn't care as they would now know not to fuck with me.

My attack soon fizzled away like an open power line on a lake and I was still flawed by what my attack had looked like and the fuzzy feeling having people I care about makes me feel.

By the time I got my senses I looked around to see the whole school and teachers just out of range staring at me in awe as I place away my wand and turn to see several aurors with their mouths handing open and smirk.

However, I have little time for gloating over who can control their filthy guards best and turn to Professor McGonagall with a wicked grin.

"Ah, my dear Professor McGonagall, I wonder whether you could humour me with just one request," I say as I slowly walk towards her and pull out Pettigrew's cage with squealing and crying rat contained within.

I can tell instantly from Dumbledore's horrified expression that he knows that I know.

The truth about Sirius Black.


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