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This better be worth it.

Damon Salvatore thought bitterly as he made his way into a scummy looking bar. He was currently here on "business", meeting someone who could hopefully give him more information on how to open the tomb properly.

The vampire looked towards the back of the bar and saw an older man dressed in all black, keeping to himself. Knowing this to be his contact, Damon quickly strode over.

"Well, well. If it isn't the infamous Damon Salvatore come to seek my help." The man said, tone slightly amused.

Damon raised his eyebrows at this and took a seat. "Let's skip past the introductions. Do you have the information I want?" Damon said roughly, cutting to the chase.

The man looked back at him un-amused. "Do not test me, vampire. You don't yet know who you're dealing with, so you best not aggravate me – or getting the information you seek will be the least of your worries, hmm?"

Wow. Touchy, Damon thought. Nobody threatened Damon Salvatore, but he figured it was best not to challenge this guy, at least until he got what he wanted.

Damon raised his hands up in a truce. "My apologies. Now, please, tell me what you know?" Damon gave him a charming smile.

The man remained unfazed but continued. "Well, you're dealing with some hardcore magic. Only certain powerful objects may be able to help you open the tomb on your own without other witches unlocking it for you." The man said, reaching into his pocket for something.

Damon narrowed his eyes. "That's perfect. I need something that I can handle on my own. No witch will help me unlock it." The vampire thought back to Bonnie and knew she would rather kill herself than ever help him.

"Ah, here it is." The man rested his hand on the table and opened it, allowing Damon to see. Inside his palm, rested a small black stone with ridged edges. "This stone should allow you to get what you desire since it is based solely on that – desires. Simply hold it in your palm and whatever your deepest desire shall be, will be granted."

Damon eyed the stone as the man talked and looked back at him incredulously. "Are you serious? What kind of fairytale story is that? Now I know that vampires are suppose to not exist, but come on. This is borderline bullshit."

The man's eyes hardened with anger and with one look Damon felt his body fill with fire; piercing agony.

"Ahhh, what – what the hell." Damon groaned.

"I told you, " the mysterious man said slowly. "Do not test me, Damon Salvatore. Or it will be your last."

Damon nodded as the pain intensified to the point where he wasn't sure where he was anymore and then it stopped instantly. He took in a rush of air and blew out in relief. "I don't understand though. If this stone really works, why do you want me to have it? Why are you helping me so much?" Damon was surprised. He had thought this guy could maybe lead him the right direction – not give him the freaking solution in one go.

"I, have my reasons for you to be in possession of this stone. Now, just remember – have the stone be in your possession and your desire should be granted." With that, the man simply nodded and left the table, leaving the stone and Damon still shocked at the very bizarre meeting.

Whatever; as long as this thing works, who cares if the guy is shady?

Damon drove quickly, anxious to start working on the stone, which was currently in his pant's pocket. Unfortunately he couldn't go right home and get to work on it – he had a council meeting to go to and he wanted to keep up on everything that the council was up to, and that meant attending all the dull meetings.

Suddenly he felt his phone vibrate and reached down to look and see who was calling. "Ah, if it isn't my little brother." Damon said amused, bringing the phone to his ear.

"Stefan. How have you been brother?" Damon asked, smirking.

"Damon. Where are you? Are you still trying to do something about the tomb?" Stefan's voice sounded tense and worried. As it usually did.

"Brother, brother, relax. Take a deep breath, hm? Everything will work out fine. Don't you worry about a thing little brother," Damon replied back.

Stefan responded back desperate. "Damon! Please don't do anything reckless!"

The older vampire rolled his eyes. "Relax Stefan. I'll be back to the house soon. Have fun at school, mingling with humans." Damon ended the call just as he heard Stefan shouting something in the background.

He really wished his brother would get off his back. All Stefan wanted to do was keep an eye on him 24/7 as though he were a young child. Please! If anyone was the child it was his little brother. He wished Stefan would stop treating him this way and that things would go back to how they were before – when Stefan would follow any word Damon would say and worship every move his big brother made.

Damon sighed. It seemed that those things were long gone. He absently fingered his pocket again as he continued his drive.

"Damon, wait!" Stefan sighed audibly as he heard the phone cut out. He closed his locker annoyed with his brother and made his way to his next class.

"Hey, what's up?" Elena asked as she saw Stefan sit down in a seat next to her in their history class.

"Oh, Damon's up to his usual schemes regarding the tomb. I have a feeling he's up to something really bad this time." The younger vampire looked off in thought as Elena looked back worriedly.

Noticing her look, Stefan reached across and gripped her hand gently. "Don't worry. Once I get home I'll try and see what he was up to." He smiled reassuringly at her and she smiled back.

As the history class continued on and Alaric lectured, Stefan found it hard to concentrate as he felt an odd pain develop near his stomach. It was weird. It wasn't like a hunger pain, which he at first had thought it was. No, it was different and getting more intense as the class went on.

Thankfully, the bell rang, signaling that the day was over. Stefan was majorly relieved; the pain had only increased ten fold and he found it very hard to hide it from Elena. He didn't want her to worry when it was most likely just a severe hunger pain. He just wanted to get home, drink some animal blood, and collapse on his bed.

Elena however, seemed to notice his slight grimace as they walked to her car. "Stefan? Are you okay?" Her eyes scrunched together in concern.

Stefan straightened himself up and tried to appear normal. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine. I'm just a little hungry, that's all. It'll pass once I go home and drink some blood." She nodded back slowly but couldn't help but notice the sweat beads on his forehead and how exhausted he appeared.

After Elena had arrived home safely and he had kissed her goodbye, once again reassuring her that he was fine, he quickly sped back home, wrenching open the door to the boarding house.

The pain was horrible. It felt like none other that Stefan could remember and he clutched his stomach painfully. The boy then attempted to speed to the kitchen to drink some blood, but seemed to only make it to the living room to collapse on the nearest coach.

The young vampire groaned in slight agony and wrapped his arms around his middle. He was scared. What was happening to him? In that moment, all he wanted was for Damon to be here, for his big brother to make everything all right –even though things had been rough for them, he didn't care. He just needed Damon. With these last desperate thoughts, the young Salvatore was finally spared and blacked out from all the pain.

Damon had never been more relieved to be done with a council meeting. All he wanted was to get home and begin his plan.

Soon enough, he was pulling into the driveway and opening the door to the house. He wondered if his little brother was home yet; looking at his watch, school had definitely ended. He supposed it was matter of whether Stefan was going to spend time with Elena afterwards or not.

"Stefan?" Damon called out. Upon hearing no response, he found that he did sense his brother in the house, but it felt a little different, but undoubtedly Stefan. Weird that he didn't reply back though…Perhaps he's just sulking in his room, Damon thought amused.

Making his way farther into the house, Damon went into the living room and right to his collection of alcohol. After pouring himself a drink, he turned around and promptly felt the glass slip out of his fingers and crash to the ground.

Lying on the couch facing opposite him appeared to be a little boy swallowed in almost a blanket of much larger clothes. He had a soft mop of light brown hair and appeared to be in a deep sleep; one of his thumb's being softly sucked as he dreamt.

"What. The. Hell." Damon just stared. Why was there a small child in his house? Why was he sleeping in clothes that obviously did not fit him? Where the hell was Stefan? Why did this boy remind him eerily of someone?

Approaching the child, Damon reached out and tugged on his shoulder lightly. Surprisingly, the child opening his eyes slowly and yawned, bringing a fist up to wipe the tired out of his eyes.

As the little boy looked up at him with blurry eyes, Damon was again shocked. Those gentle and intelligent eyes…forest green. And that face…

On closer inspection, Damon realized that the little boy was nothing more than a toddler, maybe around two or three years old. "What's your name?" The older Salvatore asked hesitantly. He was dreading the answer.

The child looked up at him curiously and then answered softly in baby talk. "Stefan."

Damon's undead heart stopped. No. No, this wasn't possible. This was not his younger brother! It just wasn't possible!

"Stefan!" Damon began to yell out to his brother, startling the little boy. "This isn't funny Stefan! You better come out right now before I tear your heart out for this!" Damon threatened harshly, hoping to get a reaction out of his brother.

Meanwhile, the little boy on the couch back up as far as he could and brought up his small hands to cover his ears as Damon shouted. He stared back at him scared as tears came to his eyes as the vampire continued to shout out practically death threats.

Receiving no answer, Damon eventually stopped and looked back at the couch. The toddler had pulled the large clothes around him as a blanket, shielding himself from Damon and occasionally peering his head over the material.

Realizing that the boy was obviously afraid of him, Damon held his hands up. "Hey. I'm sorry for frightening you. I won't hurt you, ok." The vampire took a step in the child's direction and was relieved when he didn't hide under the "blankets" more.

The little boy unraveled himself a little more and gave Damon a small smile. "Damy? Is dat you?"

Shocked again, Damon had no choice in that moment but to realize this really was his little brother. It had been many years since he had seen this childish version of Stefan, but the signs were all there. His floppy light brown hair, sensitive eyes and quiet smile. But still, what the hell was going on!

"How do you know I'm Damon?" Damon asked his now literally baby brother.

Stefan gave him a funny look. "I don't know. I jus do! But you got big Damy! And mean." Stefan said the last part with a small pout.

Damon gave a huff. "I am not mean little brother," he then stopped short, realizing he was enjoying a banter with a two year old.

"Stefan, how old are you?" Damon asked.

The child lifted his head in pride. "I'm three, Damy. I'm a big boy!" Stefan gave him another big smile and them stuck his thumb in his mouth, undermining his statement.

"Ugh, don't do that Stef." Damon pulled his little brother's small hand out of his mouth and gave him a stern look. He remembered his younger self lecturing Stefan out of his bad thumb-sucking habit.

"But Damy!" Stefan whined.

"Don't call me Damy. It's Damon." The little Salvatore looked hurt at this but nodded. It seemed he was still a little scared of this Damon.

Speaking of, Damon was currently pacing as he thought of what he should do now. Something had obviously happened to his younger brother from the time he had talked to him earlier on the phone. Elena! That was it! He should go and talk with her and see if she had noticed anything.

While Damon had been pacing, Stefan had been watching his big brother with sleepy eyes. When Damon final seemed to have made up his mind and focused his attention on Stefan, he noticed his baby brother's head keep drooping in exhaustion. Probably still tired from waking him from his nap.

"Okay. How about I take you up to your room, and you have a nap while Damon goes out and does some errands?" The older vampire asked.

"I'm not tired. Stefan wants to go with big brother!" Stefan tried to put up a good argument but Damon was not going to give in.

"Sorry, little brother, but its nap time." Damon made a move to grab his little brother, but then stopped when he realized that Stefan had to be naked under his "blanket" of clothing.

Feeling a little out of place at this, he walked to a nearby closet and found a comfy blanket. "Okay, Stefan. I'm just going to wrap this blanket around you, ok?" Stefan nodded at him.

Damon then quickly bundled the little boy up and easily gathered the sleepy toddler into his arms; still shocked he was carrying his actual brother. Stefan sighed content and rested his head on Damon's shoulder, closing his eyes.

The older vampire couldn't help but smile at this and hold on tighter as he carried Stefan up to his room. As he did this though, he found himself worrying about leaving Stefan in the house. Now that he was practically a baby, Stefan was totally defenseless and any vampire could easily come into the house.

Gripping him tightly, Damon made his way down the stairs.

Well, I guess you're coming with me then after all little brother.

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