Sort of a continuation of Notes, but can stand alone. It's a different style, anyway.

Remember that episode of Ouran Host Club where everyone figured out that Haruhi was a girl? This is kind of like that, except with SasuHina.

[1 out of 15]

Shikamaru was smart, sure, but more often than not his love of naps won out over his brains. Still, when he was awake, he was really rather brilliant. He had one of those enlightening moments one day, when he saw something interesting in his dorm.

The genius rose bright and early at 12 PM, throwing his pillow at Chōji for waking him up by opening the curtains. He tottered out of bed and ambled out into the hallway to go brush his teeth.

Sasuke and Hinata were walking down the hallway in the opposite direction, side by side. The young man had a book bag slung over his shoulder and his other hand in his pocket, while his female companion clasped her hands in front of her, eyelashes lowered demurely.

Shikamaru stopped and stared at them. They weren't touching, but…

Sasuke walking with a girl (voluntarily)? Hinata not blushing madly and trying to stutter out a conversation?

No…instead, they were walking in silence, absolutely comfortable with one another. Like it was easy.

Ding. A lightbulb went off in Shikamaru's head.

It was so obvious.

"You're a couple," he said aloud.

Now, Hinata did blush prettily.

Sasuke didn't seem surprised he had figured it out. "I thought you would find out sooner than this."

Shikamaru shrugged, pushing the door of the bathroom open. "I've been busy."

The two watched as he disappeared inside.

"I've never seen him studying in the lounge," Sasuke observed.

Hinata nodded in agreement.

They walked the rest of the way down the hall and went into Sasuke's room.

[2 out of 15]

Neji hated to admit it, but he had a horrible soft spot for his cousin Hinata.

He had been secretly relieved when she had been accepted into his college. This way, he could make sure she stayed out of trouble.

There was a…slight problem with this, though. Hinata had grown up. A lot. She was still shy and occasionally awkward but much more confident than before. Somehow, she had caught on to the fact that she was kind of an amazing person.

In the end, the most Neji could do for her was always get her drink whenever the group went to the bar. This way, he could ensure no one would try to date rape her. (He always considered worst case scenarios.)

One night, though, he failed to do this one thing he had promised himself he would each time they were out.

"You can't do this, Tenten."

"Oh, yes I can," the brunette said cheerily, carrying over the shots from the noisy bar over to their favorite table. "Legal drinking age's 20. Thank you, Japanese government."

Neji rubbed his forehead in exasperation, something he felt he did often with the girl. "I mean…this contest. With Lee. You're not going to win, it's plain science. He has at least fifty pounds on you."

"Thank you for implying that I'm skinny, Neji, but I can handle my alcohol." Tenten smiled widely, stepping around a rowdy group of frat boys spilling out of their stall. "And if Lee thinks a game of darts isn't fair enough to decide who's better, that's fine by me. I'll just beat him this way instead."

Neji gave up on trying to reason with her and followed her back to their table. Tenten set the shots down emphatically and sat down on her side of the table, crossing her arms. "All right, Lee, I'm ready."

The bowlcut-sporting martial artist was pushed forward by Kiba and Naruto. He sat down across from Tenten, actually looking nervous. "Tenten, though I always exhort the spirit of youthful competition, I must say that this may not be a good idea – " he began.

"Too late!" Tenten threw back a shot and slammed the empty glass down on the table, grinning. "Let's go, you rose of springtime."

Ino took some of Chōji's chips and chomped on them, waving one around. "I'm not cleaning up after you if you throw up in our room later, Tenten."

"If I may," Sai said mildly, coming forward with his wallet. "I would like to place a bet."

He took out two banknotes, and placed it on the table, looking around. "…On Flatchested."

"Thanks for the support, Sai, but I told you I'm not flat," Tenten told him.

Sai ignored her and nudged Sakura, who was sitting on the table. "Move over, Ugly."

Naruto bounded forward eagerly. "I've got two thousand yen on Lee. I believe in you, man!"

Sakura rolled her eyes from her perch on the table. "You're going to lose that, idiot."

"Oh come onnnn, Sakura, be more supportive of me – "

"Can I say something?" Shikamaru interjected.

"No!" everyone yelled. "We don't want your logic right now!" said Naruto, pointing dramatically. "This is all about faith! About knowing that your friend can do it!"

"Why are we suddenly in a shounen manga?" muttered Shino.

Naruto turned to Neji. "So who are you going to bet on, Neji? Hard choice, isn't it? But I think you'll agree with me that Lee is going to win."

But to everyone's surprise, Neji pulled out three yen notes and put them down on Tenten's side of the table. "You've obviously never seen Lee get drunk," he told him. "Three thousand on Tenten."

Tenten grinned up at him, tapping a shot glass against his drink. "All for you, Neji."

For the next twenty minutes, the Hyuuga was so distracted by the drinking contest that he almost didn't notice when Sasuke returned to the table, carrying drinks. Neji watched as he handed one to Hinata, their fingers touching for a brief second.

Neji stared in alarm as she lifted it to her lips. Why would she accept a drink from the Uchiha? What if he had put something in it? Even worse, what if it had alcohol? Hinata was a really embarrassing drunk!

But suddenly he saw that the drink was in that specialized glass he usually asked the bartender to use. It was a virgin orange and cinnamon mojito (eight mint leaves, one shot of lemon juice, two shots of orange juice, one shot of cinnamon, and exactly three and a half lemon wedges), the same drink she asked for every time they came to this bar.

Sasuke knew Hinata's favorite drink.

Ding. A lightbulb went off in Neji's head. They were…a couple.

He thought about confronting Sasuke about it, but shrugged and decided not to, turning his attention back to the drinking contest. This way, he'd never have to worry about having annoying blonde nieces and nephews.

Behind their friends crowding around the table, Hinata nudged her chair closer to Sasuke's. Sasuke casually draped his arm around her shoulders and she smiled up at him.

[3 out of 15]

Ino loved football games. They exalted testosterone, attracted masses of crowd euphoria, and were especially fun when the group went together.

Hinata was kind of the complete opposite of the lively blonde. She got claustrophobic in big crowds, headaches from all the cheering, and sunburnt because of her skin was so fair. So when the next school football game rolled around and Hinata agreed to go without even being asked, Ino was a little surprised.

"You're sure about this?" she asked her lavender-eyed roommate the morning of the game, as they prepared to go to class. "You won't faint like last time?"

Hinata turned red from shame, fiddling with her purse. "I'm bringing a hat. And the weather's cooled down a little. Really, I just want to spend time with you all."

"All right…" Ino said dubiously, grabbing her books and heading out the door. "But remember, you're supposed to have fun at these things."

To Ino's further surprise, Hinata did enjoy herself at the game. This was made even weirder by the fact that she was sitting in between Sasuke and Shino, neither of whom were social butterflies to say the least. But most of Ino's attention was involved in the game, bothering Shikamaru to keep him awake, and stopping Chōji from buying something from the vendors every time they passed by. By the time the after party celebrating the victory at a bar was over, she was positively pooped.

As usual, Sasuke and Sai were driving everyone back to the dorm. Chōji carried Ino on his back to Sasuke's Lexus and put her in the backseat, Shikamaru and Shino piling in after them. Hinata took shotgun.

Ino dozed on and off throughout the ride, nestled in between her two childhood friends. In the front, Sasuke and Hinata seemed to be talking about their political economy class in low voices, arguing over whether democratic or authoritarian systems were more suitable. At one point, Shikamaru snapped out of his eternal nap to drowsily raise a point about neo-mercantilism before knocking out again.

At one point, though, Ino overheard something…strange.

"…so where do you want to go after you visit home?" That was Sasuke's voice, smooth and low.

"Why don't we visit Naruma Yu?" Hinata suggested softly. "Their hot springs are lovely this time of year."

"That's rather bold of you to suggest that, Hinata."

A laugh. "Shut up, Sasuke."

Ino blinked, wondering if she was dreaming. Had she just overheard Sasuke and Hinata quietly discussing plans to spend spring break together? And had Hinata just told Sasuke to shut up?

Ding. A lightbulb went off in Ino's head.

Good lord - her 5'2", self-conscious, soft-spoken roommate had managed to land Uchiha Sasuke, breaker of 1,000 hearts and best-looking sonofabitch in town.

Props, Hinata, she thought sleepily.

[4 out of 15]

Shino was the quietest guy of the group. He liked to hang back and observe everything, not taking part in conversations if he could help it. Because of this, many people thought he didn't care about others. That was mostly true, but not when it came to his close friends. He absorbed facts and details and was surprisingly good at telling how his friends felt at any given moment.

Of everyone on the floor, he was closest to Hinata (and Kiba, though he'd never admit it). And since she got out of work about twenty minutes after his last class, typically he'd walk her back to the dorm.

So when she stopped him under a tree near the entrance to campus and told him that he didn't have to walk her back anymore, he was confused.

Shino looked Hinata up and down closely. Nothing about her posture seemed to indicate she was upset; her face was neutral as well. He hadn't done anything to make her upset lately, so why this all of a sudden?

"All right," he said aloud, and walked off.

Hinata poked her fingers together in an old habit, hoping Shino wasn't angry with her, and went on her way.

Once his class ended, Shino hung discreetly around Hinata's workplace, hoping to see the reason why she wasn't walking with him anymore.

After five minutes, Naruto came walking by, carrying a huge blowup doll. Oh please don't let it be him, Shino prayed.

Naruto began to slow as he neared the free clinic. Shino's eyes widened in alarm behind his sunglasses.

The blonde came to a stop in front of the door and bent down. "Ooh, a penny!" He picked it up and skipped off, whistling.

Shino breathed a sigh of relief.

After ten minutes, Kiba strolled by, walking Akamaru. Shino narrowed his eyes at him as he also slowed down near Hinata's clinic.

Luckily, it was only because Akamaru was lifting his leg and marking his territory on a nearby trashcan. Shino exhaled.

"Sometimes, I wish I were as free as you were," Kiba told his urinating dog.

After fifteen minutes, Kankuro's little brother walked by and slowed down as he approached the clinic. Shino felt confused. Hinata couldn't have ditched him for Gaara, right? Right?

But Gaara just stopped in front of the clinic's tinted windows and leaned forward, frowning at his reflection.

"Where the hell are my eyebrows?"

After that, Shino was about to give up and go back to the dorm when one last person came walking down the street. He watched, interested, as Sasuke made his way into the clinic with his hands in his pockets and came out with Hinata at his side, carrying her books.

Ding. A lightbulb went off in Shino's head.

He stood up from behind a bush and walked away, satisfied. He could trust the Uchiha to take care of Hinata. He certainly was more normal than the other idiots around.

[5 out of 15]

Kakashi never imagined that at thirty four-years-old, he would be a university professor teaching a bunch of horny college kids with ADD. He had himself graduated from college at a very young age, and then had his stint with the government, working black ops. That hadn't been very fun, so he'd quit. Now he wondered if it had been such a great idea to accept Sarutobi's job offer.

There were a handful of students, though, that made coming back every day to the university possible. Haruno Sakura in his political theory class was one such redeeming student. Arisato Sai from his international relations asked a lot of good questions, even if some of them were kind of disturbing. Uzumaki Naruto had plenty of potential, but tested horribly. Nara Shikamaru could be better than Kakashi himself if he just put some effort into his work. Yamanaka Ino was very book smart and would make a good politician. Uchiha Sasuke worked hard and excelled in everything he did; he just needed to get a girlfriend (or boyfriend, depending on which side of the debate you were on) and then his life would be perfect. And Hyuuga Hinata had made a lot of progress throughout the semester and had a knack for cutting straight to the heart of issues.

Most of these students visited him during office hours, so he could connect their names to their faces in lecture. Sakura liked to sit next to Naruto and would smack him whenever his attention wandered. Ino sat in the front and took notes religiously. Sai sat in the back corner and drew pictures. Sasuke and Hinata were in the same lecture, but always sat apart.

One day, though, something happened to break that pattern.

Things started as usual. Kakashi wandered into his class as late as he dared with coffee in one hand and romance novel in the other. Students trickled into the auditorium from both doors, settling into seats. Like she always did, Hyuuga Hinata took a seat towards the front, taking off her cardigan and setting up her laptop. But then she set her bag on the seat next to her, stopping a boy from sitting down by her side.

Kakashi watched this and filed it away in his brain for later reference. He waited for the class to quiet down. "Course announcements," he said lazily. "We've got a midterm coming up next week. I'll post some study guides. I've been reading through your essays and a lot of you need to work on your explanations. Remember, last day to change to pass/no pass is in two weeks. Think about how you're doing so far...look underneath the underneath for whether you should do pass/no pass or not."

He paused as the door clanged shut and Sasuke walked in, late as he typically was. He stunned everyone, though, when he made his way to a certain row and Hinata removed her bag so that he could sit down.

A wave of murmurs ran through the room. Sasuke ignored it, opening up his notebook and uncapping his pen and giving Kakashi an arch look.

The silver-haired man tilted his head to the side, fascinated. Hinata was hiding her face behind her laptop, blush creeping upwards.


The shy Hyuuga heiress and indifferent Uchiha? Jiraiya should write a novel about this.

But as the weeks went on and Hinata continued to save Sasuke a seat, Kakashi began to realize this went beyond just some fantasy in his head.

They were cute. Unexpected, but really cute.

He overheard some of his female students gossiping and complaining that surely Hinata wasn't woman enough for their darling Sasuke, but he begged to differ. It was always the quiet ones that were dirtiest.

A few weeks later, Hinata received her paper back. On the top her professor had written 94%, a smiley face with a slash through one eye, and: "Good job, Hyuuga! On the paper and the new boyfriend. You two will have adorable babies."

"Should I report this?" Hinata asked, showing it to Sasuke. The young man leaned over to look at it.

"…That idiot's not worth it."

I wanted to try something where you see things through different characters' points of views. Almost turned into a character study/slice of life thing. Anyway, more to come!