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The darkness was closing in around them. They could all sense the evil presence just out of sight, waiting for them to weaken. The girl held up the staff she was carrying, a carved red bird rising from flames at the top and held it out defensively.

Keirae, we must do something, it's getting closer! The great winged cat crouched next to her spoke, his voice a near growl.

I know, but I can't fight it with the cards or my magic, that's what it's after!

You know what you must do mistress, the angelic looking man said, aiming a bow and arrow into the shadows.

Keirae turned to look at him, fear and hurt clear on her face. No, don't make me do this! I need you both. Don't you care?

The man looked at her only his yes betraying any emotion. It is the only way. I wish it did not have to be like this, but it is. They want your power and to do that they will take the cards. They want the cards, and to do that, they will take you. I.... I will miss you mistress.

The girl nodded, tears coursing down her cheeks. I know. I'll miss you both. I love you both. Please, do one thing for me, she said looking at the angel who nodded.
Call me Keirae not mistress.

The angel gave a rare smile and the great cat rubbed against her. Very well, Keirae. Now, you must change them! He hugged her fiercely and Keirae smiled at the outburst of emotion from her usually stoic guardian.

Kirae pulled a book from a bag slung over her shoulder which was etched with her name and the same symbol as the staff . I will miss you all, she whispered.
She lifted up the staff and the book began floating in mid air. Guardians and cards, book and staff, I, Keirae, card mistress command you under covenant, return to your original forms and draw you power from me no more. SEAL!!!

An unearthly wind began, blowing the girls hair around her face as she stared forlornly at the two guardians. Then the wind was gone and she was left alone.

Chapter 1
Sakura!!! Wake up!! C'mon Sakura!!!

Sakura jolted awake to see Kero, one of her guardians bouncing on her in an attempt to rouse her. Kero-chan, stop that! What time is it?

Kero looked over at the clock. It's nearly noon Sakura. C'mon, get up. Tomoyo's coming over soon to see you and I think she's bringing cake! He grinned wildly thinking of one of his favourite foods.

Sakura grinned. She had only arrived back from China with Syaoran the day before, after a year with his family and she hadn't see her best friend for five months. The grin faded as she remembered her dream. The dream was real, she knew that from past experience. But what could it mean?

Kero-chan, I had a dream last night, a real one.

Kero looked at her seriously. True dreams weren't something to be ignored. What about Sakura?

Sakura described the dream as she got dressed, the girl, the cards and the strange staff. And you and Yue were in it too I think. The girl said something about chnging the cards, she was so upset too. And something was trying to get at you. What do you think it means Kero-chan, is it the future or something?

Getting no reply, Sakura turned around to see Kero sitting motionless, staring out of the window. Kero-chan?' She walked towards him, slightly worried, kero was almost never still.

Huh, yeah, sorry Sakura. I was just thinking about something, Kero shook himself out of his trance and flew over to his mistress. Shall we go downstairs then? I'm starving!

Laughing, the two left the bedroom and charged down the stairs to get breakfast, or, seeing what time it was, lunch.

I wonder why she had that dream? Kero thought as outwardly he laughed. Why'd Sakura dream of Keirae? That was finished long, long ago.


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