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Cheerleader Bella

Chapter 1: We're going where!

Bella POV

I was over at the Cullen's with everyone and they looked to happy. I mean most of the time they are happy, but now they look way too happy. Finally I got annoyed and asked,"What's going on? You're all too happy."

Alice said,"Edward you tell her."

I looked at Edward and he said,"Carlisle has a confrence to go to and we're all going with him. Encluding you."

I said,"Okay. Where is it?"

Edward said,"It's in Phoenix. And while we're there we're going to your old school. It's supposed to be cloudy the whole time."

I yelled,"WHAT? ARE YOU INSANE! We are not going to my old school. Never. No."

Emmet said,"To late. We asked Charlie and he said it was a great idea. So your coming. We have your things packed and in the trunk and I will forcably put you in the car."

I said,"No." Emmet got up and picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder. He carried me out to Edwards car and put me in. He shut the door and I opened it and got out. I tried running but Edward caught me. I said,"Please don't make me go."

He said,"Bella please. I just want to see what your old school was like. What your life was like before here. It's only for a month. I promise."

I said,"Fine, but if you find out something about me that I don't want you to I'm not talking about it."

He kissed me and put me in the car. I buckled up and we were off.

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