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The courtroom waited in silence looking at the defendant. The large muscular man was chained at the defendant's table. His blue eyes stared coldly ahead. The jury entered the room; they had just reached a verdict. Standing the foreman announced to the court "We find the defendant to be criminally insane."

Despite all the guards watching him from every corner, Frank quickly rose from his chair. This couldn't be happening. He had been sent to Ryker's before, but he couldn't stand the thought of an asylum. He shifted his chilling gaze to the jury. Many of the jury flinched as the icy gaze turned to them. "I'm NOT crazy" he snarled. A guard came closer to him. Frank was so infuriated he turned and rammed his shoulder into the guards stomach knocking the unfortunate man to the floor. He whipped around and rammed his elbow into a second guard, before head butting another. The courtroom was in chaos, as the man known as the Punisher vented his fury. Frank had never been one to take bad news well, but thanks to his chains Frank was subdued after a few tazings. As four guards held him down, someone ran over and injected him with a powerful sedative. As Frank dropped into darkness.