Punisher Insanity Chapter 1

Hello. The chapters in this story are going to be shorter than my other fanfic's. CONSTRUCTIVE comments are appreciated.

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Frank slowly returned to consciousness. The world was swimming around him; everything was white. Bright lights were shining in his face. As the world came into focus, he noticed he was bound in a strait jacket an there were several straps around him. For a moment disorientation and confusion flooded his mind, but then his trial flashed before him.

The nurse noticed Frank's opened eyes and quickly injected him with another sedative causing his tense muscles to loosen. The sedative was string; however not as strong as the one from the courtroom leaving Frank conscious but unable to struggle. Frank quickly took in what he could with his eyes, trying to get an idea of where he was exactly.

Soon the nurse and orderlies deposited the sedated vigilante in a room located in the maximum security section. Aaron, the guard on hand, gave an involuntary flinch as he met the vigilante's gaze. Leaving the room he shut the door firmly behind him before locking it, silently wondering why he had ever taken this job. He had heard about the infamous He had read the articles on his grisly attacks on criminal. How hundreds or more had died at his hands. How he had thrown a man from a window maiming him so badly he now went by the name of Jigsaw...

Frank glanced around the padded room. Interesting how people tend to exaggerate. Maybe the had watched Silence of the Lambs too many times. He wasn't crazy just pissed of and willing to do what the justice system couldn't.

He hadn't expected to be found insane. He had been sent to Rykers before and was mostly considered dangerous over crazy. Perhaps his violent methods had contributed but all his 'victims' had deserved what did to them. He never killed innocents. Now he had to plan on his escape.

James Russo sat strapped in his bed. His unnerving, blank eyes were shifting back and forth. A small smile was twitching on the psychotic's face. For a moment ago he had heard the name of the man who had wronged his brother, the man who's heart he longed to rip from his chest, the man who was now his new neighbor,... the man called the Punisher