Logan lay back on the carpet of leaf litter, watching sunlight filter down through a canopy of foliage. An endless forest. It wasn't really how he expected it to be. But peaceful enough, he supposed.

He started at the sound of footsteps, leaping to his feet and whirling around. "Whoa. Chuck. Didn't expect to see you in the afterlife." Why would he be here? What, is he my conscience or somethin'? Holy shit—is he God? That would make a freaky kinda sense . . .

A small smile played at the man's lips as he walked easily across the clearing. "You're not dead, Logan. Merely unconscious. The team found you in a parking lot in Anchorage and brought you back to the school straight away. You're in the infirmary."

A sinking feeling settled over him. The sunlight faded away, the trees withering around them. "No," Logan said in disbelief. "No, I—I don't believe that. I gave my life. I gave—" he shook his head. "It worked, Chuck. I could feel it. It worked." He turned away, refusing to listen anymore. This wasn't Chuck. Probably some demon sent to torment him, fill him with doubts. Figures he would get sent to hell.

"Oh . . ." the old man said contemplatively. "Oh. I see. You and the girl. Yes, that did work. In a way, it is just as you believe. You gave your life to her. She's here. She's fine."

Logan turned to Xavier, looking him over skeptically. "Really?"

Xavier nodded. "She is a mutant, you see, one who can absorb the mental and sometimes physical qualities of those she touches. In your case, she absorbed the ability to heal. And the, ah, other aspects of your mutation as well."

No way. It was too good to be true. Wasn't it? "She was dead, Chuck. I felt it. No breathing, no pulse. She was gone. How do you heal from that?"

Xavier merely stared at him with those inscrutable gray eyes, lifting and dropping his shoulders in an elegant shrug. "Who knows? Perhaps it was a miracle. In any case, she is here in the infirmary and has been waiting many days to see you. Are you ready to wake up?"

"I . . . shit. Yeah, alright."

Xavier chuckled. "Then follow me." He led Logan out of the woods.


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