This is dedicated to KrisJFern:

The mage coughed violently as she struggled to regain her feet, feeling dizzy after being knocked over from the blast that came from somewhere in the city. Her back was bruised from landing on her staff and she was covered in dust. Her companion fared no better and the light armor he wore helped him only a little more than the robes she wore.

"Andraste's blood!" she cried, looking above at the falling debris. "What was that?"

"I'm not sure but it feels like the world exploded," replied her companion as she reached down to help him up. As he straightened he heard the pieces of his weapon fall to the ground and he cursed.

"Nathaniel, look! The Chantry! It's…GONE!" she cried out, pointing at the direction where the majestic building once stood. "Holy Andraste," she prayed. "What has happened to Kirkwall?"

"Let's go, Commander," the archer said.

Ha-ha! No really this isn't an early April fool's joke. I've been teasing my friend Kris about this on Twitter and thought she'd like to know the craziness is far from done. At least until I finish my other stories. Warden's Secrets has been on the backburner way too long. I also started a new mature DA2 story called Stranded and a non-DA story called The Light Before the Darkness. Just so you know why this is taking so long to post again.

That and I need a working title!