Dudley sat on the plane looking out the window in anticipation as it got closer to TUFF's destination. China. They were going there for about three weeks for their annual summer vacation trip. They were also going there due to the fact that the greatest Kung Fu warriors in all of China had invited them to stay with them in their home, the Jade Palace. Dudley had once been to China when he was about ten for the entire summer and he had a blast. He could recall even making a new friend but he couldn't remember much about him or even his name. It had been almost ten years.

"You're pretty excited huh?" he heard Kitty say. He turned away from the window to face his partner. He nodded.

"Me too." she said. "Remember the last vacation?" They thought about it for a moment and they both burst out laughing. "I still can't believe I drained the whole pool just to look for clues!" Dudley choked out while still laughing. When the two finally pulled themselves together, Dudley wiped his eyes and recalled the first time he went to China.

"I actually went to China when I was little." he said.

"You did?" Kitty asked.

"I went for the whole summer once and I had an awesome time. I even made a friend and after a few days he and I were inseparable." Dudley replied.

"Cool. What was his name?"

Dudley shrugged. "It was years ago, but I do recall that he was a panda (A.N. Three guesses who his friend is.) and we always went to this clearing near a lake and we played whatever game we could imagine. If we were lucky our parents would let us camp there and we would try to stay up all night looking for a lake monster that the older kids told us about. We stared at the lake all night betting each other to swim in the lake looking for it but neither of us ever took a swim. Of course we never found the monster and we didn't figure out till about August that the older kids were just messing with us but we still had the greatest adventures together and he was one of my best friends."

Kitty smiled. "You can remember all that, but you can't remember his name?" she asked.

Dudley smiled back at his partner. "We always pretended we were different people. He was always Luke Skyhawker and I was James Bobcat." (A.N. Parody of James Bond and Luke Skywalker.)

Kitty then frowned. "Why didn't you stay in touch?" she asked.

Dudley then frowned too. "We promised each other that we'd always be the best of friends but I had to leave before we got a chance to exchange addresses." (A.N. I know normal people exchange numbers but China is still in ancient times.)

Kitty sighed. "I'm sorry." she said but then she smiled. "Maybe when we get to China you and I could be on the lookout for him."

Dudley smiled too. "Really?" he asked.

Kitty nodded. "Thanks." Dudley replied and hugged her which she returned. After he let go he lay back in his seat and fell asleep.


Po was getting the guest rooms ready for the TUFF agents that were coming in a little while. He was excited because he wanted to learn about being a secret agent. Thinking about this made him remember an American friend he had made when he was ten. Ever since that summer that they had spent together he had never seen him again. The thought of this made him depressed.

"Almost ready?" he heard someone ask. He turned around to find his girlfriend Master Tigress. Seeing her made him forget his depression. He smiled at her. "Almost." he replied. Tigress walked over to Po and began to help him make one of the beds.

"I can't believe we're having secret agents stay with us. I'm not complaining though. I want to learn some new fighting moves." Po said as he tucked the covers under the pillow. Tigress gave him a funny look and chuckled.

Po stopped making the bed and looked at Tigress. "What's so funny?" he asked.

"You're the Dragon Warrior, you just mastered inner peace and you still want to learn some new fighting moves?" Tigress replied smiling.

Po thought about it for a second. "Yeah pretty much." he replied.

Tigress rolled her eyes and walked over to him and gave him a hug which Po quickly returned. "My boyfriend in a nutshell." she said. Po smiled and gave her a quick kiss.

They soon enough pulled apart and continued to work on the room. Po kept thinking about his friend he had met when he was ten.

"Are you okay? You look kind off depressed." He heard Tigress say.

Was it that obvious? Po thought. "I was just… um thinking about… a friend." he said. Tigress gave him a confused look. Po sighed. "When I was about ten I had an American friend. He vacationed here for the whole summer and after he left I never saw him again." he said and then looked at the ground. "He was one of my best friends. It's just hard to forget someone so close to you."

Tigress looked at him with a sad expression. She went to him and hugged him once again. "I'm sorry that happened." she said. Po wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly never wanting to let go.

Back to Dudley 3 hours later-

Dudley awoke to the sounds and feelings of the plane landing. He slowly opened his eyes and looked outside to see China. He smiled. He then looked over at Kitty who was still asleep. He gently shook her until she opened her eyes.

"We're here." Dudley said. Kitty smiled and stretched.

The two looked at the Chief and Keswick behind them who were asleep. They woke them as well and after they got their things they got off the plane. They looked around and marveled at the sights. They walked off of the plane grounds (I still don't know what those are called) and began walking on the gravel road to the Valley of Peace.

1 ½ hours later-

After a long walk they finally reached the steps that led to the Jade Palace. Their mouths nearly dropped to the ground. Before they could start the long climb they saw someone coming down the steps toward them.

"One of my students had the exact same reaction when he saw the stairs." the person said. It was Master Shifu. "I'm Master Shifu." he said and bowed to the agents who bowed back. They then began climbing the giant staircase. While Master Shifu had no trouble, the TUFF agents had to take a break nearly every five minutes. It took nearly an hour to get up to the top of the steps.

When they got to the top they nearly passed out. They soon forgot about this when they realized that they were at the top of the stairs and then walked to the Jade Palace doors. Dudley looked at Kitty and smiled and Kitty smiled back knowing that they were both excited. They took a deep breath and pushed the doors open. When they looked in front of them they saw the six warriors standing in front of them.

The warriors bowed to them and the agents bowed back. Master Shifu walked up to the warriors and then looked at the agents. "Agents, these are my students. This is the Furious Five, Crane, Viper, Monkey, Mantis and Tigress and this is the Dragon Warrior, Po." he said.

Suddenly, Dudley's memories came crawling back to him. His childhood friend was standing right in front of him. His mouth fell open. He hadn't noticed that Kitty, Keswick and the Chief had introduced themselves and it was his turn. Everyone was looking at him.

"Po?" was all he could say.

Suddenly Po's memories came back to him as well. His mouth fell open and his eyes grew wide.

"Dudley?" was all HE could say.

Kitty and Tigress smiled knowing that the boys had found who they were looking for.

To be continued