I am so excited to start preschool! My big brother Romano had started going to preschool last year. I was jealous but Grandpa Rome let me paint all day, which was a lot of fun. Maybe I'll make some friends this year. I don't really have any friends yet.

Chibitalia walked slightly behind Grandpa Rome, clutching his hand anxiously even though he wasn't really scared. The school was green on the outside and looked rather cheerful. They walked in quickly, for as usual they were running slightly late. Grandpa Rome sat his grandson on a bench outside a room marked "Principal's Office" and disappeared inside. While Grandpa Rome was gone, Chibitalia looked around him. Flags from every country in the world were displayed on the walls all around the school.

I wonder when Grandpa Rome will be done talking.

Suddenly, the door swung open and Grandpa Rome walked out. A pretty woman with kind eyes and brown hair stood beside him.

"Chibitalia, this is Mr. Austria. He's going to be showing you to your classroom."

"Grandpa Rome, are you coming too?" Chibitalia called after his grandfather as the tall, handsome man started heading towards the main door.

"I'm going home, cutie. I have a meeting with Mr. Germania today," the great man replied.

"Now Chibitalia, please follow me. You will be in class NP1, and your teacher will be Miss Hungary" said the very stern looking Mr. Austria.

Chibitalia nodded and followed Mr. Austria down yet another hall. It was decorated with paintings of places from all around the world. There was a big snake-like wall, a mountain with snow on top, some crumbly-looking buildings.

Mr. Austria stopped abruptly at a red door.

"This is your classroom. Go inside and introduce yourself" he said tersely.

Chibitalia walked through the open door to find other children already sitting in a circle, with a kind-looking brown haired woman kneeling towards the whiteboard.

"Oh, you must be Chibitalia. I'm Miss Hungary! You're just in time for circle time. Please take a seat."

Where should I sit? Everyone looks like they know each other already.

Hoping he was getting a good seat, Chibitalia sat between a boy in black robes and a pair of yellow-haired twins.

"Let's go around and introduce ourselves. Let's start at this end" said Miss Hungary as she pointed to a black-haired boy.

"Watashi wa Nihon desu." He muttered in a shy voice.

The girl beside him said, "Wo jiao Taiwan."

Then, the first blue-eyed blonde-haired twin shouted, "I'M AMERICA!"

"I'm Canada, and this is Kumahiro" said the other twin, gesturing to the white bear in his arms.

"Who are you?" asked the bear.

"I'm Canada! I just said that!" cried the boy as tears started rolling down his cheeks.

"Kumajiro, if you don't behave you'll have to leave. Now apologize to Canada." Demanded Miss Hungary.

"Sorry..." Aaid the bear, shrugging.

Next was Chibitalia. He blushed as he said, "L'Italia è il mio nome."

The boy beside glanced at him with piercing blue eyes and stated flatly, "my name is Holy Rome."

Chibitalia almost burst into tears. Holy Rome was really scary, staring at him like that. It wasn't very nice at all. Was Holy Rome trying to scare him or something?

"Good, " said Miss Hungary, "we all know each other now. Let's start learning our colors and numbers today!"

AN: I used Google translate for the Italian, however I speak enough Chinese and Japanese to write that properly (I hope).
I don't know if this is proper to mention, but regardless thanks Felicia's Key for telling me to add language translations.
"Watashi wa nihon desu" = I am Japan

"Wo jiao Taiwan" = My name is Taiwan

"L'Italia è il mio nome" = Italy is my name