AN: Well, here's a Chibi-Preschool oneshot. Not directly related to preschool, but just a weekend outing. The plot bunny wouldn't go away, alright?

"Chibitalia! Romano! Wake up already! We're going to the zoo today, remember?"

Chibitalia's eyes snapped open as he heard his grandfather say "zoo". He was so excited to finally get to go! The zoo had been open for a while, but Grandpa Rome had been bogged down with extra work and had to putt of taking his grandsons there. The star residents of the zoo were a mother elephant and her young baby. Chibitalia had been very jealous when China had brought Japan and Taiwan to the zoo. The Asian siblings had returned to school on Monday refusing to talk about anything other than how cute the baby elephant was.

Yawning, the little brunette crawled out of bed and rubbed his eyes. It was never easy for him to wake up in the morning, even when one was excited about spending his day at the zoo. Upon discovering all of his green dresses were in the wash, Chibitalia ended up in a red dress with embroidered flowers. The dress was nice and puffy- when Chibitalia twirled, the skirt bloomed like a flower.

Romano met Chibitalia at the top of the stairs and the siblings hurried to eat their breakfast. Grandpa Rome had already set fruit, rolls and milk out for his adorable grandsons. The little ones devoured their fruit and tomato-cheese rolls while Grandpa Rome made himself a strong cup of coffee.

*Ding Dong *

"I'll get it!" said Romano as he hurried out of his chair. Chibitalia followed his brother to postpone drinking more milk. Romano opened the heavy front door only to meet a pair of shining emerald eyes.

"Hola amigo! Are you excited to go to the zoo?" asked Spain.

Romano blanched and started screaming as Grandpa Rome walked to the door.

"Romano, stop that. Didn't I tell you I invited some school friends of yours to come with us?"

Chibitalia didn't pay attention to his brother whining as a blonde boy standing behind Spain distracted him.

"Holy Rome? You're coming with us to the zoo too? Ve, this will be so much fun!" exclaimed Chibitalia.

Eventually, Holy Rome, Spain, Romano and Chibitalia piled into the backseat of Grandpa Rome's care. Normally the car seems spacious, the children found themselves a bit squished. Somehow everyone made it to the zoo alive, though Chibitalia wasn't exactly sure how. Romano had nearly fallen out of the car window and Holy Rome was almost carsick from Grandpa's interesting driving.

After Grandpa Rome paid and everyone got their hand stamped, the group headed to a large neon-yellow bench marked "meeting point".

"Everyone, stay in pairs at all times. Meet me back here at 12…" began Grandpa Rome.

"Romano! Let's go!" exclaimed Spain, interrupting Roma Antiqua. Romano was dragged off to see the turtles before he could ever cry 'CHIGI!'

Chibitalia glanced over at Holy Rome only to find the little blonde boy blushing profusely. Giggling a bit, Chibitalia took Holy Rome's hand while asking what the blue-eyed boy would like to see first.

"Well, I've always liked bears." Said Holy Rome.
"I want to find the baby elephant."

So, the pair wandered about the zoo in search of the bears and baby elephant.

Holy Rome and Chibitalia found the bears right away, as they were the first main exhibit. However, the zoo was very big, and Chibitalia and Holy Rome found themselves standing in front of the bears again and again.

"We'll never find the baby elephant!" cried Chibitalia as they passed the giraffes.

"Don't worry, Chibitalia. We will." Holy Rome said, though he wasn't confident.

Chibitalia and Holy Rome found themselves headed to the petting zoo. Holy Rome wasn't keen on touching the animals, though he eventually patted a rabbit. On the other hand, Chibitalia spent a while feeding a cute little goat. As the pair was washing their hands, Spain and Romano entered the petting zoo.

"Hi Fratello! What animals have you seen so far?" asked Chibitalia.

"Ugh, Chibitalia. We saw the giraffes, zebras, and baby elephant. And turtles. Poop-face spent forever looking at the turtles," replied Romano with a frown.

"Come on, Romano! Let's play with the animals!" exclaimed Spain as he dragged Romano further into the petting zoo.

"Wait, Fratello, where is the baby elephant?" called Chibitalia as his brother was forced to pet a sheep by Spain.

"Weird fuzzy white animal… by the cheetahs, Chibitalia!" replied Romano.

"Come on Holy Rome, let's find that elephant!"

After a rather scenic route passing the bears yet again, Chibitalia and Holy Rome found themselves standing before the elephant exhibit. The pair hurried up to the barrier and watched the mother and baby walk around the enclosure. Eventually, Holy Rome was beginning to grow bored when suddenly the baby elephant started walking towards the barrier.

"Look Holy Rome, the baby is coming towards us. Ve, hello baby elephant!" said Chibitalia.

Holy Rome was distracted by the baby's long nose snaking through the gap in the barrier. It looked like it was coming right towards him!

"Chibitalia… ah, my hat!" cried Holy Rome.

The baby elephant had taken Holy Rome's hat right off of his head and seemed to be having a good time playing with it.

"Holy Rome, what are you going to do? How are we going to get your hat back ve?" Wondered Chibitalia.

"I think it's the baby's hat now, Chibitalia," replied Holy Rome.

Eventually, Holy Rome and Chibitalia made their way back to the neon-yellow meeting bench. Romano and Spain were already waiting with Grandpa Rome.

"What took you so dang long, Chibitalia?" asked Romano.

"The baby elephant…" Chibitalia collapsed into a fit of giggles.

"The baby elephant took my hat!" explained Holy Rome.

The whole group burst into laughter at the look on Holy Rome's face. The little blonde boy was surprised, but ended up joining in the laughter. No one could believe that a baby elephant would like Holy Rome's hat enough to take it from him.

The group headed back to Grandpa Rome's car full of energy. For some reason, once the children got into the backseat they realised how worn out they were from their busy morning at the zoo. Chibitalia fell asleep first, right on Holy Rome's shoulder. Holy Rome felt himself blush, but sleepiness overruled embarrassment and he quickly fell asleep for the car ride back home.