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Chapter 1: What is This?

A blonde teen was walking through the mall cheerily. Looking around, he saw the normal, content humans walking through the mall, searching for whatever products they needed. Sometimes he envied those people, the ones that didn't know what it was like to live on the streets…

He shook his head of those thoughts. It didn't matter now. After all, he had been taken in already.

The blonde's name was Katsu Deidara. He was a sixteen year old male with long, golden blonde hair and abnormal sapphire blue eyes. He tended to dress in his own fashion, mixing and matching clothes that he found unique. Right now he was dressed in a pair of black jeans, a blue shirt with a black vest over it, black and blue sneakers, and a pair of black, fingerless gloves.

He smiled at some passing old woman when she waved as he continued through the mall. Smirking, Deidara reached into his pocket, gripping the small metal cube inside. He had finally saved up enough money to buy a hover board. And that in itself made him content.

Deidara lived with a woman named Arlene. She had picked the blonde up off of the streets six years back. It had taken Deidara aback that she had even paid him mind, for no other of the people living around that area had ever glanced at him before. She took him home, fed the starving blonde, and asked him his story.

But…Deidara couldn't really say…he didn't know his story. He had no memory of anything before he had turned ten. The first memory the young blonde had was of waking up in an alley, an unbearable thirst burning his throat. He had seen a man, strong and cocky, that asked him to hand over his money. Deidara, thirst driving him to the brink of insanity, had lunged at him, ripping his throat open and drinking deeply.

Arlene had stared at him in awe. "No way…I thought they had died out…" she had muttered, causing Deidara to stare at her oddly, "A vampire…they haven't been seen for over a thousand years!" Deidara hadn't understood her excitement…but she took him in.

The good thing was Arlene was a doctor. She had started to sneak home blood packs for Deidara. The blonde was grateful to her, always looking for ways to help her out. He had a job, not wanting to go to school.

Though…Arlene had insisted on trying to home school him…and gave up on it as soon as she had began. Deidara himself had known more than even she did! As if he had studied it over and over! What he didn't know at the time, once he read a book about it, it was forever embedded into his mind.

So Deidara had gotten a job at a book shop instead. He saved some of his paycheck for himself, and gave some to Arlene for the rent of their small apartment here in the city of New York.

Today, Arlene was at the hair salon for a day off. Deidara didn't like salons, he much rather fix his hair himself. As such, he went off to look around and finally buy himself a hover board.

Yea, living in the year 2811 has its perks. Hover boards…awesome.

Whoa! Where the hell had that thought come from? As if he had lived in any other time line? Deidara shook the thoughts out of his head. He'd better get back. Arlene was probably done by now and-

Deidara looked up as he heard the pounding of drums. "Not again…" he muttered as he tried to shake it off. Every once in a while Deidara would hear the sound of drums. He didn't know why, and he hadn't told Arlene. She would've probably thought he was crazy.

As he approached the salon, he was thrown back by the force of an explosion.

Landing on his back with a grunt, Deidara looked up to see that the salon had been decimated. "ARLENE!" Jumping to his feet, Deidara started for the flames, only to be pulled back. Turning, Deidara saw a man in a police uniform, his hair was white and he kept it in a low pony tail. His eyes were an onyx color, though they were hidden behind a pair of glasses. "Stay back kid." He said in a demanding tone. Deidara scowled, "I CAN'T JUST STAND HERE UN!" The pounding of drums in his ears just got louder.

The man's eyes widened as he saw that Deidara's eyes glowed red, and he smirked, "Well, well, well…" he said as his smirk became a twisted grin, "What have we here? And I thought that that stupid redhead was the sole surviving vampire." His grip on Deidara's arm tightened. Deidara's eyes widened, "Another vampire?" he muttered. He had never met anyone like him before…

With a psychotic laugh, the man said, "We got him though…and you're next." The white haired man pulled out a gun and placed it at Deidara's head, "Say good bye blood sucker." The blonde screwed his eyes shut; he didn't understand what was going on at all…

He was suddenly yanked back, the sound of a gunshot ringing through the air. He saw the bullet go right passed him as he was pulled into a pair of strong arms. "Hidan, make sure he doesn't get hurt." Deidara looked up to see a redheaded man standing in front of him. He was dressed in a long black and red coat and seemed to be very defiant to the "cop" that was now glaring at him with an intense hatred.

"How is it possible? You didn't even regenerate!" exclaimed the white haired male. The redhead sighed, "Such an obvious trick like that would never kill me. You Hunters are despicable. You say that vampires are monsters, but my kind would've never sacrificed so many of us for only one of the enemy!"

Still in shock, Deidara was roughly pulled onto his feet, "Come on blondie! We gotta get the fuck outta here!" Deidara turned his attention away from the redhead and saw a guy, not too much older than him, with silver, slicked back hair and magenta eyes. He wore what looked like an army uniform, minus the jacket, and a cocky grin. "Let's go!" he exclaimed as he pulled Deidara away.

Looking back, Deidara saw the redhead lunge at the white haired "cop" with a blade in hand…


The albino shut the door after pulling Deidara into a large house. "Damn…fucking hunters. Can't they leave the last fucking vampires alone? Wait…" he turned to Deidara. The blonde was leaning on the wall, still completely shocked at how fast he had lost everything in the last ten minutes. "Oi." He hesitantly looked up at the albino, "You ARE a vampire right?"

Silence filled the space between Deidara and the albino. That was when Deidara realized that the sound of drums in his ears had stopped. Hmm…what did it mean? It was so odd…

"Hello~ I asked you a fucking question!" Deidara was brought out of his thoughts again by the albino. This time he nodded, making the other teen grin, "Well who woulda fucking thought? Akasuna ISN'T alone!" "Akasuna?" the blonde asked, finally coming out of his shock induced silence. "He speaks!" exclaimed Hidan sarcastically, "Oi, I'm Hidan. Gesei Hidan. I'm a human. But…I help out Akasuna." "Who…who IS Akasuna?"

Hidan laughed, "Akasuna! The one that saved your ass from the fucking vampire hunter!" Deidara nodded, "The redhead…" "Damn straight. Akasuna no Sasori." Replied Hidan. Deidara just looked down at the floor. What the hell was he gonna do now?

The door opened, and the red head, Sasori, walked in. He had a bit of blood on his shirt, but there were no signs of wounds on him anywhere. "HEY! AKASUNA'S BACK!" exclaimed Hidan with that cocky grin of his, "How was the fight against that fucking mental hunter?" Sasori waved a hand in dismissal, "He ran away. As usual, when they actually start a fight, they realize they don't stand a chance against a vampire all by themselves."

Looking at Deidara, Sasori walked over. "What's your name young one?" he asked gently, stopping right in front of the confused blonde. Deidara looked him in the eyes. Sasori had abnormal green eyes. It was as if they glowed! But…his presence was…very comforting. "Deidara…my name is Katsu Deidara." He said, a little more calm and focused than he was when speaking with Hidan. Sasori nodded, "Deidara…that's a nice name. I'm Akasuna no Sasori. Would you mind answering a few questions for me?" Deidara nodded, "Sure…if you answer a few of my own un."

Sasori chuckled, "You must be a vampire. I've never met a human that could recover from something like that so quickly. Come, let's go into the kitchen and get you a drink." "OI! What about me?" Sasori rolled his eyes and looked over at Hidan, "Calm down. I need you to go and check if there are any more of them." Hidan frowned, "Fine, whatever." He said as he grabbed a gun, that Deidara hadn't noticed before, and headed out the door.

With a sigh, Sasori turned his attention back to Deidara, "He may be a pain at times…but he's loyal and good hearted." Deidara nodded as Sasori led him to the kitchen.

Looking around, Deidara saw that Sasori's decorating style was full of antiques. It looked as if he had something from EVERY era in time from at least the 1400's! Knick-knacks, musical instruments, artistic master pieces, and other interesting things seemed to clutter the whole house! It left the blonde teen in complete awe.

Sasori glanced back at the boy and smirked, "Like antiques?" he asked. Deidara blinked and looked over at him, "Actually, yes. At home I had quite a few things that I found in old shops from years ago un. Cost a lot but I thought it was worth it." Sasori nodded, "Vampires always like to hold on to things from the past. We can live forever so…it's as if we don't want to actually let go of times we held dear." Sasori hummed a bit before saying, "Though…you are what, merely sixteen? It's strange that someone so young would like ancient artifacts."

With a shrug, Deidara explained, "I know more about a lot of points in time than a lot of people un. I find history fascinating." Sasori nodded as they entered the kitchen. It was as any kitchen in their time was; very hi-tech with a metallic look. Though, Sasori seemed to like black more than white, and that was fine with Deidara. He didn't really like white…

"So, Deidara," said boy glanced at Sasori as he sat at the table in the back of the room, "tell me…have you ever met any other of our kind?" Deidara blinked as Sasori walked to the cabinet and pulled out two clear bottles of what could only be blood. "Others?" asked the blonde, "I didn't even KNOW that there was anyone but me un!"

Sighing, Sasori handed the boy one of the bottles before sitting across from him. "So, you and I are most likely the last of our kind…" he muttered before asked, "How did you go about without bringing suspicion from the hunters until today?" Deidara got a sad look in his eyes, "Arlene…' he whispered. Sasori raised a crimson brow in question and Deidara continued, "Six years ago, a woman came and took me off of the streets. Her name was Arlene un. She was a doctor and would sneak blood home to keep me up to date with my thirst un."

Sasori nodded, "Was she in the salon?" he asked softly. Deidara hesitated a moment before slowly nodding his head and opening the bottle and taking a drink of blood. "I'm sorry Deidara. It must be hard for you to come to terms with that." Sasori reached across the tabled and squeezed the blonde's hand. Deidara looked up into the abnormal eyes with a sigh, "Yeah…but it doesn't really matter does it? I can't turn back time and get her out of there…" Sasori chuckled, "No…you can't. Traveling through time is taboo. Gazing through it via the Vortex…that's different…hmm…" "Vortex?"

Shaking his head, Sasori said, "Your powers haven't awakened…have they?" Deidara blinked, "Powers?" he whispered. Sasori nodded, "Each vampire child approaches the eye, forced to behold the Vortex…to be inspired or run. That is what awakens the powers that slumber deep in our subconscious." "Where is the Vortex un? And what exactly is it?"

Looking thoughtful a moment, Sasori said, "The Vortex…the vastness of time. It's a way to see into time. There are those that have tried to go into the Vortex, to travel through time to save those they care for…but they were never heard from again. They were presumed dead and it became taboo to travel through the Vortex."

Taking a drink from his own bottle, Sasori continued, "As for where it is…well, I can't just say it. I could take you there though, if you want." Deidara thought it over for a few minutes. It wasn't like he actually had anywhere to go. He wasn't even supposed to be with Arlene, so that meant the landlord was just going to kick him out of the building.

He had nothing again, just like when he was ten…

"You know if you don't have a place to go, just say it. I wouldn't mind giving you a home."

Deidara's gaze shot to Sasori. "What?" he asked quietly, as if not sure of what he had just heard. Sasori smiled gently at him, "We're the only two left it seems. On top of that, I like to help people. It's just a part of my nature. We don't have to leave to see the Vortex right away. Why don't you get a good night's sleep first? Maybe take a shower? Relax?"

Lowering his gaze to the bottle in his hands. Stay with Sasori eh? Well, it seemed as if the redhead had a decent income of both cash and blood…and Deidara needed a way to get blood…

"All right then un…" he said before looking back up at Sasori, "I'll rest up tonight, and tomorrow we head off to see the Vortex un." Sasori nodded, "Ok. I'll show you to your room then Deidara."

The sound of a door slamming reached Deidara's ears and he saw Hidan storm in and go to the fridge. "See any hunters?" asked Sasori, unfazed by the display. Deidara stared at Hidan as if he were a freak as the albino pulled out a pint of chocolate chip ice-cream from the freezer. "Fuck no. Those hunter bastards are fucking pussies. What I did find was that old hag that lives down the fucking street! Bitch started saying all the shit about my scythe being, and I quote a dangerous weapon in a neighborhood with young children in it. I mean come on! That's why I don't go near fucking bratty children!"

Grabbing a spoon, Hidan started shoving ice-cream in his mouth, "And that's another thing; why the fuck do brats tend to follow me around? I fucking yell at them any chance I get!" Sasori sighed, "I don't know Hidan. Maybe you're just a kid magnet?" He got to his feet, "Anyway, come on Deidara." Deidara drowned the bottle, set it down on the table, and got to his feet as well. "Right un…" "So…blondie is staying with us?" asked Hidan. Sasori nodded, "Yes. Not a problem is it?" he asked smoothly. Hidan shook his head, "No, not really. It's YOUR damn house. I just stay here." Sasori sighed at Hidan before leading Deidara out to the hall…

~Whoo! Yeah man. XD~

"Ray~! Come on Ray get up!" The raven haired boy opened his eyes to meet the chocolate brown ones of his best friend. "What is it Red?" he asked. The raven haired, ten year old boy had fallen asleep under a tree near the boarding school that had served as his home since he had reached the age of five.

The Education Institute, as it was called, was a stone building, way ahead of the human's technology and time. (Meaning that it looked like one of the typical boarding schools from now, even though the year in this part is like…1421. XD) All of the vampire children were left there at the age of five…and then they never saw their parents again. For the rest of their childhood, they would only know the ones of their generation, the teachers and professors of the school, and the group of Elders that was the law of their kind.

The young vampires, while they had been cared for by their parents, were taught to never let their true names be spoken. Not to their comrades, nor on the battlefield. That way, if the time to hide from the Hunters arrived, they could use their true names as their alias.

So the young ones came up with the names of the others. The raven haired boy was called Raven due to his hair color, just as his friend was called Redhead. Since the two were the closest of friends, they had shortened the names to "Ray" and "Red". Red had bloody red hair that was kept short and chocolate brown eyes. Ray himself had long raven colored hair that reached his lower back and onyx eyes to match...though one of his eyes was covered by a fringe of hair. They both wore the typical uniform of the Institute; black pants, red shirt with a black jacket and black shoes. They also wore a blank pendant that each child had been given when they had arrived at the Institute.

Red sighed, "You know that today is the day that The Head Elder is to explain about the Vortex! It starts in five minutes! Come on!" Ray frowned, "You interrupted my nap for that? I've yet to see what the big deal is…We still have to wait another three years before we are allowed to approach the Eye." Red rolled his eyes, "It doesn't matter! It's obligatory, so we HAVE to be there Ray." Ray sighed in frustration, "All right, ALL RIGHT! I'm getting up." He said as he got to his feet. Red smirked and grabbed his friend by the arm, "Hurry up! If we're late then our professor will make us clean the classroom tomorrow!" he said as he dragged Ray to the entrance. Ray shook his head at his friend's hyper aura. That was so like Red; always happy, always optimistic…it was probably why Ray always liked to be around him.

He wondered what Red's power would be in the future?


"Deidara, time to get up."

The blonde's sapphire eyes fluttered opened and he sat up. He looked to the door and saw Sasori standing there with a bottle of blood. Deidara rubbed the sleep from his eyes, "What time is it un?" he asked. Sasori chuckled and said, "It's seven am. We have to get an early start. The journey to the Vortex is a long one. I found some old clothes that might fit you. Here." He tossed the bottle at Deidara who easily caught the object. Then Sasori motioned to the desk on the left side of the bed where a set of clothes had been laid out. "Right…" he muttered as he opened the bottle. Sasori smiled before exiting the room.

Deidara looked at the ceiling. What was that dream? Ray? Red? Who were they? With a sigh, he tried to think of life before that day when he was ten.


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