Chapter 1- Angel

The boy woke slowly in her arms and as his eyes opened, she had no doubts. Orihime was speechless as he looked up at her with confusion. At first, they just sat there looking at each other, Orihime even found it peaceful staring at what she knew in her heart to be Ulquiorra. That was until she noticed he was shivering against her chest.

"Oh! You're cold, here."

She took off the light jacket she had been wearing and wrapped it around Ulquiorra. He just stared at her silently as she gently put the oversized jacket on him and zipped it up. Finally he looked up at her and said with a very weak, hoarse but unmistakable voice,

"Are you an angel? Have I finally died."

Orihime's eyes widen slightly because not only did Ulquiorra not know who she was but the way he emphasized 'died' made her feel something was off. He made it sound like he was wanting, no, begging to die. Orihime gathered her courage and asked,

"What's your name?"

He curled closer to her body for warmth,

"Ulquiorra Schiffer"

She almost thought she would hear him follow that with 'Fourth Espada' but he didn't. He finally asked with a hollow, meek voice,

"Are you taking me away from this place angel? Can I finally leave…"

His voice sounded desperate and yearned for her to say yes, though she wasn't sure to what. Struggling to figure out what was going on, Orihime asked another question,

"Ulquiorra… taking you away from where?"

When he didn't reply Orihime decided no matter what was happening at the moment or how confusing everything is, it was silly to sit out in the rain while Ulquiorra shivered and caught a cold. Gently picking him up and laying his head against her shoulder she began to walk home. As she got onto the sidewalk Ulquiorra tucked his face into the side of her neck and whispered,

"Thank you for taking me away from that place angel."

Orihime frowned, "What place Ulquiorra? Where did you come from?"

As Ulquiorra allowed sleep to capture him he said in a very small voice,


Orihime finally made it home soaking wet and laid Ulquiorra down gently on her coach. The jacket was water resistant so only his head was really wet but knowing that he could still catch a cold, she quickly retrieved some of Sora's old clothes and came back to the living room. She grabbed her cell phone and dialed Ichigo's number. Immediately she realized her mistake and hung up before it could ring.

Ichigo might overreact…


Overreact might be an exaggeration…

After further thought she decided to call Urahara-san. Ever since she could remember he was by far the most understanding person she had ever met. If anyone wouldn't overreact or report this to the Soul Society, it was Urahara. She dialed his number and walked back over to Ulquiorra to put some clothes on him. Normally the thought of dressing a naked man, Ulquiorra in particular would've made her uncomfortable but this wasn't Ulquiorra, ruthless Espada. This was just a boy who was abandoned, cold and, for some reason, looked to be severely malnourished. She unzipped the jacket she had put on him and began to dress him.

"Hello, Urahara Candy Shop. How may I direct your call!"

Orihime would've giggled if this hadn't been so serious. She had always been one of the few to appreciate Urahara's humor.

"Hi, Urahara-san. It's Orihime Inoue."

"Oh, Miss Inoue! It's been a while since I've heard your lovely voice. How's the university? I recently read an article that your professor published. She's quite smart; I think you're in good hands Orihime-chan."

Orihime smiled and was tempted to continue the conversation but knew that it would have to wait.

"Urahara-san, I have something important to ask you regarding Hell."

Urahara grew quiet and said in a serious voice, "Somehow I didn't think you called to chit chat…"

He paused for a moment,

"I do not know much about Hell as it's hard to research something that is virtually impossible to get to and realistically impossible to break out of, but I will try to answer your question as best as I can."

Orihime started to chew on her bottom lip nervously as she asked her question and put a pair of pajama pants on Ulquiorra,

"What if something was able to get out of Hell? What would the Soul Society do?"

Urahara said in a very serious voice,

"They would destroy it, if they could. And if they couldn't… They would find a way to send it back."

The very thought of Ulquiorra, boy or not, going back to hell made her sick to her stomach.

"Orihime-chan, whatever has happened I need you to tell me. If it's something about Hell then I need to know."

Orihime started to tear up,

"Urahara-san, please… I can't lose him again."

Urahara sighed,

"Somehow I knew it had to do with him. The way he 'died' always bothered me... This needs to be handled very carefully. I'll be there in 5 minutes."

Orihime's eyes widened and she checked her phone and sure enough, he had disconnected.

Should I try to hide Ulquiorra? Tell Urahara it was another nightmare? Fight him off?

Regardless of what she was going to do, she had to do it fast. Although she wasn't a 100% sure Urahara was going to do something bad, she wanted, no, needed to be sure. She left Ulquiorra on the coach covered up with a blanket and pj pants on. If they were going to leave town for awhile they needed a few things. She ran in the kitchen and grabbed some canned foods and threw them in her backpack.

Anything else we need we'll just have to find on our own. I can't use my check card, they'll trace it and…

Before she could finish the thought her doorbell rang. She involuntarily squeaked. Turning around, she inched her way to the door.

"There's no way he is already here… right?"

With her Shun Shun Rikka at the ready she opened the door to find Urahara with his fan hiding his mouth and his green striped hat hiding his eyes.

I have to stand strong, for Ulquiorra.

Just as she was ready to defend against what she knew would be an impossible battle, Urahara laughed and hugged Orihime,

"Orihime-chan! It's been so long! You need to visit more often, Yoruichi is always saying she needs a woman to hang out with, not a mad scientist though I'm not sure who the mad man is…"

Orihime blinked a bit bewildered by the Shinigami's relaxed attitude. She politely returned the hug but quickly said,

"Urahara-san, I won't let you harm Ulquiorra-kun."

Urahara looked at her and smiled slightly,

"I thought as much, which is why I came so quickly. I didn't want to have to fight or hurt you, I don't think Yoruichi would forgive me…"

Orihime was now backing away her Shun Shun Rikka swirling around her. Urahara walked calmly into the apartment,

"Calm down Orihime-chan, I have good news. He's not from Hell."

Orihime looked, if it was possible, more confused,

"But how do you know that? You just got here and haven't even seen him. Besides he told me he was from Hell."

"I have sensed what something from Hell feels like and I don't feel anything unusual here. Now I could be wrong but I would have to take a closer look to be sure."

Urahara put his fan in front of his face, "May I examine him if I promise not to hurt him?"

Orihime was at a crossroads, on one hand if she let him and he wasn't from hell it would probably help things because Urahara simply had the influence and intelligence to either convince or persuade the Soul Society to leave Ulquiorra alone. On the other hand, if he saw something that made him think Ulquiorra was dangerous… With deep breath she lowered her Shun Shun Rikka and allowed Urahara to come closer to the couch. Urahara laughed at seeing Ulquiorra,

"Well, whatever happened it certainly changed his physical appearance, eh Orihime-chan?"

She just quietly nodded still a bit on edge. Ulquiorra laid sleeping, his breathing a bit shallow and barely audible. If you didn't notice his small chest rising and falling, it would look as if he was dead. Urahara removed the blanket and began to look over the small boy. At first, it appeared to Urahara that he was just a normal, though extremely malnourished, boy. It wasn't until he was examining Ulquiorra's arms that his eyes widened and became deadly serious. With a very solemn and sad voice he turned to Orihime.

"Orihime-chan, it would seem Ulquiorra did come from Hell."

Orihime involuntarily took in a breath, not sure what to do but Urahara nodded his head toward Ulquiorra's arm,

"Just not the one you thought."

Confused she looked and saw what he was motioning at,

"Oh my God…"

She allowed a tear to run down her cheek as she stared at the numbers tattooed on his forearm.


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