AN: This is a prologue of sorts and it takes place mid Spirit Bound, right after Dimitri says those infamous words "love fades, mine has". Everything that has happened in the books has happened up until now, with the exception that when Lissa staked Dimitri (bringing him back to a dhampir) that blinding flash of light was the bond between Rose and Lissa being severed.

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Rose's Point Of View

"Thanks Rhonda!" Lissa smiled, before closing the door to the room where Rhonda does her "readings". Even after all of her previous predictions came true, I was still sceptical about Rhonda's ability to see the future, or whatever the hell she did with those cards. Maybe I was just cynical because every time she predicted something for me, it's been negative. Apparently, I wasn't entitled to a fairytale ending like the rest of my friends. I sighed, now I was just being bitter.

"Come on Rose! Cheer up, you've been in this funk for days now." Seeing Rhonda had been Lissa's attempt at putting me in a better mood. Unfortunately, it just put me in a worse mood, seeing as Rhonda predicted a less than desirable future for me again. But what sucked the most, was I knew with absolute certainty that this perdition would come true. In fact it was already in motion, much to my dismay.

"I know it's been hard with Dimitri lately and I haven't exactly been around to help. I'm sorry for that, but don't worry, it's all about to change! And honestly Rose, I'm sure he'll come around eventually, once he starts settling back into his old ways." Lissa comforted, grabbing my hand and giving it a squeeze as we emerged into the cool, summer night. I wanted to believe what Lissa was saying, that everything would work itself out eventually, but I had a feeling deep in my stomach that it wouldn't. Especially with Rhonda's predictions weighing down on me.

Change. Isolation. Power. Struggle. Death.

It was a heavy prediction and an enigmatic one at that. Seeing as the cards weren't "revealing" anything else to Rhonda, that's all I had gotten from my prediction. Leaving me to wonder about all the possibilities my future held, none of which seemed very appealing. But my looming future wasn't the only thing that was bothering me.
The fact that I still hadn't told Lissa about something that would ultimately effect both our futures, was gnawing on me. I knew that I couldn't keep it from her any longer, this news was way overdue.

"Lissa," I swallowed, interrupting her as she rambled. She immediately stopped walking, sensing that something was wrong and that I was about to tell her something important. I clenched my eyes shut, knowing that what I was about to say was going to hurt her, no matter how nicely I worded it. I decided to just say it quickly, knowing that ti would be better than dragging it out. Like ripping off a bandaid or waxing your eyebrows.

"A position opened up on the European guardian council and they chose me to fill it." I blurted, blinking back unexpected tears as I spoke. I willed myself not to cry, telling myself I needed to be strong for Lissa. She stared at me for a moment, unmoving, like the words hadn't sunken in yet. Then she unfroze and snapped.

"B-but, you can't! You're supposed to be my guardian! I know we don't share a bond anymore, but that shouldn't change things. You are supposed to protect me Rose! No one else, just you! That has always been the plan." Lissa sobbed, her jade eyes filling with tears, forcing me to look away quickly. I had been gifted with the ability to deliver bad news unflinchingly and had perfected my guardian mask, but I could never act so coldly towards Lissa. I could never be so distant to someone who was like my sister, because apart from Lissa, the only person in the world I truly felt close with was Dimitri. Or well, I used to feel close to him, until he changed and then unchanged, and discovered that he couldn't love me anymore.

"I know." I told her my voice steady and strong as I gave her hand a tight squeeze. "But I can't control where they send me and this is a huge opportunity. One that would be impossible to turn down if I did have a choice in my placement. For someone as young as me to be offered this position - hell, for me to be offered this position - it's practically a miracle." I felt honoured that they had chosen me to fill the spot on the European council, but I would have given it up in a heartbeat to be Lissa's guardian. But that just in the cards for me, Rhonda's or anyone else's.

"When do you leave?" She sniffled while I brushed the tears from her cheeks, giving her a weak smile. It killed me to see her this upset and I wanted to help, but I couldn't do anything to fix it. This was just the way that things were and for once there was nothing I could do to change it.

"Tomorrow." I whispered and watched as Lissa's eyes widened and she flung herself into my arms. I held her tightly, knowing that I should have told her sooner, but I didn't want our last few days together to be miserable as we anticipated my departure. I wanted everything to be normal, or at least as normal as our lives ever were.