Vancouver, Canada
May, 1964

Eleanor's POV

I woke from my wonderful dream and began to pack for my long-awaited trip. Finally, I was going to get to go to England! I was spending the summer with my aunt, Grace. As I was packing I thought about the dream I had, I was at a Beatles concert (had front row seats mind you) and Paul was singing, like an angel of course. After he finished his song he announced "The next song is dedicated to my love, Eleanor Rigby." and started to sing "And I Love Her". Of course this would never happen but, a girl can dream. After I finished packing, I put on my favourite black and white polka-dot dress and put on red flats. I carefully braided my long dirty blonde hair and ran down stairs with my luggage. "I'm ready, Mother." I said. "Okay then Eleanor, have a fun time with your aunt. I love you!" she bid me farewell. "I love you too, Mother," I said as I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

My father put my luggage in the boot of my car. I got in the passengers side of the car. Even though I had had my driver's license for a year now, he still didn't trust me. When we arrived at the airport, he gave he a bear hug and said "Have fun with your aunt, but not too much." "Yes, Father. I will miss you! I will try to write you once a month." I promised. I walked into the airport and boarded the plane. England, the home of the Beatles, I can't wait!

When I got to England and I heard the Pilate say "Welcome to London, have a nice trip." my heart skipped a beat. I was the first to get off the plane. When I got off the plane I saw my aunt. She looked different from last time, nut that was when I was seven years ago. She had dyed her blonde hair (its natural colour was brown) and now had ginger hair. "Hello Eleanor!" she waved to me. "Hi Auntie Grace, I've missed you!" I said as I gave her a hug. "You've changed, you aren't a little ten-year-old now." She noted. "Well yes, now I'm seventeen." I explained. "Oooh, you should have your driver's license then?" she asked excitedly. "Yes, but Father still gets a bit on edge about me driving my friends around." I informed her. "Oh, well your Dad was always a bit of a bummer." She said. My aunt was very fun, creative, and young, mind you. On the other hand, my dad liked to stick to the rules and all that nonsense.

We got into the car and she started driving to her favourite fish and chips restaurant. As we were driving, "I Wanna Be Your Man" started playing. I turned up the radio and started singing along with the song. When it was over Grace looked at me and asked "So I suppose you're a Beatles fan, yeah?" I replied "Of course!" Suddenly her face was serious "Who's your favourite?" "Paul." I replied, my face turning pink. "I'm so glad you're into them! I have their albums, we can listen to them when we get home." She said excitedly.

After the filling dinner, we headed to her house. When we arrived she showed me to my room and I began to unpack. She put "Please Please Me" on the record player and we sang along with the first song, "I Saw Her Standing There".

Just as "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" came on I finished unpacking. We ate some ice cream and I went to bed.

The next day I woke up to the smell of tea and crumpets. I went down stairs to find that there was nobody in the kitchen, but there was crumpets and tea. I poured some tea and began to eat a crumpet, as I sat down at the table my eye caught glimpse of a note. It said: Dear Eleanor, I am very sorry, but I will not be able to be with you for a while. I got a call that my work (she was a violinist and traveled a lot) needs me in Ireland for a couple weeks. I will write you and send you the phone number to my hotel room. I'm sure you can look out for yourself. Stay safe, Aunt Grace.

Well at least I get the house to myself! I walked into the music room and began to strum on the first guitar I saw. I was lost in a wonderful musical trance, until an upsetting thought came into my head, what was I going to eat? I walked to the kitchen and looked in the pantry, wow Auntie Grace! Only a box of tea and a couple boxes of hot cereal mix. In the refrigerator, eggs, milk and strawberries. In the freezer, ice cream. Might as well get some shopping done. I got dressed, and just as I was heading out the door, I grabbed the money she had left me. Not knowing how much it was worth, I decided to get the cheapest item I could find: rice. To my joy, most of the dishes I knew how to make consisted of rice.

I walked trough the market, looking for anything else that would fit with my budget. So far, five bags of rice filled my basket. As I was counting the bags, I ran into someone. I looked up immediately "Sorry." I said. After looking at the face of the person I had just ran into, I realized it was Paul flippin McCartney! No way! What was HE doing in a London market? "Oh, no problem" he replied coolly. I wanted to scream and shout and do everything a fangirl would do if they met a Beatle, but instead I walked away. Why, I don't know, but I did. I heard him say "Wait" and I turned around. "Um, yea?" I replied with a questioning face. "Uh.. you like rice, yeah?" he said with a grin. "Well it's the cheapest thing I could find soo..." We stood there in silence for awhile. Paul broke the silence"Uh, you're form America?" he asked. I had just ran into Paul McCartney in a market and now he was asking me if I was from America, this was one weird day, "Uh, I'm form Canada, actually." I said. "Oh, cool." he said. I began to turn away again when he called to me, again. "Yes?" I asked. "Um, so what's your name?" he wondered. "Eleanor" I replied. "That's a nice name. What brings you to London, Eleanor?" he asked. "I'm spending the summer with my aunt." I informed him. "That's cool. So do you think you would want to go to dinner er something sometime?" he asked, with a hopeful look on his face. "Uh, sure. Here's my number." I said as I wrote down my number on a small piece of paper."Cool, um I''ll phone you sometime, then." he said with a grin on his face. He winked his famous"McCartney Wink" and walked away. This was a weird day.

Paul's POV
"Uh, sure. Here's my number." he said as she wrote down my number on a small piece of paper."Cool, um I''ll phone you sometime, then." I said and gave her a wink. She smiled and walked away. She was really pretty. Ha, John would be jealous! I checked out and went back to my flat, and thought about Eleanor, when should I call her? I guess I would call her tomorrow, I didn't know how long it would take her to finish her shopping. The fact she was buying all that rice seemed rather cute and the way she blushed... I decided to play round on my bass. Maybe I would write a song for her. What am I saying? I just met the girl and now I'm going to write a song for her.. why not? The guitar seemed better for writing songs. I traded it with my bass. I began to play random chords. Hmm... I've just seen a I can't forget the time or place where we've just met. That sounds good. She's gonna love it, but I will have to wait til we've gone out a couple times. She'll probably think I'm a weirdo if I play it for her on out first date. I continued to think of lyrics and wrote them down.

Eleanor's POV
WOW! I was going on a date with Paul McCartney! This is going to be amazing Who should I tell, or should I tell anyone? If I tell my mom she'll flip out; why did I tell her that he was five years older than me? Well I never thought I would be in this situation. I looked at my closet, waht would I wear? Where would we go? AH! I'm not good at this whole "first date" thing. I've only been on one date and that was with some jerk-face named Jackson. I mean guys asked me out but I said no to all of them. Why I said yes to Jackson, I've no idea. Anyway, enough of this, I'll just hope that Auntie Grace will phone me. For now I'll watch the telly.

I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing, I had fallen asleep and the telly was still on. It was 10:30 in the morning, I had been asleep since 7:30 last night. I answered the phone "Hello?" i asked "OH, Eleanor, I'm glad you answered!" I heard my aunt's voice on the other line. "I just reckoned I would see how you were doing."
"Oh yeah, I'm fine" I replied "good, did you see the money I left you?" she asked "Yeah, I got loads of rice" I giggled remembering Paul's comment yesterday. "I sens some more money, I might be gone longer then anticipated, but it's all up in the air, so I'm not sure." she explained. "Oh no, it;s okay. I'm doing fine, actually. I've gt myself a date!" I told her excitedly.
"oh really? With who, may I ask?"
"Okay, when I say this, I'M NOT KIDDING! I've got got myself a date with... PAUL FLIPPIN' MCCARTNEY!"
"NO WAY! You have money form yesterday?"
"Go get yourself a new dress. You have to look dashing."
"Oh, thank you soo much Auntie Grace!"
"No problem, kid"
"See ya soon" i said "Okay, have fun on your date!" she said "Will do!." I said and hung up. I got dressed and took the car. Luckily, I found a dress shop.

Next to the dress shop was a music store, that would be my first destination. I walked in and found John Lennon playing around on a guitar and George Harrison sitting across form him playing a twelve-string (oh yeah, I speak guitar! I'm a total nerd). Well I guess Paul wasn't the only Beatles in town. I reckoned they're working on a new album. John looked up form his guitar when he heard the door open. A sly grin creeped on his face. I walked to the other side of the store, trying to avoid him. Why did I always feel like that was the solution? Luckily the section I found myself in was the violin section, an instrument I could play.I started to play a traditional Russian through the song, someone interrupted. "Hey, that's a nice song." I turned to see John. "Um, thanks." I said, feeling my ears getting red. "So, you play anything ealse?" he asked "uh, yeah, guitar, piano, bass, and flute." I told him."Ah, well that's cool," he said "You're form America, yeah?" he asked. What was it wit people and thinking I was American? He was about the fourth person to ask me. "No, actually I'm form Canada." I informed him sounding a buit annoyed. "Lemme guess, I'm not the first person that's asked you that?" he said, noticing the annoyance in my voice. "Your guess would be rite." I said. " So whataya over here for?"
"staying the summer with my aunt."
"Oh, that;s nice, spending time with the family and all." he said as if he already knew and I was reminding him.
"Well it must get awfully boring at your aunt's house, maybe we should go dancing sometime, ya know make things interesting." The way he said "interesting" gave me an idea by what his interpretation of the word means. This was defiantly John were severla problems with me going dancing with John. One, he had a wife and a kid, two I had a date with Paul and I really wanted to go out with Paul, not so much John. I reckoned if I went out with John I would end up at his house with no clothes in the morning. I smiled kindly and said "I'm sorry but I have a boyfriend." Even thought Paul wasn't my boyfriend, I had to say it because if I said I;m busy, he would just ask me when I was free. "Oh, well I'm sure one night wouldn't hurt."
"Don't you have a wife?"
"Yeah, but you have a boyfriend and I'm sure my wife wouldn't mind if just as your boyfriend wouldn't" he stated. I regret coming into this store now. I have to think of a cheeky retort and how am I supposed to beat John at his own game? Luckily., Georgecame to the rescue and said "Come on John!We have a meeting with Brian and we're gonna be late!" John looked at me and handed me a piece of paper with his number on it. "call me if you ever get bored of your aunt and your boyfriend." he said and walked out. Wow, two Beatles asking me out? I didn't think I was THAT pretty, I went next door and found myself a dark blue dress that hugged my curves and stopped just above my knees.

I got home and changed into something comfortable. I heard the phone ring and I answered it. "Hello?" I asked "Eleanor? It's Paul." he said.
"Oh, hi, Paul."
"Hi, so when are you free to go out?"
"Well, I'm free tonight and tomorrow." I explained. Today being Friday, he should have the night off too.
"Cool, well I'm free tonight also. Maybe we could go dancing and get some dinner." he suggested
"That sounds nice, pick me up at 7." I said
"Okay, see ya then."
and he hung up.