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I woke up expecting the sun to be hitting my face. Instead, I found that it was raining outside, rather loudly. Not only was that, but something else different. I turned on the bed to see Paul sound asleep lying next to me. I smiled to myself and got out of bed. I brushed my hair and walked to the bathroom, leaving Paul to his beauty rest. I took a long, warm shower and put my pajamas back on afterwards. Then I headed down the stairs and began to cook breakfast. I looked out the small window in the kitchen, and it didn't look like it was going to stop raining for a while. I sighed and proceeded to cook my pancakes. I heard Paul footsteps walking down the stairs and into the kitchen. I smiled to myself and waited to hear his kind, soothing voice. Instead, I received a loving kiss that lasted long enough that my fingers got tangled in his hair and his hands began searching lower than my waist. I pulled away reluctantly, remembering his tea. "Morning, love" he grinned, his arms still wrapped around my waist. "Good morning, sweetheart" I smiled and handed him a cup of tea. He took it and walked over to the table.

"Do ya need any help?" he asked.

"No, thank you" I said

We continued to talk as I cooked. There was pause in our conversation and Paul broke the silence.

"So at the end of the summer how are we gonna stay in contact?'

I bit my lip as I set two plates down on the table

"Dunno... I suppose we could write each other or call" I said

He looked into my eyes "Yeah, but I won't be able to see you"

"I could try to convince my parents to let me come next summer" I tried "Or I could apply to colleges here"

His face brightened, causing mine to do the same

"Then we could see each other most of the time"

"I don't think they would mind me living here, with Aunt Grace and all. I would still get to see them during the holidays, too"

We smiled at our brilliant plan and finished breakfast. We went into the living room and I sat down on the couch. He lay down and rested his head in my lap and smiled up at me.

"You're great, ya know that?" I smiled at him

"Little ol' me?" he asked, fluttering his eyelashes, causing me to giggle.

"So, where are we off to today?" he asked

"Well, I dunno if it's 'day tripping' weather" I replied, slightly disappointed

"Well we could always have a little fun inside" he said, sitting up and smirking.

I bit my lip, surprising a smirk "oh really?"

"mhmm" he said as he got closer to me.

"Let's test out that theory" I said.

He closed the small gap in-between us and pressed his lips against mine. We continued to kiss each other, letting out tongues explore each other's mouths and our hands explore our bodies. He pulled back for a moment and stood up, taking my hand and leading me back to my bedroom. My heart was racing as I lay down on the bed and he lay down on top of me. We then continued our kiss and he slowly started to undress me. I followed his actions by undressing him, my hand shaking. He trailed loving kisses down my neck and whispered softly into my neck, "calm down, love, I won't hurt ya… I only want to love you." He continued whispering sweet nothings to me as we made love and it was wonderful.

He held me in his arms, close to him, and I breathed softly into his chest. He stroked my hair and he began to sing softly and slowly-

"I've just seen a face, I can't forget the time or place where we just met…. Had it been another day, I might have looked the other way and I 'd have never been aware, but as it is, I'll dream of her tonight… falling, yes I am falling…"

When he finished I smiled and looked up at him, "did you write that?"

He nodded "for you"

I smiled at him and he caressed my cheek "I love you, Eleanor"

I looked into his beautiful, hazel eyes, "I love you, too, Paul"