Characters: Ciel, Sebastian, Madam Red.

Genre: Humor.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kuroshitsuji.

It was a tiring day. After heading home from a visit to Undertaker with Sebastian, Madam Red, and Lau, 12 year old Ciel Phantomhive was one exhausted earl. There was one thing Ciel couldn't get out of his head though. Madam Red's story. What was it about? Sebastian had covered his ears throughout the entire thing, and now this curious earl wanted to find out what he had been missing. Settling himself onto the couch opposite Madam Red, he carefully placed his cup of Earl Gray onto the table, and made eye contact with his aunt.

"Aunt An," he started and then continued on, now having his Aunt's full attention. "That story you were telling at Undertaker's; I'd like to hear it. It sounds like it could be very entertaining, and if Sebastian doesn't want me to hear it then it must be."

Sebastian was by Ciel's side (he had been dusting the book shelves) in an instant. "Young master," said Sebastian, putting extra emphasis on the young, "Some things, I'm afraid, are much too vulgar for your ears. I did cover them for a reason. Perhaps when you are older-"

"No." Ciel firmly stated. The more Sebastian tried to deny him from his Aunt's storytelling the more intent he became.

Resigned to his master's decision, Sebastian bowed. "Yes, my lord." Back to dusting it is! Can't say I didn't try… Sebastian threw a quick glance at Ciel over his shoulder and couldn't help a small smirk. This should be very amusing…

Madam Red perked up. "Ooh, Ciel! I'm so glad that you're interested in my story! It's about time you've moved on to more exciting things." She squealed, happy to have an attentive audience for her lewd tale. Ciel lifted the cup of tea to his lips, taking a slow sip of the warm liquid while waiting for his aunt to begin her storytelling.

With a chuckle, Madam Red began. "Alright, here it is: So then his *beep* was *beep*! And his *beep* was *beep* too! Ahahaha! And get this, the *beep* with the *beep* was all over the *beep*! Can you imagine? And the *beep* with the *beep* *beep* *BEEP*!

An hour later, shaking with laughter, Madam Red drew her story to a close with her usual dramatic flair.

The entire room was silent.

The sound of breaking glass shattered across the still chamber.

Ciel didn't even notice the tea soaking into the white carpets of his living room floor. His tiny frame was slumped over the couch, his eyes widening in horror. "Oh my God!"

Sebastian marched briskly over to the tea stain and began collecting the shards of glass buried in the carpet. Noting the spreading mess, he clucked his tongue in disapproval and heaved a large sigh. "I warned you, young master…"

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