Characters: Ciel, Sebastian, Elizabeth

Genre: Does 'confusing tripe' count as a genre?

There had been a dreadful accident. Ciel could still see Elizabeth trampled on the ground, the oncoming carriage having dashed her over.

"Why couldn't you save her?"

The question seemed so simple.

"You could have saved her, Sebastian." Ciel stood up from behind his desk, not keeping his eyes off the butler, who reluctantly met his master's gaze. "There was still time. The carriage- You could have-"This is where Ciel's voice started to waver, where his calm demeanor, which had been his shield in battle for so long, began showing signs of wear and tear; the inevitable cracks in his normally stone cold visage threatening to surface in the form of silent, dry sobs that wracked his whole body and clenched fists that threatened to strike out and pummel the first thing that dared touch him. He began to pace as he receded into his mind, letting his angered, frantic thoughts spill out. "Elizabeth wasn't supposed to die! I thought I gave you the order to save her. No, I did give you an order. A direct order, do you hear me, Sebastian? Why the hell couldn't you perform that one simple task!?" He turned back towards Sebastian, directing all of his hate and rage into one infuriated glare.

Although those scathing words and pointed looks would have made any lesser man tremble, Sebastian barely even batted an eye at his master's cries. "Please calm down, young master."

"I order you to tell me the truth. Why didn't you save her?" Ciel's tone of voice was tense and much softer than before, perhaps somewhat mollified by the reminder of his high rank and his current state of being, but only a fool would not have been able to tell that he was the opposite of calm right now.

Sebastian took a small, poised breath, something akin to uncomfortable regret for what he was about to tell the earl lingering on his dispassionate mask of a face. "Because there was never anything to save."

A/N: I based this off of a headcanon I found on tumblr where Lizzie turns out to just have been a figment of Ciel's imagination. Like, she had died in a fire years ago and no one had the heart to tell him. So yeah. XD I could have written this so much better and less confusing if I honestly tried, I think, but I don't know how to go about doing that. So you can believe anything you like about this random drabble; make whatever you wish of it.

Reviewers get…um…the joy in knowing that they're safe from any oncoming carriages at the moment? ^_^; -lame bribe is lame- Orz