Welcome to Special Randomness (or SR), where ideas not used in Special Events (SE) or Special Adventures (SA) come to shine… before death. This is a compilation of random funny events, similar to how SE is a compilation of various pairings.

The pairings in this series will be the same as Special Adventures. But they will only be mentioned. Pairings are as follows: Red & Yellow, Green & Blue, Gold & Crystal, Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond & Platinum.

This series will not have Miscellaneous Information of the Single Chapter (MISC), but the MISCs from SE and SA will apply here. For the important MISCs, check out SE and SA, as there are quite a few that are too long to post all at the same time. They're not plot critical (there is no plot, but…), but important things like travel times are listed.

Anyways, here's SR #001: The String.

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Chapter 1: The String

Ruby peeked out of his room in the Jubilife Hotel (owned by Platinum Berlitz) to make sure no one was in the hallways. He shut the door and the windows before continuing his conversation on the Pokégear.

"Okay… I understand…" he said. "… … All of them? … … No problem. I can handle it." He hung up and put the Pokégear away. With a sigh, he reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of black gloves. "Time to get to work…"

Ruby headed out of the room and began to walk down the hall. Before long, he could see Diamond walking around, looking for Platinum.

"Excuse me," the Sinnoh boy said as he came closer. "Did you see the Lady anywhere? We were playing hide and seek and she seems to have disappeared."

Ruby smiled. 'Too easy…' "Well, I told her that she could hide in my room. So… come."

The Hoenn Dex Holder led the way and his junior followed. Ruby opened the door to his room and entered. The moment Diamond entered the room, Ruby shut the door. Diamond began to look around while Ruby reached for his bag.

"Lady, if you're in here, I'm going to find you!" Diamond said as he began to look around the furniture.

"No Dia. You won't," Ruby said from behind.

Diamond turned to face his senior, wondering what he was talking about. Ruby suddenly knocked him down to the ground, with a long string in his hands.

"Whaa? What are you doing?" Diamond asked.

Ruby kept a foot on the Sinnoh boy's chest to make sure he doesn't get up. "Don't worry," he said as he tested the durability of the string. "If you don't struggle or make a sound, this will be over quick…"

Several minutes later…

Platinum peeked around the couch she was hiding behind, to see if Diamond had come to find her. Satisfied that the Sinnoh boy wasn't there yet, the heiress smiled and hid herself again. Her Pokégear started to vibrate, and she checked who was calling.

"Hello? Senior Ruby?" the heiress answered silently.

"Hey, Platinum… uh… quick, come to my room. Dia was looking for you in my room, and he… uh… had a little accident. He tripped and hit his head on a shelf, and… uh… just get here."

Platinum gasped. "Oh no… Diamond! Yes senior, I shall go there at once!" The heiress hung up and quickly left her room. She then ran towards the stairs so she could get to Ruby's room on the floor below.

Within a minute, the heiress reached Ruby's room. She hastily knocked on the door and Ruby opened it. He let Platinum enter and shut the door. A few seconds later, the heiress let out a terrified scream…

Next target…

Ruby peeked through the peephole in his door and could see Gold walking by. Ruby silently opened the door and grabbed his senior from behind.

"Hey, what the hell?" the goggled boy yelled as Ruby dragged him backwards.

"Quiet. It'll all be over soon…"

The goggled boy tried to yell something but the Hoenn Dex Holder put his gloved hand over the Johto boy's mouth, preventing him from saying anything. All Gold could do was let out a muffled noise as his junior dragged him into his room…

Half a minute later, Crystal came by and knocked on Ruby's door. She noticed that the door was unlocked so she opened it.

"Hey Ruby, can I borrow your measur…" Crystal trailed off. She could see Ruby testing the durability of a string and the lower half of Gold (the upper part was hidden from her sight by a couch) not moving on the floor. Seeing the surprised expression on the Hoenn Dex Holder, the Johto girl gasped in shock. "Ruby, what did you…"

"You were supposed to be my second last target, but… you saw too much!" Ruby exclaimed as he quickly approached his senior.

Crystal hastily turned and tried to run. She let out a short scream before Ruby clasped a hand over her mouth and dragged her into the room…

Several minutes later…

"Hey Ruby! Open up!" Sapphire yelled as she knocked on the door.

The door opened and Ruby appeared. "What do you want, Sapphire?"

"Blue needs to borrow your sewing kit," the Hoenn girl said. "She said it was an emergency." She looked at Ruby's hands. "Hey, why are you wearing those gloves? What happened to your old ones?"

"Oh these? They're…" Ruby trailed off. He pretended to look at something behind Sapphire. "Hey Sapphire, what's that?" he asked, pointing past her.

Sapphire turned around to see what he was pointing at. The moment her back was turned, Ruby grabbed her from behind. Before the Hoenn girl could struggle much, he dragged her into his room. He quickly shut the door with his foot and knocked Sapphire down to the floor. The Hoenn girl could see that Ruby was holding a long piece of string.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?" she yelled.

Ruby quickly grabbed both of her wrists and pinned them down on the floor. But Sapphire simply overpowered him and pushed him off of her. She then sprang up to her feet and tackled Ruby down to the floor just as he was getting back up. This time, Ruby pushed her off of him.

"Just relax, Sapphire! It'll all be over soon!" he yelled as he grabbed his length of string again.

"The hell it will!"

The two Hoenn Dex Holders struggled for a few minutes, knocking over furniture and generally causing a ruckus. But eventually, Sapphire was on top of Ruby, pushing down on his back with her knee.

"Get off me!" Ruby yelled.

"Never! You tried to kill me!" Sapphire yelled back.

"What? No! Why would I do that?" Ruby asked back, bewildered.

"It was you, wasn't it? You killed Platinum and Dia!" Sapphire yelled. "No wonder I couldn't find them!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Suddenly, the door opened and Blue appeared. The Kanto girl appeared a little angry as she crossed her arms and glared at the two Hoenn Dex Holders.

"How long does it take to borrow a sewing kit?" she asked.

"It's only taking a while because Ruby tried to kill me!" Sapphire said. "He killed Platinum and Dia!"

"What? That's impossible!" Blue said. "I just saw Platinum on my way down here. And Dia's in the cafeteria."


"I'm not trying to kill anyone!" Ruby yelled.

"But… you attacked me with that string!"

Blue picked up the string and looked at it. "Sapphire, look at the string carefully."

Sapphire got off of Ruby and received the mystery string. She looked at it very carefully, and noticed that it was…

"… Dental floss?"

Ruby rose to his feet and sighed. "Look, I'm supposed to be advertising this brand of dental floss. I'm supposed to show it to every Dex Holder and let them try it for themselves." Blue looked at him curiously. Ruby sighed again. "Yes, I'm doing a little product placement. I've got to get paid too!"

"Then… why did you attack me from behind?" Sapphire asked. "You could've just told me to try the new dental floss."

"Come on… if I just told you to try the dental floss, you won't listen! And think. How many of the Dex Holders would try the floss if I just told them to?"

"Good point," Blue said. "Hey Ruby, let me try."

Ruby reached in his bag and pulled out the dental floss packet. He tossed it to his senior. "Why do you need the sewing kit anyways?"

"My bag's strap ripped," Blue replied as she pulled out a length of dental floss.

"That was the emergency?" Sapphire asked.

"Of course that's an emergency!" Blue and Ruby replied at once.

The Kanto girl tested the dental floss. "Hey, this is pretty good."

"Yep. Easy grip, durable, and cleans better," the ex-Johto boy replied.

Just then, Platinum appeared in the doorway, as she was curious how the dental floss advertisement had been going. Seeing the heiress, Sapphire believed Ruby completely and felt a little embarrassed at her reaction. She tried the dental floss herself while Platinum explained how Ruby got her.

"But please do not scare me like that," the heiress added after the explanation. "I was afraid that Diamond had been seriously injured…"

"You weren't scared about the method of the advertisement?" Sapphire asked.

"That was terrifying as well," Platinum said. "Once again, please do not do that again."

"But hey, it was sort of fun for me," Ruby said. "Hey, I could use your help," he said to the gathered Dex Holders. "So far, I got… Gold, Crystal, and Dia."

The female Dex Holders glanced at each other.

"Well then… I'll take Green and Silver," Blue said.

"I shall take care of Pearl," Platinum added.

"I'll take Red and Yellow," Sapphire said.

"Then that leaves me with Emerald. Great," Ruby said. "It's fun, trust me." He took out several dental floss packets and pairs of gloves and handed them out to his 'partners in crime'. "Alright. Let's go!"


The Kanto champion slowly walked towards the stairs while whistling. He was somewhat hungry, so he was going to the cafeteria in the second floor of the hotel. Platinum had assured him that the food was very good, so he couldn't wait to try it.

He turned a corner and could see the stairs at the end of the hallway. But just after taking 3 steps, something happened…

Sapphire suddenly dropped into his vision from above, hanging upside down with a freaky grin on her face, with a long string between her hands. The Kanto champion could only let out a surprised yell as his junior lunged at him…


The Viridian Gym Leader sat on a chair in his room, reading the news. He flipped the page and reached for the glass of water on the table.

"… Hi, Blue," he said after a sigh.

"… How did you know I was here?" came the Kanto girl's voice from behind.

"I can see your reflection," Green replied, looking at the glass of water. The Gym Leader rose to his feet and turned to face Blue. The Kanto girl quickly tried to hide the dental floss, but it was too late. "What the… Was that dental floss?"

Blue groaned. 'Stupid Green… ruining my fun…' "Yes, it is…"

"How much are you trying to scam this time?"

"It's not a scam! I haven't scammed anyone in nearly a decade! This is legitimate advertisement! Want to give it a try?" Blue asked.

"How much is it going to cost me?"

"Nothing! It's just a sample."

Green sighed. "Fine."


Sapphire waited in Yellow's room, waiting for her senior to enter. After surprising the hell out of Red with the assassination-style advertisement, the Hoenn girl wanted to see if she could top that.

"… Okay, I'll see you at dinner, Crystal," came Yellow's voice from outside.

Sapphire quickly ran and hid under the bed. Soon, she could hear Yellow walking closer. She could see her senior's feet on the floor as the Kanto Dex Holder simply sat on the bed. Taking this chance, Sapphire silently rolled out away from Yellow. She could see her simply staring ahead, lost in thought.

'Perfect…' Sapphire thought to herself. She quietly and carefully moved onto the bed and approached her senior from behind, with a long piece of dental floss in hand…

Outside of Yellow's room, Crystal was about to enter her own room when she heard a loud scream for a short while before it got muffled.

"Huh… so they got her too, huh?" the Johto girl muttered. She slowly shook her head. "Dental floss…"


Silver slowly headed towards the stairs so that he could go to Blue's room. There was something he wanted to ask, and the Kanto girl wasn't answering her Pokégear. But as he turned a corner, he could see Blue walking towards him.

"Hey sis. I was about to go up to your room," he said as he walked closer. But he noticed something odd…

Blue had a pair of black gloves and was holding some kind of a long string. "Silver…" she said rather ominously. "It's time…"

"Uh… sis?"

"It's time…" the Kanto girl repeated as she approached Silver. The Johto Dex Holder was simply frozen as she came holding the string as if she was going to kill someone.

"Sis? What are you doing?" Silver asked, sensing dread.

"It's time… … for you to try this new dental floss!"


Emerald entered his room and noticed that it was in the exact state as he left it: a mess. He approached the bed and noticed that the blanket was on the floor in a big heap. The last time he checked, the blanket was on top of the bed in a heap. Emerald reasoned that the blanket probably fell off and reached with his Magic Hand Extensors. The moment he grabbed the blanket, it somehow shot up…

Ruby emerged from the blanket and tackled his fellow Hoenn Dex Holder down to the floor. The blanket fell over them and muffled everything Emerald yelled out.

"Everything will be over soon!" Ruby assured as he placed his gloved hand on Emerald's mouth (and nose). "It won't take long…"


"Hey Miss Lady, why'd you call me?" Pearl asked as he entered Platinum's room. He could see the heiress trying to move the couch.

"Pearl, could you please help me move this?" Platinum asked.

"Oh… sure."

Pearl walked over to Platinum and gave her a hand in moving the couch. Both Sinnoh Dex Holders pulled on the couch and as the furniture was placed where the heiress wanted, she quickly struck.

Platinum let go of the couch and jumped onto Pearl from behind, wrapping one arm around the boy's throat and using the other arm to prevent him from moving his good arm.

"Hey, what the?" Pearl yelled. "Miss Lady, what are you doing?"

"Please remain quiet, Pearl," Platinum said as she put her friend in a complete sleeper hold. "This will not take long if you do not struggle."

A few hours later…

Ruby waited outside the hotel in the dark, waiting. Before long, a black car stopped in the shadows and a few people stepped out. Ruby quietly approached them.

"The deed is done?" one of them asked.

"Yes. I got all of them," Ruby replied. "Now, about our agreement…"

One of the men reached into his pocket and withdrew some money. "Here. 40 000 PKD, like we agreed."

Ruby took the bills and after checking, put them in his pocket. "Alright. Nice doing business with you." The Hoenn Dex Holder turned away and headed towards the hotel entrance when someone stopped him.

"Wait," he said. "We want you to advertise this," he said as he held up something in the air. "We'll give you double."

Ruby turned and looked at the item being held up. "Extension cords?" 'That's going to be very fun…' "80 000 PKD you say? Make it 100 000 PKD."

"Done," the man replied. "Here's 20 000 PKD for now. You'll get the rest after you complete your task."

Ruby took the money and the extension cord and checked the cord. "Hmm… durable… very durable… light…"

"And takes absolutely no damage from being folded or stepped on."


So ends SR #001. Why was Ruby advertising a brand of dental floss? Because.

Note: when Crystal arrived at the 'crime' scene, Gold was lying on the floor and not moving because he was simply baffled at the absurdity of the situation. Imagine being attacked from behind with dental floss.

Also note: the "category" from above is one of the following:
SR: an idea formed for SR.
SE: an idea rejected from SE.
SA: an idea rejected from SA.
SA-O: an idea from the very first (original) version of SA that never really got started.

Next up:
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