The final part of the mini horror story is here! I'm sure that quite a few of you don't like this series, given its dark-ass atmosphere in comparison to the rest of SR. And Dex Holder deaths, most of which aren't 'clean' and are quite nasty.

This chapter will not be as gruesome as the other parts. But it will feature the scary Flood, and they are only scary in game-perspective. You will see why exactly they are scary in the games…

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Chapter 18: Containment Part 3

May 1, 12 am, Route 229, Sinnoh…

"… Do you think we'll make it out of here?" Blue asked Green as she stared at the regular Warthog that was driving in front of her.

"Of course," Green replied.

"But we lost so many of our friends," the girl said with a sigh. "And we're nowhere close to escaping."

"Try not to think about it."

Blue turned to look at him. "Green, listen… if… if I don't make it…"

"Don't talk, Blue," Green said quickly to cut her off. "I need to concentrate on driving."

Both Kanto Dex Holders focused on the path ahead when the ODST manning the Warthog's gun started to fire. Blue quickly ducked into cover when a small swarm of Flood combat forms started to fire their weapons at the three Warthogs. But their assault rifle and pistol shots did barely any damage to the Warthogs' armor and the combat forms were shredded by the high caliber rounds of the regular Warthog's gun.

Gold kept his arm around Crystal in the back of the Troop 'Hog, ready to push her into cover if something dangerous was to happen. But so far, absolutely nothing seemed particularly dangerous now that they were inside a vehicle. So it seemed that no more Dex Holders were going to die.

"RPG!" one of the ODSTs yelled all of a sudden.

All three Warthogs quickly jerked to the side and narrowly dodged the incoming rocket. The ODST lieutenant on the Gauss Cannon aimed his weapon at the rocket launcher toting Flood combat form and fired before the zombie (well, parasite) could shoot again. The hypersonic shot of the Gauss Cannon obliterated the combat form along with its rocket launcher in a blink of an eye.

"Scorpion!" the driver ODST of the regular Warthog yelled out.

Everyone looked ahead and could see a large scorpion-shaped tank (hence the name) sitting in a ditch off the main road. Just as the three Warthogs drove past, a Flood combat form entered the tank and started to drive it. The moment it did, the tank fired its main 90 mm cannon at the Warthogs.

"Oh, shit!" the ODST lieutenant muttered as the tank's shell nearly missed him. He took aim with his Gauss Cannon and fired as fast as he could.

Even with the Gauss Cannon firing hypersonic shells twice every second, the tank still chased the Warthogs, with its main cannon and the attached machine gun firing. The tank's main 90 mm shells missed, but some of the machine gun shots hit the Warthogs. The Dex Holders in the Troop 'Hog took cover, but one of the tank's machine gun shot pierced through the armor and hit Sapphire on the leg.

"Ah!" the girl screamed in pain as she clutched at her wound. The bullet's speed has been reduced quite a bit when it pierced through the armor, so it wasn't strong enough to rip the leg off.

Ruby quickly examined the wound and tried to see if he could stop the bleeding. He needed something long and soft… He looked over at Platinum, who seemed to be on the verge of losing her sanity again. The heiress was again, curled up into a ball, trembling violently (and not because of the Warthog driving over the rough road). Ruby quickly took Platinum's scarf off of her and wrapped it around Sapphire's wounded leg.

"Are you okay, Sapphire?" Ruby asked once Platinum's scarf was tightly wrapped over the wound.

Sapphire had a tear falling from her eye which she quickly wiped away. She clenched her teeth and her bloody hands.

"Y – Yeah… I'll be okay…"

"Uh… lieutenant, do you see that?" Mike asked as he stared ahead.

The ODST lieutenant finished delivering the final Gauss Cannon shot at the Scorpion tank and swiveled his gun to the front. He temporarily froze at the sight.

"Oh, shit… that's a lot of zombies…" he muttered before he started to fire his Gauss Cannon.

In the narrow paths of Route 228, there were seemingly hundreds of Flood combat forms blocking the paths and waiting on top of the raised cliff sides on either side of the road. But at least these combat forms weren't armed.

"We're going to mow through them!" Eddie yelled as he slammed his foot on the accelerator. "It's a good thing we still have a windshield!"

He gave Black his silenced SMG and the Unova Dex Holder fired it at the oncoming horde of reanimated bodies. The Warthog's gun fired continuously, occasionally stopping to prevent overheating.

"RPG!" the driving ODST yelled again.

Taylor aimed his Warthog gun ahead and saw the Flood combat form far ahead firing the rocket. He used that to his advantage. He fired at the incoming rocket and it exploded right above a horde of combat forms, blowing them up to rotting pieces. It was a good thing those rockets were clearly visible in the night thanks to the glowing red rocket exhaust.

But even with the rocket launcher toting combat form down, there were lots of other armed Flood nearby. The Warthogs still plowed on, mowing them down as they tried to jump in front. The assault rifle carrying combat forms mindlessly fired, many of the bullets hitting other combat forms as they jumped at the Warthogs.

"Ah!" Blue shrieked as a bullet shattered the windshield in front of her. She quickly shook the shattered glass off of her, being careful to not cut herself on the sharp edges.

"Blue, take the wheel for a second," came Green's voice from her left.

Blue grabbed on the steering wheel and kept it steady as told. She took a quick glance at Green and saw… blood. She then realized that Green had both hands pressing against his right side…

"G – Green!" she exclaimed in horror.

"I'm fine," the Gym Leader said.

Blue could see a lot of blood and she started to panic. "No, no, no…" she muttered as she began to dig through her bag with her right hand. She kept her left hand on the steering wheel to keep the vehicle steady. She soon took out her handkerchief and a pack of soft tissues. "Here… Move your hands."

Green grabbed onto the steering wheel again while Blue tried to stop the bleeding on his wound. "Pesky girl, I said I was fine."

"Please tell me you're not going to die," Blue said as she started to tremble. "I – I already lost my best friend and my favorite junior. I don't want to lose you too…" Once she finished with the makeshift field dressing, she wrapped her scarf (which she brought in case of a visit to Snowpoint City) around the wound. She stared at his blood on her hands and started to sob. "Platinum's right… we're not going to make it…"

"Blue, we'll be fine. I told you."

Blue shook her head. "No… I can feel it… I'm not going to make it for sure…" She closed her eyes as more tears fell. "White, my favorite junior… She had so much potential. She was basically my successor in our group, and she died first… Red, my best friend… I can't believe he's gone. Dia and Pearl… the two youngest Dex Holders… they're dead too!"

"Get a hold of yourself, Blue."

"Don't you get it?!" Blue snapped at him. "Everyone's starting to die here! And we can't even put up a fight! These… things aren't like any enemy we've faced, and we just can't win!"

"Blue, seriously. Get a hold of yourself. We already have one Dex Holder who's losing her mind. For the survivors, and as their senior, you of all people need to stay collected. If you panic and lose your sanity, everyone else will. So stay calm."

"Just… just promise me," Blue muttered. "If I die… please take good care of Silver."

Green looked into her eyes and nodded. "Very well." He figured that he needed to get her to calm down any way he could. Blue seemed to get a little relieved from his answer.

"Thank you…"

An hour and a half later, Stark Mountain, Sinnoh…

"There it is!" Eddie exclaimed. "Stark Mountain's right there!"

The ODST lieutenant looked on top of the mountain and sighed in relief when he saw a small aircraft hovering high above the tip of the mountain. "There's our ride."

The three Warthogs soon parked on the mountain as high as they could go and everyone got off. Ruby supported Sapphire and helped her off, as she wasn't able to walk on her own anymore. Green simply shrugged off his injury (with help of the ODSTs' biofoam) while Blue tried her best to remain calm and collected. But just as everyone got out of the vehicles and started to climb the mountain, the ODST lieutenant shouted a warning.

"Rockets incoming!" he yelled as he quickly forced some of the Dex Holders to get down on the ground. Just then, five rockets flew from the shadows far away and destroyed the three Warthogs. The trooper got back up and fired at the shadows with his specially ordered marksman's rifle. "Go, go, go!" he ordered to the rest.

But even as the group climbed, the danger was far from over. Blue quickly climbed the volcanic mountain, being careful to examine the paths ahead for any Flood combat forms. Just as she was certain that there weren't any threats ahead, a high caliber bullet hit her in the chest and pierced through her back, tearing out a large chunk of her shirt and her flesh. Blue gasped and remained standing for a second before she collapsed on the ground.

"Sniper!" one of the ODSTs yelled as he took cover.

Silver froze upon seeing Blue fall. "Sis!" he yelled as he tried to run towards her.

"No!" one of the ODSTs yelled. He quickly forced Silver to take cover. "Get down, there's a sniper out there!"

"What do we do?" Crystal asked as she pressed her body against a large rock for cover.

Just then, there was a terribly loud and piercing screech that echoed throughout Stark Mountain. It sounded awfully like a baby shrieking, but… terribly creepy. The moment the screech ended, a swarm of Flood combat forms dropped down from the mountain above. Chaos immediately pursued as the ODSTs and Dex Holders did their best to fight off the horde. But this fight wasn't nearly as simple.

Ruby shot a combat form that had its back to him and was about to fire at another one when a new combat form dropped from above. Before the Hoenn Dex Holder could react, the combat form shot him first at point blank range with a shotgun.

Sapphire screamed in horror and anger as Ruby dropped in front of her. "Ruby! No! You bastards!" She rapidly shot the combat form and was about to hobble towards Ruby's body when another combat form struck her on the shoulder from behind. The girl hit the ground a few meters away and she snapped out of her daze just when an infection form stabbed into her chest…

Black tried to rush to assist Sapphire as she got infected. But before he could kill the infection form, one jumped onto his back and started to dig. The Unova Dex Holder could not do anything as the infection form was on his back and not in front of him.

"No, no, no!" Black yelled through clenched teeth as the infection form took him.

But there was nothing he could do as the infection form gained control of his body. Maybe it was his luck, but the infection form seemed more interested in accessing the Unova Dex Holder's memories than gaining complete control over the body. Black could feel it. His mind's unwanted guest was starting to steal his memories. His hometown, childhood, childhood friends, his travels, everything. The infection form was accessing them one by one and brutally tore them away.

The Flood form then moved on to the memories the Dex Holder was guarding the most. In his mind, Black saw the one person he cared about the most. White… Since her death, Black deemed his unfortunately limited memories of her as his most precious memories. Her rather surprised expression when they first met in Accumula Town, her usual confident look throughout most of their travels, her crushed look of despair after that event in Nimbasa City, loneliness and depression during their separation in Gear Station, happiness and excitement during their reunion, and even her look of concern and care during his crisis in the Pokémon League. Each memory was finite and precious and the Flood infection form was ripping them away.

'I will not let you have her!' Black yelled in his mind as he was no longer capable of physical speech. 'I will not let you have her!'

The infection form ignored him and continued to tear through the memories. Soon, Black couldn't remember anything about his former girlfriend prior to her attire-change… He couldn't even remember when she confessed to him. Or did he confess to her? He couldn't remember anymore.

'No… I will not let you have her!' Black yelled again. 'I… will not let you have her!'

Another memory of White was brought up in his mind. His battered mind couldn't determine when exactly the memory was from, but in there, White was in her new attire and she was looking at him rather nervously. She seemed to be holding something behind her and sheepishly stepped closer. Her cheeks were reddish pink and she kept looking at the ground. She appeared very nervous and anxious as she twirled her right foot on the ground, and she looked unbelievably cute in total. She timidly looked up at him and spoke, but no sound came out as Black no longer remembered what exactly she said to him. She flashed him a beautifully bright smile as she presented him what she was holding behind her. But before she did, the entire image of her started to darken in his memories as the infection form tore away the scene from his mind. The girl's image turned darker and darker until all that was left was a silhouette. The silhouette remained for a couple of seconds before it faded as well.

Black could no longer remember what her smile looked like, or how her voice sounded. Or her name, for that matter. Who was she again? Was she a friend?

'I will not let you have her!' Black yelled again despite not remembering who he was thinking about.

The Flood infection form accessed a memory from the Dex Holder that he wanted to get rid of. In that memory, an unfamiliar girl was screaming for help as an infection form tore its way into her body. The girl kept screaming as she was steadily turned into a combat form. Her left arm was blown off by a shotgun shortly after the infection and the reanimated body was shot down in front of him. The memory stopped at a scene in which Black was looking at the frozen face of agony of the former girl. Perhaps to torture him some more, the infection form that was inside him didn't rip away that particular memory and instead, let him keep it.

Black shifted his focus away from his compromised memories and instead, to his surroundings. He could see the reanimated bodies of Ruby and Sapphire charge towards Emerald, forcing the last remaining Hoenn Dex Holder to shoot down his closest friends. An infection form had apparently infected Blue during the attack and the reanimated body was shot down by Green. The remaining Dex Holders seemed to be in panic as more of their friends have been assimilated by the Flood. Black was about to mindlessly trudge towards them when his foot touched a grenade that was dropped by a combat form during the attack. Suddenly, another piece of memory echoed in his mind as the infection form stole it.

"You can have revenge against the Flood by surviving. You won't let them infect you…"

'Revenge…' Black muttered in his mind as he picked up the grenade. 'Revenge… For Red, for Blue, for Ruby, for Sapphire, for Diamond, for Pearl, and for… that girl…' He pulled the pin on the fragmentation grenade. 'I will not let you have her…' he muttered as he slowly walked towards the infected bodies of Blue, Ruby, and Sapphire. The three infected bodies were being re-infected by infection forms and were thrashing around as the new host gained control. 'I will not let you have her…' Black muttered as he used his feet to keep the thrashing bodies on the ground. He then dropped the primed grenade right in the middle of all three bodies and simply dropped on top of it. 'I will not let you have me.'

All the ODSTs and the Dex Holders shot down the last remaining Flood when a grenade detonated and shredded four Flood combat forms into pieces. The explosion showered the area with pieces of Flood biomass and deteriorating human bones along with a slight 'rain' of Flood blood and human blood. The Dex Holders took cover from the bloody rain while the ODSTs wiped their visors clean.

The ODST lieutenant picked up a rocket launcher from the ground and shouldered it. He was about to approached the shocked and traumatized Dex Holders when a sniper shot hit the rock he was taking cover behind.

"LT, there's a sniper roughly 10 meters above, 130 meters across, and 3 meters right to your position," Taylor said after taking a glance at the Flood sniper.

"I got it," the lieutenant said as he prepared his rocket launcher. "I'll give it my 'Go to hell' present."

The trooper jumped out of cover and fired the rocket launcher twice, using both tubes. The Flood sniper didn't shoot as it was busy reloading its sniper rifle. Once the Flood sniper was blown to tiny bits, the ODST lieutenant dropped the empty rocket launcher and reloaded his weapons. He sighed as he saw the surviving Dex Holders. Green and Silver simply stared ahead with a blank look. Blue's death and infection was very hard on them, especially Silver. Yellow and Platinum were crying as they embraced each other, as they couldn't handle the deaths of so many Dex Holders. Gold and Crystal were doing their best to calm Emerald who was very distraught at the fact that he had to shoot his closest friends upon their infection.

"We have to keep going," he said. "We have less than an hour to get the hell out of here before this whole place is blown to hell."

The ODSTs all reloaded their weapons and prepared to move out. Some of the Dex Holders snapped out of their depression and shock and forced the others to do the same. Crystal embraced Emerald and steadily started to climb Stark Mountain. Green and Silver, quite upset with Blue's death, simply forced Yellow up to her feet and basically dragged her behind them. Gold did the same with Platinum and quickly followed Crystal. With the ODSTs leading the group, they all quickly climbed towards Stark Mountain's tip, where the dropship waited for them.

As the group approached, the ship started to swing left and right violently, as if there was some kind of a fight in the cockpit. But after a short while, the ship stabilized and a body fell out of the opening of the ship. After that little event, the ship returned to its post and hovered high above the tip of Stark Mountain.

Gold approached Crystal while continuing to climb. "Hey Crys, you doing okay?" he asked.

Crystal glanced at him and pretended to be fine despite the fact that she had her good hand pressed firmly against the wound on her shoulder. The effect of the biofoam was wearing off and she was starting to bleed again.

"I – I think I'm fine…"

"Hey, LT!" Gold yelled. The ODST lieutenant looked back at him. "I think Crys needs some help here!"

The trooper approached the two Johto Dex Holders and examined Crystal's wound. "She needs medical attention soon."

"Don't you have that foam thing?" Gold asked.

"Ran out," the trooper answered as he resumed his hike. "So that's another reason we need to hurry!"

The ODSTs and surviving Dex Holders arrived near the tip of Stark Mountain 10 minutes later. Once they did, the back hatch of the dropship opened and a long length of rope dropped down.

"Okay, girls up first," the ODST lieutenant ordered.

As the youngest out of all of the survivors, Platinum was up first. Still with a blank expression, she grabbed onto the rope and the people on the dropship began to pull the rope upwards. The ship maintained its altitude above the mountain to prevent any Flood forms from secretly attaching onto the ship.

After Platinum boarded the ship, the rope was dropped again and Yellow grabbed onto it. But just as the girl reached the dropship, another creepy screech echoed around. The screech was the same as the one that came immediately before a large Flood invasion, so the Dex Holders and the ODSTs below the ship prepared themselves. But maybe it was because the group was so high up the mountain, there were only a handful of Flood combat forms attacking. They were shot down pretty quickly, but one still managed to fire a rocket at the group before falling into the volcano.

The ODSTs all quickly dived out of the way to escape the rocket's blast radius. Following Blue's last wish, Green grabbed Silver and quickly forced him to safety. Crystal pushed Emerald to safety as well. The rocket headed straight towards Crystal and Gold realized it. With one hand, he roughly pushed her backwards while he jumped forward, into the path of the rocket. He knew that dodging the rocket wasn't going to help at all. The explosion would still kill Crystal and Emerald. But if he was to… take the rocket hit before it reached its intended target zone, then the two Dex Holders would be safe from the blast…

Crystal screamed when Gold simply exploded a few meters in front of her, showering the area with his blood and pieces of his body. "N – No, no! NO!"

"Shit…" the ODST lieutenant muttered. "Another one down…" He looked at the survivors. "Hurry up and get on the Pelican!"

Once Yellow boarded the Pelican dropship, the rope dropped again. This time, Emerald wrapped his Magic Hand Extensors around Crystal and grabbed onto the rope afterwards. The Johto Dex Holder was simply trembling in shock from her closest friend's sacrificial (and horrible) death and with her injury, there was no way that she would be able to hold onto the rope for a safe extraction.

After the two Dex Holders were on the dropship, two long ropes dropped down, since there were enough people in the ship to pull in two people at once. Within 5 minutes, all of the surviving Dex Holders were on board and the last ODST was being pulled inside.

Inside the dropship, the Dex Holders could see a girl wearing skintight black clothes and something similar to Blue's Silph Scope over her eyes. Her long black hair was tied back, with the tip reaching down to her elbows. She currently had a silenced pistol aimed out of the dropship, in case a Flood form came close.

Mike and Taylor finished pulling the ODST lieutenant into the dropship. The lieutenant looked back with his marksman's rifle aimed out of the dropship as the hatch closed. Once it did and the dropship started to fly, he got to his feet and looked into the center. He froze upon seeing the girl with the silenced pistol.

"What the… What are you doing here?" he asked as his helmet's visor turned transparent. "Aren't you supposed to be in Lilycove City?"

The girl put her silenced pistol back in the holster next to her combat knife and raised her goggles onto her forehead. "I was, but… here I am!" She smiled at the trooper. "I'm really glad you're okay, brother."

The trooper looked at his sister and noticed quite a bit of blood on her clothes. "Sora, what happened to you?"

"Oh, it's not my blood," the girl said as she looked down at her clothes. "It's the pilot's. He tried to abandon all of you and I had to kill him to stop him."

"Who's flying right now?" the trooper asked.

"The co-pilot," Sora answered. "He'll be fine." She then looked at her brother's armor, which was nearly covered in crimson human blood and even Flood blood. "You were in quite a mess, brother."

The trooper looked at his armor and shrugged. He sat down next to the surviving Dex Holders and took off his helmet. "What can I say? It was a hell of a night." He looked towards the cockpit of the dropship. "Hey, new pilot!" he shouted so that the new pilot could hear him over the roar of the engines.

"Yes sir?"

"How are we doing right now?"

"We are heading away from Sinnoh, no particular destination. Thrusters are at maximum. They'll burn out in an hour, but we only need to keep at this pace for another… 25 minutes!"

"Good. Keep it up!"

Sora looked at the surviving Dex Holders. "… White didn't make it, did she?"

Her brother sighed. "… No… She was infected by the Flood before I could get to them. I… put her out of her misery."

She sat beside her brother and put a hand on the one part of the shoulder armor that didn't have any blood on it. "You tried your best."

"Still… Nine died. Over half are dead…"

"You've been in missions that had fewer survivors than this," Sora said in a comforting tone. "Don't be so hard on yourself. Especially given how you still managed to save six in a Flood outbreak…"

The trooper shook his head. He simply put his helmet back on and had the visor turn opaque again so no one could see his expression. "Anyways… what exactly are you doing here? It's extremely risky here, damn it."

"… I was on a mission when the Admiral told me what happened here. A large ship crashed in the Battle Zone of Sinnoh and you were apparently dropped to lock the area down. But then a few hours later, I heard that there were lots of gunshots and combat near the ship and I was worried about you. So I was pulled out and I called for a ride here to help you." Sora sighed. "You know as well as I do that if anything was to happen to you, I wouldn't be able to live on knowing that I could've helped. And I know that you feel the same, seeing how whenever I'm on a mission, you're in your pod in Cerulean Sky, ready to be dropped into my location if I need help."

"Hm. I guess you're right," the trooper muttered. "I once asked if I could be dropped into your location to support you in your mission and… clearly, my request was denied."

The girl shook her head. "Of course it was denied. A SOEIV pod crashing through the roof of a building is not very stealthy, you know."

"… The pod doesn't crash through the ceiling. It just… makes a massive dent, that's all…"

25 minutes later, as the ODST lieutenant talked to his sister and the other ODSTs tried to comfort the traumatized Dex Holders, the new pilot of the dropship spoke through the intercom.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking," he said, copying the tone of an airplane pilot. "We have reached our destination of… nowhere. If you look through the opening blood tray, you can see the Saffron Station's Super MAC round about to incinerate all of Sinnoh."

The people in the dropship all looked towards the back where the hatch was opening. Far away, they could see Sinnoh, appearing perfectly calm and normal. A massive ball of fire suddenly fell from the sky and hit Sinnoh, creating a very large explosion that seemed to shake the entire planet. The sky around Sinnoh turned reddish orange from the hellish flames created by the energy exerted by a 3000 ton tungsten shell impacting the Battle Zone of Sinnoh with a speed greater than 12 000 km/s. Not even 10 seconds after the first Super MAC round hit the Battle Zone, another shot hit the Sinnoh mainland for precaution. Everyone in all of Sinnoh have already been evacuated, but in case any Flood managed to escape the Battle Zone, all of the region had to be incinerated.

Platinum watched her home region being completely destroyed. She closed her eyes and let her tears fall. There was no way that she would ever forget this day… Her best friend, boyfriend, seniors, juniors, and now her home…

Once the incineration was complete, the hatch (also known as the blood tray) closed. The dropship began to climb rapidly as it accelerated towards the sky.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking again," the pilot spoke through the intercom again. "We have just received orders to return to Cerulean Sky. ETA is 2 hours. Please buckle your seatbelts and keep your seats, trays, and weapons in their upright positions. If you feel the urge to vomit… please don't, as the experience will be unpleasant to everyone around you. Thank you for flying with the Navy today and I hope you enjoy the rest of the flight."

"Everyone, listen to me," the ODST lieutenant said as he looked at all of the Dex Holders. "Once we get to Cerulean Sky, you will all receive medical treatment and time with combat psychiatrists for trauma. And during your stay, we will try our best to help you forget this event."

"… Forget?" Silver muttered. He smirked. "This isn't the kind of thing we can forget. Sis… I've known her for as long as I can remember… And now she's gone. I'll never forget it and I'll never be able to live it down…"

"We'll help you get over it," the lieutenant said. "It helps, trust me."

"Yeah. It really does help," Sora added.

Crystal let out a long shuddering sigh. "Even if we won't be able to forget this day ever, at least… at least it's finally over," she said as she closed her eyes. "Red, Blue, Ruby, Sapphire, Dia, Pearl, Black, White, and… Gold… you can all rest in peace…"

Ending has been rushed.

I said that the unnamed ODST's sister wasn't going to appear in the Containment series, but… I changed my mind. She'll have to make a cameo appearance somewhere, after all.

Final Dex Holder KIA/Infected list: Red, Blue, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl, Black, White.

40% survival rate of the Dex Holders. Not bad, given how the Flood generally causes total eradication. But now that it's over, SR will go back to humor based chapters until I feel the urge for another total-eradication style mini story.

Next up (non-DHC):
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