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Chapter 21: Another Day at Work

April 21, Earl's Academy, Violet City, 2 pm…

It was a nice day. Nice, calm, warm, peaceful day where nothing could possibly go wrong. But of course, this was Earl's Academy where everything generally did go wrong.

Crystal looked on from a distance as all the orphans ran around and enjoyed the nice weather. She kept her eyes on four particular orphans, the greatest hell raisers she had ever seen in the orphanage. They weren't really mean to others (sometimes), but pulled off ingenious pranks that would make Gold and Emerald proud.

Every time someone came to visit the orphanage, these four orphans made it their duty to make the experience a living hell. Blue visited once a few months ago and ended up with a thumbtack in her foot and staples in her arms. The tack and staples weren't big enough for major damage, but enough to cause minor bleeding. Blue had given Crystal hell for that experience…

The four hell raisers only obeyed one person, and that was Crystal. But they only listened as long as her instructions didn't directly interfere with their schemes. And they had a lot of schemes going on at once.

"Frederic! Frederic! Put that rock down!" Crystal ordered, spotting one of the four hell raisers tossing a fist sized rock in the air. "You might hurt someone!"

"Don't worry! I won't hurt anyone with it. I never miss, remember," the 8 year old said.

The little hell raiser threw the rock at a nearby tall Berry plant and hit a thin branch. The branch shook violently and the large iron-hard Wepear Berry fell… directly onto a little castle another orphan was building using various blocks. Crystal shook her head and went on to help the upset boy rebuild his obliterated castle. Frederic grinned in satisfaction and walked away to seek his next victim. As Crystal helped in building a sturdier block castle, she glanced up to check on the other orphans. She spotted two of the remaining hell raisers running around the playground, 'accidentally' stepping on others' feet and kicking away toys.

The Johto Dex Holder quickly stopped them. The two hell raisers, named William and Samuel, obeyed for once and went on to do something else. Crystal sighed in relief but was worried about what the fourth and worst hell raiser was doing.

"William, where's Sarah?" she asked.

The little hell raiser looked around for a second and soon spotted his companion. "There she is!"

Crystal looked at where the little boy was pointing and saw the fourth hell raiser on a large tree branch, with a baby Weedle in hand.

"Oh no…" Crystal muttered. The Weedle appeared to be very young, which meant there were bound to be Beedrills around somewhere. Crystal shuddered at the thought of being chased by a swarm of pissed off 3-feet-tall bees with 3 massive stingers. "Sarah! Get down from there! And leave the Weedle! If you don't, you'll be chased by Beedrills!"

"That's the idea!" the little girl yelled.

"Bad idea!" Crystal shouted as she ran towards the tree. If that little girl wasn't coming down, she had no choice but to go up there and drag her down.

"No! I want to see you catch all of the Beedrills at once! It's so cool!"

"Can't I just catch a bunch of harmless Pokémon at once? Like a group of Bellsprouts?"

"No! Bellsprouts suck! I want to see Beedrills!"

"Sarah, I don't even have Pokéballs with me today. I gave all I had to Emerald and I couldn't stock up on them. I only have a handful of prototypes that I'm not even sure works! So if you do lure a swarm of Beedrills, there's a big risk of them going out of control!"

The hell raiser thought for a second before she set the Weedle back down. She then climbed down and Crystal watched carefully in case she fell. Once the little hell raiser was completely off the tree, Crystal led her back towards the other orphans. Unfortunately, she could hear a really loud buzzing noise coming from behind before she could retreat to safety.

"Oh, no…" the Dex Holder muttered. She looked backwards and counted 20 Beedrills, looking quite pissed off. "Everyone! Run!"

All the orphans saw the swarm of Beedrills and started to run. Except the four hell raisers, who stood by, watching. Crystal reached for her Pokéballs and then realized that she had left them inside the orphanage building. Figures… She took out the box of the prototype Pokéballs from her apron and tossed it to one of the hell raiser orphans. At this proximity, she couldn't really use them effectively and needed someone's assistance. She then took off the apron and stared at the horde of Beedrills.

The leading Beedrill tried to stab her with one of its stingers. Crystal blocked it with her apron. The stinger had stabbed through the apron and Crystal twisted the apron, rendering the stinger immobile. One Beedrill from the side tried to attack and she held its stinger away from her with her right foot.

The hell raiser with the box of Pokéball prototypes (Frederic, as it turned out), tossed one of the prototypes at Crystal. The Dex Holder pushed back the stinger with her right foot and swung around with its momentum, heel-kicking the incoming prototype Pokéball into the Beedrill with her left heel, capturing it. 1 down, 19 more to go.

With both hands, Crystal swung the Beedrill still 'attached' to her apron, forcing it to collide into a group of 3 Beedrills. Frederic tossed 3 Pokéballs in succession. Crystal spun around on her left foot, using her right foot to kick the incoming 3 Pokéballs into 3 separate Beedrills, capturing them. 3 more down, 16 more to go.

Crystal kicked the nearest bug in the side of the head, forcing it to back off. She then immediately heel-kicked the next one using the momentum, forcing that one to back off. The third bug tried to stab her with both of its stingers but the girl tornado-kicked it using the built-up momentum from her two previous kicks before its stingers could get close to her body. She kicked an incoming Pokéball into a Beedrill using her right foot, heel-kicked an incoming bug with her left heel, then kicked another Pokéball into another bug with her right foot again. 2 more down, 14 more to go.

Frederic threw a prototype Pokéball at a Beedrill. The Pokéball bounced off its stinger and… Crystal kicked it right into the bug's face.

For the next 3 minutes, Crystal didn't even have enough time to think, as the bugs became more and more aggressive. She couldn't remain idle for even half of a second, as she had to constantly dodge incoming Beedrill stingers while kicking off the bugs that were too close and kicking incoming Pokéball prototypes into Beedrills that weren't in front of her face.

But eventually, there was only one left. This one managed to strike Crystal on the shoulder with its stinger, but didn't stab her. The Dex Holder stumbled and fell to her knees. The Beedrill took its chance and thrust both stingers towards the girl's chest. Crystal quickly backed off to avoid getting stabbed and wrapped her legs around both of the stingers, rendering them immobile. She then pulled herself up and grabbed onto the Beedrill's head to avoid getting hit by the third stinger. The Beedrill began to flap its wings, striking the girl on the face again and again, forcing her to block with one arm. Crystal suddenly put a hand in the air. Frederic tossed a prototype Pokéball and it landed on her palm. Crystal thrust the ball into the Beedrill's face and immediately she fell onto the ground as the Pokémon was captured.

The orphans began to applaud as they ran closer. Crystal remained sitting on the ground, panting to catch her breath. She smiled at the orphans to show them that she was perfectly okay.

"That was so cool!" Sarah said excitedly. "I want to see it again!"

Crystal's smile faded. "No, no, no… don't…"

"Aww… alright. Next time."

30 minutes later, the orphans were back to playing and enjoying the nice weather. Crystal kept her eyes on the hell raisers, in case they did anything again. Having to fight 20 Beedrills in hand-to-stinger combat wasn't something she wanted to try again. Though she did get to test out the prototype Pokéballs Professor Oak had given her earlier that day. She looked into the box she took back from Frederic and noticed that only half of the prototype Pokéballs remained. So she was halfway done in thoroughly testing them. Perhaps once the volunteering was done for the day, she'd go somewhere with Gold and finish testing.

Crystal snapped out of her thoughts when she heard something smash into the fence of the orphanage. The orphans heard it too and they all stopped what they were doing. Crystal slowly approached the source of the disturbance, wondering what it could be. The orphans followed as well.

"Ah, don't come," Crystal said. "It could be something dangerous."

All the orphans backed off and waited from afar. Once she felt they were at a safe distance, Crystal carefully walked towards the source of the disturbance. Past a small group of trees, there was a large hole in the wooden fence. The hole seemed to have been made by a blunt force of sort and it was large enough for an adult to crawl through…

Without warning, a hand shot out from behind one of the trees and grabbed onto Crystal's hair. The girl tried to swat the hand away, but whoever grabbed onto her suddenly yanked her close, slamming her face first into the tree. In the few seconds she was dazed, the assailant had come out of hiding behind her and wrapped an arm around her throat. She tried to push the hand away, but froze when she felt something sharp and cold pressed against her neck.

"Don't try anything," the assailant warned. "Or I kill you."

He forced her to move away from the fence and approached the group of gathered orphans. The little kids all started to panic upon see Crystal's predicament. Some screamed while some just cried.

"Shut up!" the assailant yelled. "Or the bitch gets it!"

"Please," Crystal choked out. "Don't use bad language in front of the children!"

"Whatever. They'll hear it someday."

"What do you want?"

"Those damned cops are going to be here soon, and you are going to help me make a deal with them." Much to Crystal's horror, the criminal's free hand reached down from her throat and onto her chest… "Hmm… And maybe afterwards, you can help me with something else."

'No, no, no! Not in front of the children! Their minds will get tainted forever!' Crystal thought in panic. '… And mine too, I suppose…'

She tried to think of a way out of her situation. The criminal had a knife pressed against her throat with one hand, and his other was… holding onto her pretty tight. She then looked at the group of orphans, worried about how they would take the hostage situation (and the prelude to rape). They looked so frightened, every single one of… wait…

'Where's Frederic, William, and Samuel?' Crystal wondered as she stared at Sarah. The little hell raiser looked at her with a nonchalant expression. The hell raiser never panicked and never got scared. She caught her eye and blinked three times in rapid succession. 'Wait a second… I've seen her do that before… A makeshift timer!'

Crystal saw Sarah blink like that one too many times before. She always used it as a silent signal to her friends, who would be hiding somewhere out of sight, ready to pull off a perfectly timed prank. And this time, Crystal had to assume the 3 hell raiser boys were hidden somewhere, ready to give her perfectly timed help.

Sarah blinked a second after her 'signal'. Crystal calmed herself despite being violated so she may make the best decision when the time came. The hell raiser blinked once more a second later. Crystal held her breath and held the knife arm of the criminal in place so that he may not kill her easily. The hell raiser blinked a third time…

In that instant, a construction grade nail was shot from the trees and stabbed into the knife hand of the criminal. Since Crystal had been holding that arm in place, he could not slit her throat with the knife. The Dex Holder kicked upwards with her right foot, using her flexibility to kick the assailant in the face despite the fact that he was behind her.

Crystal quickly pushed the knife hand away while he was stunned from that surprising kick. She then tried to escape from him, but he could still reach her. He swung his knife at her (which had been now nailed into his hand) in a desperate attempt to kill her. Crystal managed to dodge the lethal attack, but the tip of the blade had cut across her left cheek, leaving a long, relatively deep gash.

Regardless of the minor injury, the Johto Dex Holder kicked the criminal in the head three times in rapid succession with both of her feet. She started with a roundhouse kick with her right foot, used its slight momentum for a spinning heel kick with her left, and used the built up momentum for a midair roundhouse kick, also known as the tornado kick. It seemed that the temporary self-defense lesson Green forced her into a couple of years ago did help… Maybe the Gym Leader would still offer her that opportunity if he had time…

But she'd worry about that later. The criminal was still on his feet, despite reeling quite a bit. He kicked her in the chest, knocking her down to the ground. He then tried to reach for her, but two construction grade nails stabbed into his knees, having been shot from the trees once more.

Sarah saw the opportunity and threw a wooden board (where her friends removed those nails) at the reeling man. He saw the board coming and caught it before it hit him in the face. In that instant, Crystal jumped to her feet, sidestepped towards him and delivered a side kick at his face. Her heel hit the wooden board first, effectively smashing it into the criminal's face a split second before the kick actually connected with his jaw.

The man teetered from that kick but soon toppled over unconscious. All of the orphans (minus the four hell raisers) cheered and ran towards Crystal, who had dropped to her knees to catch her breath.

"Big sis!"

The Dex Holder saw them and smiled at them to show that she was okay. Again. The orphans all suddenly embraced her and started to cry, forcing her to comfort each one individually. From the corner of her eye, Crystal saw the 3 hell raiser boys climb down from the trees, each with a slingshot in hand. She recalled telling them to put those things away many times already, as they may hurt someone. But thankfully, they didn't listen to her. Again.

Soon, Sarah walked over to her with a first aid kit in hand. All the other orphans tried to help with the treatment of her wound, which really wasn't necessary. But they apparently wanted to repay the favor for each time she helped them with their cuts and scrapes.

Eventually, the Violet City police came to investigate the intrusion. Falkner was leading the investigation, so Crystal told him all that happened despite the 20 orphans still clinging onto her while crying.

Afterwards, Crystal patted each one on the head and tried her best to comfort them. She was sure that some of them may have been traumatized and hoped that she would be able to help them overcome it. But this was her job. Well, volunteer work, anyways. It was her duty to help these orphans in any way she could, including physically protecting them and calming them emotionally. For her, it was just another day at work. She had no idea how to overcome a trauma, though. She didn't know if anyone else could help her either.

But all of her thoughts came to an abrupt halt when she heard a very familiar voice. Crystal felt all of her worries and troubles being washed away in an instant and she quickly spun around to face the source of that familiar voice.

"Hey, Crys!"

"Hi, Gold!"

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