His eyes were closed, his body shuddering in the puddle that he laid in. The sign on his back glowed faintly in the darkness, eventually fading away into the night. There was something familiar about this place but he couldn't put his finger on it. To tell the truth, he couldn't move his body much at all.

It was as if he had been hit by a train or something. The last thing he remembered was riding his Duel Runner when the Dragon appeared. The magnificent red and golden dragon had appeared before him and swept him up into the air, thrusting him into the sky and tearing him away from his Runner. It had all happened so fast that he had failed to react. He didn't even have his helmet on.

He was weak, as he had landed on his side and then rolled over from the pain that burned through his side. He gripped at his arm, which he couldn't move. He assumed that it was broken, along with everything else in his body. His gloves were soaked, his jacket was soaked, and heck his whole body was soaked. The mists seemed to surround him as he lay there gasping for air. It seemed as if the Dragon wanted him to complete something here.

He didn't know where he was, and his head hurt too much to really think about it for too long before it began to pound. He breathed out, his lungs hurting from the cold air. He was thrust and tussled like a rag doll, eventually thrown onto this street where he found that even though he tried to make out where he was he couldn't tell right from left.

Lifting his head a little, he attempted to open his eyes, the dark blue orbs trying to focus on one thing. Before long however, he fell back down, his body weak and struggling to maintain its heat. He closed his eyes and shook his head, sighing to himself. The Dragon wouldn't have put him here if it didn't want him to do something of importance.

It was then that he heard a startled cry in the distance. It was familiar somehow, but it was so far away his ears couldn't really pick up in that one direction. He coughed, burying his head in his arms and shivering. The ground vibrated with footsteps as someone approached him, a voice speaking calmly and softly to him, almost trying to reassure him.

Whoever it was he did not know, but he was certain of one thing. The warmth of those hands upon made him shiver and extremely grateful. He relaxed certain that whoever it was certainly meant to help him.

Allowing the darkness of sleep to overcome him he gave in to the weakness of his body, resting his alert self and soaking in the beautiful warmth that surrounded him.

It was so familiar.