He licked his lips, opening his eyes slowly. Birds tweeted outside his windowsill, a few feathers flapping in the wind as the creatures flew away hastily. The man could feel the sheets around him, shifting his hand to see where he was.

A D-Runner sat in front of him, the light from a new day raining in through a closed window. He looked around quietly, hearing nothing but the murmurs of people running outside and the tweeting of the birds. Slowly, his heart began to sink, knowing that everything that happened would forever be just a memory.

Getting up and pulling on his jacket he opened the door to the outside. The sunlight blinded him almost immediately, causing him to put a hand to his eyes. He breathed out, feeling the warmth of the sun on his chest.

They had saved the world.

Without a second to spare he began to run towards the horizon, following his memory as his feet led him to the forest that he first vanished. He slowed down when he touched grass, his breaths coming out in heaves and his chest aching.

Putting a hand to his heart and walking slowly now, he looked everywhere for any sign of a possible dragon. A little mark on the ground signaled that everything had not just been a dream, and that he had actually met the one he loved.

His lips pursed as he gazed at the mark, feeling the pain rise in his heart. His fingers unconsciously gripped his necklace as he struggled to keep a lid on his emotions.

With a stifled cry he turned around and headed back to town, feeling the rays of the sun upon his back. Just as he was about to re-enter his garage he hears someone calling from behind him.

"Excuse me?"

Turning his head to see who had called him, Yusei stopped for a second, eyeing the man who stood before him. The man had soft brown hair, and wore a pair of jeans with a tight fitting black shirt. A gentle smile lined his face as the man spoke, almost laughing.

"Yusei Fudo… am I right?"

Yusei's eyes lit up, his body backing away. "How do you know my name?"

The man looked down upon him, tears welling in his eyes.

"You made me wait… a really long time Yusei."

Yusei's body froze, his eyes wide with wonder at the man. He was tall, and well built. A pair of earrings lined his right ear as a blue orbed necklace hung from him. Yusei swallowed hard, looking up at the man. His eyes trembled.

"Thirteen years… is a long time."

Without another second to spare, Yusei ran towards him with open arms, his heart beating wildly in his chest and his legs pumping with love. He never thought he could ever feel that way again.