Eduardo did not consider himself a clever man or a skilled man. What he did consider himself was a man who could get by okay, if only by the skin of his teeth. Sometimes it just wasn't enough though and he felt himself wanting so much more out of life.

He could cook a pizza just fine, he could dance a little, he could shoot a spook better than Roland, he could play cards pretty good, and he could maintain an apartment on a shoestring thin budget. He could pass his classes reasonably well for his partial scholarship.

He couldn't cook almost anything else, he had an awful singing voice, he was often clumsy, he lost at chess to Slimer of all things, and he often found himself struggling at the end of every month to pay for all the extra things. Having the extra job meant that he was dog tired all the time and slept in on some of his lectures.

Worst of all, there was this girl at work. Not just any girl, but this girl. Every day he felt the urge to ask her out - dinner, a movie, a dance club, the library even. Anything, anywhere, so long as he could spend time with her. Eduardo considered himself okay with the ladies, and he could think of entertaining things to do that wouldn't break his budget right in half.

The problem was, for this girl, he knew that he had to more than just okay.