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Another day in the wilderness for the gang as they continued their journey through Sinnoh. Autumn had come around at last, and the group was in awe at all the brilliant colors that were surrounding them.

"Wow guys, this is amazing! It feels like autumn back in Twinleaf Town!" Dawn skipped through a pile of leaves that had fallen from the nearby trees, reveling in the beauty of the season.

"I think out of all the seasons, autumn is my favorite. There's just something about the way the world seems to just change around this time of year that makes me feel all warm inside." Misty took in a deep breath of the crisp autumn air before turning to her boyfriend. "What about you Ash?"

Ash smiled. "Well for me, my favorite part about fall is the memories back home in Pallet. When I was a little kid I'd grab all my friends and we'd take turns leaping into a huge pile of leaves!"

The redhead smirked. "And lemme guess…you jumped into the pile your mom had just raked up right?"

"How did you…never mind." Ash sighed; he figured it would be best if he didn't try to figure out how she knew about his mischievous antics growing up.

"Because I know you Ash, it would be just like you to ruin your mother's hard work by leaping into the huge pile of leaves she must've spent hours raking in your yard."

"Well hey, in my defense she always laughed when I did, in fact sometimes I even got her to jump in and play with me." Ash sighed as he looked into the sky with a reminiscent smile. "Boy I tell ya, somehow I miss those days."

"And that just leaves you Brock. What's your favorite part about autumn?" Dawn asked.

"Hmm? Autumn?" Brock turned to face the curious coordinator, he'd only been slightly invested in the conversation as mind was focused on something else. "Well I guess my favorite part would be the way she was always willing to learn what I had to say."

"Not Autumn the person! Autumn the season!" Dawn shook her head in disbelief.

"What's up with you Brock?" Misty tilted her head as she glanced at the breeder. "Your head seems to be in the clouds today."

"Brock sighed as a small smile appeared on his face. "It's nothing guys. It's just that I miss being home around this time of year. I remember every year I'd make hot chocolate for my brothers and sisters on the day the first leaves fell off the trees."

"I guess we've all got memories about autumn." Dawn hummed with a sweet little smile. "It really is the most beautiful season of all you know. All the different colors around us, it's like someone painted the world!"

Misty nodded as she looked around. "Yeah, all the oranges, golds, reds, and every once in a while we'll see purples. It's just a whole amazing array of colors."

Suddenly Brock stopped in his tracks, and the other three teens stopped as well to look at him curiously. "Hey guys, what do you say we stop for the day?"

"Why Brock? Is something wrong?" Ash asked.

"Not really, I just thought that since it's such a nice day out, we could take the rest of the day off and enjoy it."

Misty beamed at the suggestion. "Now that sounds like an idea to me."

The two other teens nodded, and together the group went over to a nearby clearing to enjoy the rest of the day. By the time camp had been setup, the sun was just about ready to set. For most individuals, the sunset is a beautiful aspect of nature that could even be considered romantic. But for a certain redheaded Gym Leader, it gave her a bit of unwelcome anxiety.

Oblivious to what was going on with her, Brock simply called everyone over to his picnic blanket as they'd been getting some training in before nightfall. "Hey guys! Come on over for some hot chocolate!" Hearing that, Ash and Dawn quickly abandoned their match and hurried over with their Pokémon to help themselves to the hot beverage. However, they missed the fact that Misty hadn't followed them. "Now be careful everyone," Brock warned as he passed around a few cups of hot chocolate. "This is right off the stove, so this is really hot!"

Once Ash received his cup, Riolu had quickly grabbed hold and was about to take a huge gulp. Luckily, Ash reacted quickly and was able to stop the little Pokemon from doing something he'd surely regret. "Wait a second for it to cool down Riolu!" Ash took the cup and gently blew a few times to cool down the drink, and then he handed the baby Emanation Pokémon back the cup. "Ok Riolu, that should be ok, but just take a sip." Riolu nodded and raised the cup to his lips with both paws, and once the warm beverage hit his tongue, a smile appeared on the Pokemon's face as squealed in happiness at the delicious flavor. "Your hot chocolate gets the seal of approval from Riolu, Brock!" Ash laughed.

"I'm glad! Riolu kinda reminds me of my youngest brother and sister, so it makes me happy to see that he likes it."

When Ash took Misty's cup to give it to her, that was when he noticed something odd. "Hey, where'd Misty go?" he asked as he looked around the area for his absent girlfriend.

Dawn looked up from her hot chocolate and also looked around in confusion. "That's a good question."

"You know, I think I saw her walking that way." Brock pointed up towards a hill nearby.

"Really?" Ash thought for a second before getting up with both of their hot chocolates in hand. "Hey guys, I'll be back ok? I'm gonna take Misty her hot chocolate."

Dawn and Brock smiled at each other before turning back to Ash, "Look big guy, you just make sure to get back by curfew, ok?" Brock smirked.

Ash chuckled sheepishly before taking off towards where Brock pointed. He soon found himself climbing up the grassy hill Brock had pointed out just as the sun was starting to go down, the sky beginning to match the trees around them. Once he got to the top, he found his Misty, sitting on the grass by herself with her knees hugged close to her chest. As he walked towards her, he noticed her hand suddenly fly up to her face and go back down again just before he sat down next to her. "Hey Mist, I brought you some hot chocolate." he said softly.

Misty hesitated when she saw her boyfriend handing out a small styrofoam cup of hot chocolate to her, but eventually she took the drink and relinquished a tiny smile at the gesture. "Thanks." she whispered. She took a drink and let the chocolate enter her body and warm her from the inside out, a perfect contrast to the soft and cool breeze that was blowing. When she put her drink down, she smiled and looked back at the sunset, but then a tear escaped her eye, which Ash couldn't help but notice.

"Mist? What's the matter?" he asked with concern.

"N-Nothing!" Misty wiped her eye of the salty water droplet, but then a tear escaped her other eye, and she silently cursed in her head at this fact.

"Misty, why are you crying?" He leaned over and wiped the tear with his finger, and the water-trainer blinked in order to hold back more tears, "Please Mist?"

Misty bit her bottom lip in hesitation as she refused to meet his gaze, but she eventually spoke up after a sad sigh escaped her lips. "It's just the sunset." she looked back towards the magnificent display of colors in the sky.

"Aww Misty," Ash scooted in closer and clasped her hand with his own. "What about what I told you the first day you came back?"

"I know, I know…it's just…" Misty took a deep, shaky breath as very sad memories began running through her mind over and over. Memories such as the day she left Ash to go back home to Cerulean City. "I can't help but remember that day, it was probably one of the saddest days of my life. To have to leave you tore me apart on the inside. I-I loved you so dearly even then…I almost couldn't force myself to leave you."

"Aww Mist…" Ash decided holding her hand wasn't enough, so he scooted behind her and maneuvered so that she was sitting between his legs and had her back pressed against his chest, his arms wrapped around her waist in an attempt to comfort her. "I didn't want you to go you know, you were my best friend, I just didn't wanna get in your way, you were gonna go and become a Gym Leader! I thought that was an awesome opportunity for you."

The redhead relinquished a tiny smile. "You don't have to explain Ash, I know why you did what you did, and I don't hold it against you or anything. The simple fact is, the sunset reminds me of that day…I just can't help it." Misty turned her head slightly so her cheek was resting comfortably on Ash's chest, and the young boy gave her a soft squeeze to comfort her.

"Hey Mist, look at that sunset." Misty turned her head again at Ash's request and looked at it. "As beautiful as that is, I have something that's even more beautiful, something there's only one of in this whole world." Ash grinned. "You know what that is?"

Misty blushed and couldn't help but smile at the compliment, "Ash, you have a golden tongue, when did that happen?" she chuckled.

"Probably the day you became my girlfriend. It all just clicked from there." Ash looked back at the sunset again and then back down at Misty as his smile grew. "You know in a way, we're our own sunset."

Misty looked up curiously. "How do you figure?"

"Well, you just said I've got a golden tongue, just like the gold in that sunset. And you've got orange hair, just like the orange in the sunset."

Misty smiled at that. "So you're saying…as long as we're together, there'll always be a wonderful sunset…" the redhead sighed and snuggled into Ash's chest. "What a romantic thought Ash."

"Is that what I said? Wow, I guess my tongue really is made of gold!"

Misty sat up suddenly and softly smacked the back of Ash's head, provoking laughter from both of them. She then curled back up and in a matter of moments, she was back in her comfortable position, wrapped in Ash's arms watching the sunset. Misty still couldn't help but feel a little sorrow whenever she looked at it, but as she closed her eyes and reveled in the closeness she and Ash were sharing, she decided that she could handle a sunset, as long as they were together making their own. Where else would she rather be?

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