Gumi was walking around inside that summer day. It was way too hot to play and run around outside, not to mention inside. Japan always had the most intense summers ever. Also, her best friend, Rin Kagamine, was the only one who understood Gumi. Rin's whereabouts were currently unknown. She went to see if Rin was home so she went to the Kagamine household. The yellow house was almost blinding in the sun and Gumi couldn't stand there forever so she went inside. No one was around so Gumi helped herself to the place. She paced the house back and forth for entertainment. It wasn't helping her. Gumi was losing her patience when she suddenly heard a little noise from behind the white door in front of her.

Eager to see what it was Gumi went running down the hall to the door. She pressed her ear up against the slightly cold door and listened closely.

"Nggh….. Len…." the overly familiar voice moaned.

Gumi knew right away it was Rin. So someone was in the house. Thinking aside from what Rin had just said, Gumi worried they would notice she went inside uninvited. She finally considered the thought to burst in there and see Rin finally but she did respect her privacy. Sort of. I mean, she didn't totally respect the privacy of them since she just went inside and helped herself to their house and things.

The green-haired girl became interested in the subject when she heard a couple of words that were a little bit too awkward.

"Len… Ah! It's tight right down there! Ow!"

Gumi had read stories that people get nosebleeds from these sort of noises so she pinned her nose.

I mean, the girl surely wasn't stupid enough to leave fresh, bright blood on a perfectly white door.

What was Len doing to Rin!

Gumi was filled with anger now. Len always hung way too close to Rin. Way too close now. Rin was hers and she wasn't going to allow that banana freak get her Rinny-boo!

"Its okay, Rin," Len soothed, "Here… how's this?"

"Ah! That's perfect! Nnnn.."

By then Gumi had a little bit of glistening blood trickle down her pale little hand. She held her nose so tight it hurt.

There was a lot of silence so Gumi thought she might be able to leave now.

She sat up from the door but immediately fell to her knees when she heard the last few words.

"Rin is that better?"

"Ah! Len! That's perfect! Rub a little quicker in that one spot… ah!"

"Hope that helped."

"That was perfect, Len."

The white door slide open just a crack before flying open in astonishment and horror.

"Gumi!" Rin cried as she ran to the cute, little green-haired girl.

She had almost died from a nosebleed, but her friend, Rin, had almost killed but saved her life.

"Len! Get help!" Rin screamed at the other blond.

"What happened? Tell me she didn't…" Len began.

"Didn't what!" Rin cried.

"Didn't die from a nosebleed. I mean you said all those words…. I didn't think a massage could kill someone not even involved in it." Len rambled on not caring that there was a half dead girl in front of him.

"M-massage?" Gumi barely muttered.

"Yes," Rin began telling her friend, "I always need a massage during these extreme hot summers. My muscles get so tight."

Gumi lay there. Unmoving.

"Oh my god! Are you dead, Gumi?" Rin hollered in horror.

"Stop talking to the dead girl, Rin." Len sighed.

Gumi chuckled a little before saying, "A massage…. I almost died…. Over a massage…" She then fainted from the shock.