Many centuries before people adopted the religions we know today, they believed in the elements: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. The people who represented them chose the colors of the elements. Usually by their eye or hair color: Earth is green, Wind is white, Fire is red, and Water is blue. Over time, two of the elements stopped taking human form and disappeared—the other two decided to live "normal" lives, that of humans.

Soon their bodies became immortal and the elements they are tied to became even more bonded to them. The elements are Fire and Water. Today the two girls live peacefully among humans—they go to high school, they have boyfriends, they obsess over Orlando Bloom and Jack Davenport, and they do work—even though it's sometimes late. Typical seventeen-year-olds, their names are Tess and Nala.

Tess is the relatively calm one: Water; Nala has a bit of a wild streak: Fire. My name is Contre—I am the one who recorded this tale, though it is in their points of view. Whoever is reading this, I hope you will find it entertaining, even if you do think it is fake—I assure you, this story is based on fact.