Warm air rushes around me, water licks at my toes. I can sense him before I feel him arms wrap around my waist.

"Good morning, love," he says softly into my hair.

"Good morning," I mumble. "Is everything ready?" He nods, brushing a lock of my thick, dark red hair off my face and behind my ear.

"Yes, and the plane is waiting for us."

"Alright." He picks me up and we flit to the boat, which will take us to Rio, where we will board a plane and several other connecter flights; after all that's done, we will drive to our new home in Forks Washington. I look at my husband and smile at him. Nola Crystalyn Cullen, has a nice ring to it if I do say so myself!


I lay back on my bed, exhuasted. Training was even harder today! Apparently doing the hokey pokey isn't considered proper when you're over the age of seven. My lady in waiting is trying to teach me to Waltz.

When will I ever use that? I should be learning how to become a Ninja, not a ballerina! Palace life is most definatly not for me! Edward walks in and lays down beside me.

"How was your day?" I let out a bark of a laugh.

"How do you think? It was awful! I swear, I'm this close to throwing Claire through a window," I exclaim, holding my thumb and forefinger only an inch apart. Claire is my lady in waiting until Nola returns from her honeymoon with Carlisle.

The jerks had decided to stay an extra month! When they het here, we're moving to a small town in Washington. Forks, or something like that anyway. My feet hurt!

Edward smirks and begins to massage them. Oh yes, the life of a Princess definatly has it's perks!