I stared up at Zeus. He was offering to make me a god! I looked back at Annabeth, who was fingering the fabric of her shirt nervously. I knew what I had to say. "Yes."

Wait. I didn't mean to say that! It wasn't me! But, my mouth was moving. "I'd like to become a god, Lord Zeus. My wish is for you to make me one," I said, still looking back at Annabeth. She looked hurt, like she'd gotten slapped in the face. Finally, her gaze met mine. Her eyes were burning with anger and hatred as she stared at me.

I winced. I lowered my gaze while Zeus sighed. "The ceremony will be held tomorrow. To become a god, you must go through the 'cleansing' period. It starts," Zeus paused. "Now. Court adjourned," he said jokingly.

Annabeth slipped out of room before the gods could. I was going to follow her until someone walked up to me. I stared at Athena, Annabeth's mother. Athena looked me over before saying something that made my blood run cold. "You broke my daughter's heart, Perseus. For that, I will never forgive you."

As Athena walked briskly away, I stared at the floor, ashamed. I really hadn't meant to say that, it just slipped out. Of my mouth. While I was thinking it. Ugh, who am I kidding? I said that; I had meant to say it.

I decided to follow Annabeth's trail again, and I heard quiet sobs down the corridor. Before I could follow her, Thalia and Grover appeared in front of me. Well, not literally, more like they surprised me.

Thalia looked me over in disgust, while Grover looked at me disapprovingly. "We all thought you were better than that, man," Grover said sadly. "Not selfish at all. We were all wrong. You are, and always will be. You could've wished that the minor gods got recognition or something heroic like that."

Thalia just stared at me. "Hope you're happy, Percy. Watch Annabeth slowly break down; it's gonna happen without you." With that, she turned and walked past me, away from the corridor. Grover looked at me again, shaking his head, before following Thalia.

My shoulders slumped as I walked farther down the corridor. I came to the door of the room where the sobs were coming from. I knocked lightly before entering. I watched the hunched over figure of Annabeth hastily wipe away the tears on her face. "You okay?" I asked.

She didn't look at me, and I realized that was a stupid question. "Are you that oblivious, Percy? Did I have to spell it out for you? Or did you just ignore it?" she exploded. "I've liked you since thirteen, loved you since last year. Why, Percy?"

I winced and moved to comfort her. My hand grabbed her arm, and she jerked away. "You're going to leave me. You'll be the big god while I sit in Camp Half-Blood and grow up without you," she said sadly. She started to cry again, loud, racking sobs. "Y-you promised you weren't like Luke. You said you'd never leave," she said quietly.

I flinched. I grabbed her arm and pulled her in for a kiss, our lips meeting. After only a few seconds, she pulled away, slapping my face.

"By tomorrow, I'll only be another mortal to you," she whispered. "Happy birthday Percy; I love you. Hope you're happy."

She stood up and walked away from me. I stared after her, knowing I'd just made the biggest mistake of my life, which would now be immortal, thanks to me.