Darcy tripped against the floor of the ship and found herself stumbling forward. The ship had been struck with another powerful wave of water. As Darcy made her way down the corridor, she could hear the thunder crack outside of the boat and she could imagine the flash of lightning as the rain continued to pour mercilessly on the ship. And mixed in with the sounds of the storm, she could hear the cries of men as they either scrambled to get out of the storm or keep the ship from being capsized at sea.

Darcy tried to keep her footing by pressing her hands against the wall in a desperate attempt to retain some kind of traction. Water had flowed into this part of the boat. The floor was soaked and slippery. It was very difficult to move quickly without tumbling down. The waves that still slammed against the boat did not make things any easier for her to keep her balance.

As she struggled to get to the deck of the ship, many thoughts ran through her mind, too fast for her to comprehend individually. Thoughts of her father came to her mind and she bit her lip and tried to hide her tears. She missed him dearly and she had regretted getting on the ship in the first place. But amidst the chaos of the storm, her thoughts were so focused on getting to safety that she could not even remember why she got on.

But that didn't matter right now. Although a gut feeling told her that she should remain hidden, she had to get to the deck. It might have been suicide in being out in the open during a storm, but she would not do so well back in that corridor either. Water was everywhere and, although she couldn't be sure, it may have been flooding as well.

Darcy reached the deck of the ship and was immediately greeted by a flash of lightning so loud that she covered her eyes and stumbled backwards. She blinked a few times and took a look at her surroundings. The men hadn't noticed her yet, and there were few, far fewer than Darcy remembered when she first got on. They were rushing across the ship, struggling to keep the sails from ripping from their anchor.

Darcy made her way towards the edge of the ship to get a better look at the water. It was completely restless. Waves rolled across the water. The water itself continued move up and down, causing the ship to constantly sway. The clouds were dark, a near black coloring. She looked towards the side of the boat and could see that even small waves were constantly striking the boat, as though the boat had done something to anger the sea.

Suddenly, a voice rang out. "Over there! A woman!"

Then another. "By the.. it is!"

Darcy turned around to see that some of the men had noticed she was aboard. They were looking at her in a weird way, their eyes widened in fear. She had been told the tales by her father. Women weren't allowed on ships. They were considered to be bad luck.

One of the men got a furious look on his face. "She's the reason why we're caught in this storm! Who's the idiot who brought her along?"

"It doesn't matter now! What are we going to do?" Asked the man who had stopped Darcy in the first place.

"There's only one thing to do..." The angry man said before he began to advance on the woman.

Darcy's eyes widened and she pressed herself against the edge of the ship and gripped the sides with her hands. She had no where to go and she could feel her heart starting to race. She looked behind her in hopes of finding a lifeboat. To her luck, there was one still tied to the ship. The others were missing. But she didn't care why. This was her chance out of here.

"She's going to try to escape!" Yelled one of the men. "Stop her!"

The man closest to her immediately sized her arm and yanked her from the side of the ship. Darcy tried to fight with him, pounding his arm with her free fist. The man chuckled. "You're a feisty one, aren't you?"

"Let me go!" That was all Darcy had to say as she continued to try to get herself free.

Another man immediately came forward and grabbed her other arm and helped his comrade force the woman to walk with them. Despite being easily overpowered, Darcy still tried to fight back. She didn't even bother to see where they were taking her. All she wanted was to be free.

"She won't stop fighting...!" Said one of the men trying to restrain Darcy.

"She's a wild one, I'll give her that." The other one responded and tightened his grip on the girl's arm.

Darcy glared up at one of the men holding her. "You better let me go, or I'll..."

"You'll do nothing!" The man who had grabbed her first glared back. "You already did enough by bringing this blasted storm to us! But don't you worry, we know of a way to stop it..."

Darcy didn't know what they had in mind, but the way the man said that gave her a sickening feeling. By this time, she had stopped struggling. She had exhausted much of her strength trying to fight off these men and it was all in vain. She walked obediently with the men, which pleased them.

Just then, a wall of water struck the ship, more violently than the others had. The ship rocked violently to one side and water splashed onto the deck of the ship, sweeping away most of the men. The water struck the men holding Darcy, knocking all three to the floor and pushing them violently towards the side of the ship. The man had released their grip on Darcy as they scrambled to save their own lives. Yet another wave struck and the men found themselves being swept overboard and into the angry seas below.

Darcy screamed as she held onto the side of the boat, desperately trying not to fall overboard herself. She managed to catch a glimpse of the lifeboat below her. She swallowed once and jumped onto the boat just as another wave hit. She quickly pulled out a knife she was keeping for protection and sliced the ropes holding the lifeboat to the ship. The lifeboat fell against the water and Darcy immediately pressed her body against the bottom of the lifeboat, hoping she wouldn't be tossed out.

She dared to sit up long enough to see the ship she was just on being pushed onto its side and letting water flood into the compartments of the ship. As the ship started to sink, Darcy's attention turned to the waves that continued to roll across the unsteady waters. She found herself being pushed into the air by the constantly moving waters and a feeling of nausea struck her as she realized that her only chance at getting back home was sinking beneath the water.

Before she had time to react, another wave struck, this one smaller but still packing a lot of force. She was knocked backwards and she slammed her head against the floor of the lifeboat. Her vision began to blur and the last thing she saw before she went unconscious was a small ray of light pushing its way through the dark clouds.