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It was dinner time, and the entire school was eating a grand feast, in dedication to some magical holiday. Harry Potter had completely zoned during Herminie's explanation. They had all just sat down for dinner, when Harry felt a strange stirring in his belly. He felt the strangest urge to snarl at everyone around him. It seemed that everyone around him was offending his overly sensitive senses. He had yet to figure out why they were so sensitive.

The second servings of mash potatoes had just arrived, and the tables were chatting quietly amongst themselves, when suddenly, Draco Malfoy stood. He wore an odd expression as he slowly began to walk towards the exit. His Cronies obviously did not know what had gotten into Draco, Dumbledore had specifically asked that every student come to this feast and stay for the entirety of it. It appeared Pansy and Blaise, worried that their friend would get into trouble, were trying to force Draco back into his seat. They had just managed to force him a step back when Blaise noticed the slight glow in Draco's eyes and Pansy noticed that his canines had lengthened.

Blaise and Pansy dropped their hands and Draco slowly made his way to the large doors, which had been closed with powerful charms. Draco grabbed a handle and with a tug, completely ripped the door away. The rest of the great hall seemed to be in utter shock, but Harry was moving, quickly taking action to stop Draco as he sensed that he was in danger. Harry quickly rushed through the wreckage until he was outside. Draco was standing just about an arm's length from him. Harry noticed Draco's tense stance, the slight growl under his breath and then followed his gaze. Just on the edge of the forbidden forest stood a figure, wrapped in a dark cloak.

The cloaked man stepped forward, into the moonlight. Draco snarled but Harry felt like he was having a strange sense of déjà vu. Those features, that dark hair and those dark eyes yes Harry had met this man before, once, when he was very young. The man smiled, showing off sharp fangs, and Harry felt himself turn, so he could see Draco who was also sprouting fangs, which were different than the man's. The man's top two canines were the only teeth lengthened, Draco's top and bottom canines were longer. Another quick glance showed the other man's eyes were glowing red, while Draco's eyes were glowing silver. Draco made a slight growling noise and the man, who had been on the other side of the grounds, was suddenly right next to Draco, his hand wrapped around Draco's throat.

The man smiled and said, "Stand down, this may be your home, but I am his maker, and you are not strong enough to take me out, I'm over a century you senior."

Draco smiled, showing off both sets of canines and said, "Didn't your maker teach you, never mess with a Malfoy."

A faint trace of emotions began to flicker over the pale man's face, but before he fully registered Draco's words, Draco had made his move, and suddenly Draco had the man pinned to a dented piece of castle wall. Draco snarled, "I should rip your throat out!"

Draco brushed his fangs against the stranger neck before pulling away and saying, "Leave now before I do just that."

The man left in a blur and there was a few short seconds of silence, when Harry found himself moving closer to Draco. His nostrils flared at a strange scent in the air and he wasn't sure but it seemed to be coming from Draco. Suddenly Harry was pressing himself flush against Draco, his nose buried into the crook of his neck as Harry took a deep intoxicating breath. After a few minutes of breathing in Draco scent, Harry seamed to actually take a better look at his rival, who had been quiet the whole time.

Draco's fangs were gone, and his eyes looked slightly hazy with panic, Harry realized as he took another deep breath of Draco's scent, which seemed to make Draco

shudder. This excited harry at first until he realized Draco was shuddering in fear and not pleasure. That shocked him out of his daze as he thought, 'since when have I wanted to give Draco pleasure? When did he become Draco?'

Harry was just about to draw in more of Draco's intoxicating scent when Dumbledore appeared interrupting his thoughts.

"Harry, I need you to take a step back from Draco, he is quite terrified." The headmaster said with a grave tone.

Harry finally registered that the early signs he had noticed were of distress. Slowly Harry took a step away from Draco, and Draco visibly relaxed a little before glancing at Dumbledore with mistrust.

Dumbledore sighed and said, "I guess I will have to explain a few things. Harry here, when he was a young child living with the Dursleys, wandered off far enough that he was no longer protected by the wards. The man you two just interacted with, well he bit Harry, then fed him his blood. The blood hasn't fully awoken and Severus was able to delay its onset until Harry is at least in his mid to late twenties. Harry would have never have felt any of the symptoms of the blood, if he had never had to interact with an active vampire."

Draco frowned and asked, "Okay, that was the vampire that made Potter go wonky, why did I… did I really…?"

Dumbledore smiled and said, "I'm afraid that at some point, a vampire, different from the one you just interacted with, bit you and fed you its blood. I'm guessing you were a very young child and that was why Professor Snape knew how to delay the blood effect with a potion when Harry was inflicted. The presence of another vampire, an active vampire, awoke the dormant blood inside you. This other, active vampire, had foreign blood, you did not recognize him, and he was on your territory, so even though you are a submissive vampire, you fought him off. When your blood awakened, you became an active vampire who did not share the same source blood as Harry, which triggered his full awakening. Fortunately it seems the two of you are mates, so neither of you will have to be removed from the school."

There was a second of silence before Draco said, "I can't be a Vampire."

Dumbledore sighed, he had expected this, Draco wouldn't accept this if Dumbledore was the only one telling him this. He was just considering fetching Severus when the man himself called out, "Draco, I'm sorry, but you are one."

Draco turned to his godfather with watery eyes and said, "But…"

Severus gently wiped away a single tear that had escaped and said, "You were dying. Barely eight years old, and your body was shutting down. You parents had practically every healer in England and France come to you. No one could even discover why your organs where slowly failing, but they all said the same thing, you wouldn't last more than a few months. Your parents gave up on you, they were already preparing for the funeral, they couldn't decide on what kind of wood they wanted to use for the coffin. While they were picking out the decorations and deciding who would sit by whom at you deaths dinner, I was by your side. Trying to come up with something, anything that might save you, I was close to giving up on you as well,

I didn't even know why you were dying, when a man showed up. He looked so much like you father that I thought perhaps your father had forgotten to mention that he had a brother, until the man spoke. He spoke in the old language. I had studied it, so I was able to get the gist of what he was saying. He could give you some of his blood, and it would change you, but you would still be here, or we could just let you die. He said it was my decision.

Draco, you have always been like a son to me, better than my own blood. I couldn't lose you, even knowing your parents would never accept that sort of creature, knowing that you might hate me for the rest of time, I was okay with that because I couldn't lose you."