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General POV

Jasmine knew what she had to do, and it involved running away. So the next day, she waited for Arbutus leave. As soon as she was sure he was gone, she packed up what little things she had, and started for the front of the garden. As she made her way through the garden, Arbutus' vines wrapped around her ankles. She pulled, snapping them in half, listening to them shriek as they died. She paused only for a moment, to see if Arbutus would come running back so see what was happening. When she didn't see the ground moving, or feel the earth buckle, she began moving again at a faster pace. She walked through numerous corridors, finally coming to the outside gate. She paused, this was the first time she would have stepped outside in her life, and she wanted to savor the moment. As she stood there looking at the gate, she felt the feeling of guilt, and she felt like she was abandoning Arbutus. She collapsed, kneeling on the dirt, and as she sat there, she felt the tears begin to fall. She touched a finger to her cheek, pulling it away and looking at the drop on the tip of her finger.

She felt a familiar presence behind her, and felt a familiar hand touching her shoulder. She knew who it was without even having to turn and look at him. Arbutus stood silently for a matter of moments. When he finally spoke, Jasmine knew he wasn't very pleased, but she didn't care at the moment.

"Little flower, just what do you think you are doing?" His voice was grave, like he was speaking to a family whose relative had died. "You weren't thinking about leaving were you?"

Jasmine nodded; she stood and turned to him with a defiant look in her eye. She then began signing to him very angrily. Why didn't you tell me that I wasn't abandoned? Why didn't you tell me that my parents didn't want me for whatever reason? Did you intend on keeping me in the dark?

Arbutus sighed; he knew he would have to tell her sometime but he never thought he would have to tell her so soon. He moved toward her, and offered a hand. She took it, and when she saw he was leading her back into the garden, she threw one last longing look at the gate, and the world outside, before the willow leaves closed in a dark forest green drape, that diluted the bright sunshine. Jasmine turned back to look at Arbutus, and saw him conjuring two chairs made from two very broad leaves. Jasmine glanced back toward the curtain of willow leaves, and then sat reluctantly. Jasmine waited for Arbutus to speak, and when he did, she sat a little straighter, listened more intently, and never looked away from Arbutus.

"I never lied to you my flower. Your parents really did abandon you; they had nothing to provide for you." Arbutus sighed, a mournful look in his eye. "I was going to tell you when I felt the time was right, but it came sooner than I thought."

Jasmine watched as Arbutus stood, and paced around the garden. Jasmine saw his emotion reflected on the plants, for they had started to droop, and sag. When Jasmine glanced back at Arbutus she saw that he was watching her with an intensity she had never seen in him before.

Can you tell me about the day you found me? What did my parents look like? Do I look like them? Can you take me to them? Jasmine had begun to get frantic. She had to know who her parents were. She had to know why they left her. She just had to know who she was. Arbutus sighed, slowly shaking his head.

"Your parents are long since dead. They died just two years after abandoning you." Arbutus slowly turned away and walked to the center tree, the willow that sheltered the garden. Jasmine called it the Mother Tree, for it sheltered the garden like a mother would shelter her child. Jasmine watched as Arbutus placed a hand on the Mother Tree's trunk, and she saw the tree start growing taller, making the sanctuary taller as well. Jasmine tried to speak using her voice, but when she opened her mouth, nothing came out.

Jasmine knew he was upset, and knew there was only one way to make him feel better. She stood and made her way over to him. She waited until she had reached him before she laid her hand on his shoulder. She felt the velvety softness of the leaves on his shoulder. She felt Arbutus' sadness and pain. She also felt his magic, coursing up through her arm and into her whole body. As the magic coursed through her, she felt all the pain and scars from years ago beginning to heal. She suddenly felt compelled to speak, to talk after years of being silent.

"Arbutus?" Jasmine was taken aback, as she heard her own voice for the first time in years. To her it sounded plain, ordinary, and nothing special. She looked up at Arbutus, and saw him looking at her in wonder. Then to her surprise he spun around and embraced her, spinning her around in circles.

Arbutus' POV

I had just told Jasmine the biggest lie in the world, and I couldn't amend it. I moved to the willow I had created years before. I laid my hand onto her trunk, and I felt that she had started to die. To help heal her, I unleashed my magic and let it flow freely. I felt the bark sliding along under my hand, as the willow grew taller and taller. Soon she was taller than most normal trees. I felt Jasmine behind me, but I didn't turn to look at her, I just focused on my tree, my willow. I felt Jasmine touch my shoulder, and still didn't turn around. I only turned when I heard a voice softer than down feathers in the winter speak behind me.

"Arbutus?" The voice said uncertainly. I was surprised, surely that couldn't be who I thought it was. I turned and looked at Jasmine, and saw she had just as much surprise as me. I couldn't contain my joy as I swept Jasmine up and spun her around. I hadn't known that my magic with plants could heal Jasmine. I stopped spinning, and set her down.

"Say something else! Tell me something you have always wanted to say." I commanded, reconsidering when I heard myself ordering my precious flower around. "Please?" I added uncertainly.

"Arbutus, thank you for everything you have done for me." I watched as Jasmine's lips moved, and her beautiful voice issued forth. I couldn't contain myself anymore, I had to show Jasmine how I felt about her. I leaned forward, and kissed her. I could feel her surprise, but then she melted into the kiss, leaning against me for support. When I pulled away, her eyelids were half closed, and her eyes said everything I needed to know.

I could feel this as a beautiful start to a radiant relationship.

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