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Revelation Fic.


Pairs- Danny/Sam, Danny/ Maddie bonding., Jack/Maddie ( Just a mention)

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Maddie's POV

I walked down the hall, blue suit uncomfortable in my exhaustion, footsteps echoing off the close pale walls. I examined the patches of moonlight let into the hall by the two windows, each beside a room. I smiled as I came upon the first space, and I missed hearing my only daughter snores coming from inside the door. I placed my hand on the knob, turning it softly, and stepped inside. The room was as neat as when she lived in it, every book straight on its shelf, every cover on the bed in place. The whole room screamed Jazz, right down to the pale pink paint on the walls. I smiled one last time, making my exit as silently as I could, and walked on, footsteps slow against the carpet.

I came upon the next patch of moonlight, bright against the floor, and stopped, expecting the peaceful snoring of my sixteen year old. I had expected, as it was just chiming midnight, that he would be a sleep and dreaming, eyes firmly shut and snoring softly. I was sorely mistaken.

I heard the undeniable sound of wood on wood, a window coming closed, as softly as they could make it. My first instinct was anger, he was sneaking out, but something told me that wasn't right, even if it was most likely, it wasn't correct. A whimper, loud enough for me to hear even as I was wrapped in thought, sounded through the wood of the door. I felt alarm rise in me, exhaustion forgotten, the moonlight seemed like spotlight's as it shone on his door, and I pressed my ear, slowly and softly, to the wood. The sounds of clothing hitting the floor, a whimper of something akin to pain, and the sound of compressed bed springs as someone collapsed onto them. I swallowed, something was wrong, undeniably wrong, and I had no idea what it was.

My first instinct, the one I had relied on most in the past, was screaming for me to plow through the door, confronting the problem, whatever it was, face first. But, from my mind, a logical thought coursed, holding me in place. What if this wasn't a problem that was solved by tackling it head on? What if it was something complicated, intricate, something I need to handle with care? I had no idea of how to solve the problem at hand.

I waited, red hair falling in my eyes as I pressed my ear to the paneling of wood. I could hear the sounds coming from the room, a toss on the bed, another whimper of pain, and finally, a soft and quiet snore, barely audible. I swallowed, opening the door and stepping, thankful his door didn't creak quite like Jazz's did. I glanced first at Danny, but anything I could find wouldn't be found until he woke, his body was completely covered in blankets. I could see why, he was shivering slightly, and I couldn't help but to walk over to the nearest chest and throw a woven blanket sitting on top over his form. The blanket wasn't the only thing I found on the chest.

A t-shirt, torn all over, and stained with a deep red and a sickly, radioactive green, was lying on the wooden surface. I ran my fingers over the stain, but that caught, sliding into a tear. I extracted my hand, but it was covered in what I knew was blood and something green. The wounds had been fresh, incredibly new, and probably still bleeding. I couldn't help but to glance at the blankets covering my boy's body, and to wonder, what if the blood was coming from his torso. I felt my blood run cold.

I stood straight, walking over to his bed. He was on his back, neither sides favored, I bit my lip. I reached forward, hand outstretched, ready to move the blankets, hopefully not disturbing him. I caught the edge of the top-most cover, gripping it between my fingers, and I tugged. I never got the chance too move it off.

He thrashed, strong arms flying out, knocking the blanket out of my hand and my hands out of the way. His body automatically tensing, fingers clenched in a fist. I stood, not a foot from him, as he tossed, head turning sharply to the right, eyes glancing back and forth under his lids. His thrashing stopped, but only for a moment, because then he retreated, cowering back into his bed as his surrendering. An anguished look, something I never wanted to see on my baby's face, looked up at me, eyes closed.

The a word, repeated, amplified in the room. " No. No. NO!"

I felt the room shake, and I backed up as I saw something that truly shocked me. Waves of energy blasted through his room, shaking the window and causing pictures to fall. I backed up, only to race to him as it ended, trophies still rattling on their shelves. Massive amounts of power, radiating from my child, I couldn't, wouldn't, believe it.

I rushed to him, my hands on his shoulder's, shaking him, hoping to wake him. My hands, firm on his shoulders, only tightened as he open his eyes.

" Danny!"

Eyes that flashed a radiant, radioactive green.

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