A Life Debt Repaid

Harry raced to find his children. He was the first to wake after the enormous white light they had generated. He only hoped they were okay.

He found Albus first. Lying sprawled, he looked as if he were asleep. Actually, he really was sleeping, as he woke when his father touched him.

"Whazzamatter...? Viv? Viv? VIVIAN!"

Albus leapt up, running pell-mell down to the lake. Harry followed, confused very much by his son's behavior.

And then he saw her.

Spread lifelessly on the ground was the body of Vivian Raeven, his youngest son's dearest and first love. Her skin was pallid against the snow, and she was lying in what looked like a sleeping position.

But any idiot could see she was dead, or dying.

An slim but deep wound, a gash ripped from one side of her body to another, was pouring her lifeblood into the snow.

Albus was frantically trying to save her, but Harry knew better, this was one injury magic couldn't fix. Especially since he also saw the fang marks around her belly. The same that had killed her almost double, Severus Snape.

His vision swam, and he saw an image of his seventeen year old self, in the same situation. Only it wasn't someone he loved dying that time.

"Use this…as… my… Last gift…"

He felt a phial slip into his pocket. Without questioning it, he ran to Albus. The boy glared at him, but Harry ignored it and knelt near Vivian's head. The black eyes were beginning to drain of color, she was fading fast.

He tipped it into her mouth and waited with bated breath.

Her eyes fluttered briefly… Then shut.

A soft, hoarse sob escaped Albus' lips. Harry gently poked his son, and put a flat shard of broken glass near her lips.

Under the light of the moon, they saw mist form as Vivian breathed in and out. Albus whimpered in relief, tears spilling from his green eyes.

On some instinct, Harry rose from the spot near the lake and followed a wispy white light deeper into the forest. When they had gone a little way, the quivering light formed into a person.

"…Saved her...Thank… you…Harry."

"You're welcome, Professor," Harry said softly, watching the shade disappear once more. He headed back for his son.

The important thing was that Vivian Raeven lived.

For now.

EDIT October 7, 2013: Hey. This is one of my first pieces of fiction still standing, so I'm leaving it up as a memorial to the writer I used to be. Just a note, I had to edit some errors I finally realized where on here.

Deep thanks to the first polite reviewer, Axel-san!