She stood next to him who she loved, deeper love than she'd known with anyone else. The deepest love she had known all her life, reflected in his eyes, those windows full of lost innocence.

Those haunting, almond shaped emerald eyes gazed down on her shorter frame with a heart full of love and loyalty as fierce as a hurricane. She knew this from experience, and the wildness of his eyes intrigued and fascinated her. The joys and sorrows she'd faced with this boy-no, this man- at her side were numerous, and through all he'd proved faithful.

Fiercely they kissed, holding one another close. They kissed as if it was their last night on Earth's soil.

Which, for one of them, it might be.

He gazed upon the girl he had come to know throughout their years of schooling. They had fought, cried, joyed, and kissed together as they had grown ever closer. This fierce and proud witch was a far cry from the girl he'd met sixteen years ago on the train to Hogwarts, beaten and bruised but still holding her head high.

How much we've grown, he thought.

She was tall, but still not taller than him, he noticed. Her pale white skin had lightened to snow white in the moonlight. Her lips red as a rose, she gazed upon him with a love and trust he'd never repay, not in a million years. The girl- no, the woman- he loved caressed his messy black locks, and in turn, he pressed what he could catch of the black silken banner that was her hair to his heart.

Her black eyes brimmed with secrets yet untold, but he already knew her past, and accepted it.

The only secrets now were in the future.

And even that would soon be stripped away in the moonlit snowy night. The night they would meet their fates.

She gazed upon her man lovingly. She knew 'twas likely they would never meet again in this life. She couldn't help but want to feast her eyes on him once before one of them joined the realm beyond the Veil.

Still, she loved him with all her cold heart could muster.

"Ready, love?"

Her whispered question hung in shining moonlit letters on the frosty air. He, clad in a thick great coat and she in a thickly fleeced winter coat, never felt much of the cold.

His single word answer hung in the air as he leaned down ever so slightly to whisper it in her ear.