"So, You know what movie i'm talking about right?" Sasuke asked looking at the blond boy.

"Uhh.. Nope!" Naruto smiled weakly and leaned back on his arms.

They were sitting on the floor in sasuke's house talking about some american movie. To naruto it sounded pretty lame but sasuke seemed to like it so he would listen for a while longer. Shikamaru and Kiba were there to, Quietly listening to the two boys bicker back and forth, Not paying much attention.

"It's totally badass, You should check it out." Sasuke looked into those blue eyes and tried to restrain himself from jumping his best friend right then and there in front of their friends. It wasn't very easy.

"So... Are we-" Naruto started.

Sasuke pressed his lips firmly against the smooth plush one's of his bestfriend. He ignored the comments of their friends and continued to kiss Naruto. He had wanted this for as long as he could remember and now he was getting it.

"I love you." He wispered pressing his lips back against those warm supple ones.

Naruto's eyes were wide as he pressed his lips agains the other boy's for the first time. What was going on? He snaked his hand into the dark hair and gripped it tightly, Pulling the raven haired teen back a few inches.

Sasuke let his head be pulled away as he looked down at Naruto's shocked face.

"I hate you..." He wispered back still shocked from the kiss.

"That's what makes it so fun." Sasuke mummered before claiming his lips in another soft kiss.