Selena's P.O.V:
I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I turned it off and got dressed for school.
Another day in paradise? Yea, let's go with that

Original P.O.V:

Sel: (walks into the bathroom to do her hair)

Joe: (walks in behind her to do his hair) Morning Lena! (kisses her head)

Sel: Morning sleeping monster (giggles)

Joe: Oh shut up!


Sel+Joe: (walking downstairs)

Sel: (stops)

Joe: (looks back, whispers) What?

Sel: They're fighting again (sits on the steps)

Joe: (sits next to her) Sel don't worry about it. There's nothing we can do about it

Sel: (lays her head on his shoulder) I wish there was something though

Joe: Me too (stands up) Well, come on

Sel: (stands up and walks into the kitchen with Joe)

Abigail(Mom): Robert learn from your mistakes!

Robert(Dad): I didnt make a mistake!

Abigail: Stop the drinking!

Robert: Why should I listen to you?

Joe: (clears his throat)

A+R: (look at them)

Abi: Hello kids, sleep well?

Sel: (nods)

Rob: Speak please!

Abi: Robert stop it!

Sel: (grabs an apple)

Joe: (grabs a pear) We're gonna head to the bus stop

Abi: Alright sweetie! Have a good day at school

Joe: Thanks (grabs his backpack and walks out the door)

Sel: (follows him, shuts the door)

Joe: Why dont you like to talk in front of people?

Sel: I talk!

Joe: Yea, to me and Zac. That's it! (takes a bite of his pear)

Sel: I just feel like I'm always gonna say the wrong things (stops at the bus stop)

Joe: No you-

Nick: (walks up) Hey dude!

Joe: Sup? (does a handshake with him)

Nick: Gomez (looks at Selena)

Sel: (glares at him)

Nick: Do you ever talk?

(Bus pulls up)

Sel: (walks in and sits by Zac)

Zac: Hey Sel

Sel: (quietly) Hey

Joe: (walks by with Nick)

Zac: (looks back) Coast is all clear!

Sel: (laughs)

Zac: (chuckles) So how was your morning?

Sel: (frowns)

Zac: (raises his eyebrows) Again?

Sel: (nods)(looks down)

Zac: (puts his arm around her) Don't worry Sel, they'll work it out

Sel: I hope so (still looking down)

(Bus Pulls up to the school)

Sel: (gets out of the bus with Zac)

Meghan: (walks up to her) Hey Gomez!

Sel: (glares at her and pushes herself through the crowd)

Nick: (coming off the bus) You have a weird sister Joe

Joe: Yea well that's because you don't know her like I do (walks into the school)

(With Selena)

Sel: (walking with Zac)

Zac: Not a word today?

Sel: (shakes her head)(stops at her locker and grabs her books)

Zac: (grabs his books too) Sel you have to talk to some people.

Sel: (looks up at him)(shakes her head)(walks to her first class)

Zac: (sighs and walks to his first class too)

(Bell Rings)

Sel: (writing in a notebook)

Nick: (comes in) Is the little girl writing in her diary?

Sel: (looks up and closes her notebook)(flicks him off)

Students: Ohhh!

Nick: Whatever! (sits by his friends)

Teacher: Ok class, first project on the quarter is worth half your grade!

Class: (groans)

Teach: You will have a partner-

Class: (cheers)

Teach: That I will choose (waits for the reaction)

Class: (groans)

Teach: Partners are Miley and Liam, Meghan and Josh, Joe and Demi, Cody and Emily,
David and Bridgit (names more) and Nick and Selena

Nick: What? There is no way I'm working with that. It doesnt talk!

Joe: Dude!

Nick: Sorry man, but I can't help it!

(Bell rings)

Teach: Projects due in 3 weeks, Good-bye!

Nick: Why don't you just tell me when it's done? (smiles)

Sel: (looks up at him)(shakes her head)(gives him a piece of paper)

Nick: (reads it) Come to my house after school to work on it or you get no credit (looks at her) Why couldn't you just say that?

Sel: (grabs her stuff and leaves)