Lunatic. Toxic. Two words he had used to describe his mother that morning. Okay, so maybe missing Lexie and his morning coffee had turned him into a drama queen, Jackson thought as he watched his mom's taxi drive off.

He headed back into Joe's, joined Alex at the bar and ordered another drink. He looked around until he spotted April, who surprisingly was still playing darts with Yellow Shirt. She was getting to that drunk line – he could tell when she laughed a little louder than usual. Her shoulders shaking, she threw her head back before it rolled forward again on its own accord.

His lips curved into a half smile; drunken April was fantastic, and not just because of the aftermath of her embarrassed red cheeks as he teased her mercilessly.

"So how'd it look?" Alex asked.

"What." Jackson turned his gaze back to Alex.

"Whatdy'u mean what. The penis," Alex replied incredulously, drawing curious looks from others sitting at the bar. "You know. The surgery I let you have. You owe me."

Jackson snorted. "Dude, you had no chance. That's why you gave up. 'I'm out' remember? Your words."

Alex looked down at his drink with a small smile on his face. Zola was okay. That's what counted.

"Where'd you go anyway? This have anything to do with Meredith dropping out?"

"Zola had a bowel obstruction."

"Oh wow. She okay?"

"Yea, everything's fine. So…how was it?" Alex urged. He didn't want to talk about Meredith's business. Not after the last time.

"Kind of awesome. Except when April suctioned the dorsal vein." Alex snorted, and both men glanced up at the woman herself, now trapped against Yellow Shirt's body at the pool table and (still) laughing hysterically at the miserable shot she'd just attempted.

"Got to wait and see if it takes, though," Jackson continued. "Kid's on a shitload of immunosuppressants." They both watched as Yellow Shirt cut off April's laughter with a kiss.

Turning to look at Alex, Jackson said, "But hey if it works, I can put you on the waiting list. God knows you need a new one what with all those trips to Mayfield in 22."

Alex just shook his head in laughter and turned back to take another swig of his drink. He was in a good mood; Zola was okay. As a comfortable silence fell between the two men, Jackson turned his attention back to what was now a full blown make-out session.

April's hands gripped at the man's face, while his hands wandered. Down to her waist to pull her body closer to his…

Jackson started getting worried.

…around to her ass, which he squeezed gently…

Any minute now, this guy would be past flirting over darts to wanting everything from April. After what happened last time with Alex, Jackson was pretty certain April wouldn't be able to handle this guy's reaction to her ill-timed rejection.

…back up to her hips, where he started to pull up the fabric of her dress…

Or was that just it? Was she even planning on stopping him?

April's hands continued to grip Yellow Shirt's face.

Jackson signaled goodbye to Alex with a quick pat on the back and walked over to the pool table.

"April, I'm heading out. You coming?"

She pulled away from the reluctant man, and after looking at Jackson in a moment of confusion, she sobered up slightly, the gravity of what she was about to do dawning on her.

"Um…yeah." She mumbled sheepishly, twisting herself from Yellow Shirt's grasp. She grabbed her jacket and purse, exchanged awkward goodbyes with the disappointed man, and followed Jackson outside.

They drove home in silence, listening to the radio. Rolling her window down, April drifted in and out of sleep with the wind blowing gently in her face. A nudge to her shoulder woke her up.

"We're here," Jackson said softly. Inside, they exchanged goodnights and each headed to bed after a long day.

AN: I'm shipping Jackson/April like crazy and since there aren't more recent fics, I was inspired to write one. Probably a one-off.