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This will include: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Ect.

Chapter 1- Love Rollarcoaster

Ugh, he's doing it again! I can't stand it! Amy looks on to see her boyfriend of 5 years, Sonic, flirting with the club waitress from across the dance floor. He said he'd be right back with their drinks, but he's taking longer than he should. Over 20 minutes too long. He promised to spend more time with her after working and hanging out with the guys for so long. So he took her out to the club. But now she could see him talking with the waitress, and she was giggling uncontrollably. Amy sighs as she waits impatiently as she sat alone at their table. Her foot taps against the base of the table harder and harder as she continues to wait and gets angrier by the second.

He always does this. And for why? I mean that waitress is cute and all, but what about me? I look ten times better than her! What she got that I don't have? Tonight she wore a tight black mini dress, black stiletto heels, and had her long pink hair curled all the way through. Seeing the random hot guys near her table and around the club checking her out only ends up making her more angry at Sonic. Tonight we had a date, and now he's doing this! In frustration, she jumps up from the table and is ready to go over and tear him apart for leaving her.

"Whoa, where you heading off to?" Sonic had returned and nearly bumped into her and almost spills the drinks.

"To get you! What were you doing with her?" Amy crosses her arms.

Sonic smiles and shakes his head. "You thinking that way again, huh?" he sets the drinks on the table and pulls her to their seats.

"It's not what you think." he starts to say, but she instantly stops him.

"Not what I think? What's that supposed to mean?" she snaps at him with a glare in her eyes.

Sonic shakes his head once more. "You're over reacting again."

"No, I'm not! You keep flirting with those other girls even after all these years!" she almost yells as she gets back up. Some people turn to stare as Sonic just sits their cooley in his mood. He wears a clean white tee, with a green plaid Polo jacket, and fresh white Vans with a green strip on the sides. He looks so hot that Amy couldn't but blush as he stared her down like he always did.

Amy narrows her eyes at him. Why is he so cool about this? She thinks in her head as she pouts. "And you know that's not all you do..." She refers to his lead role in a certain gang basically ruling the streets at the time. The constant lying, leaving her to do other stuff, and flirting (and maybe sex) with other females. It's almost too much for her to bear any longer.

Sonic looks to her with much concern in his eyes.

"Everything that you do. I can just. I can't take it no more..." she turns away from him as she fells tears beginning to fall ruining her make-up. Sonic, feeling slightly guilty, gets up and hugs her from behind.

"I'm sorry.." he says in her ear making her cry harder, so he squeezes her tight trying to her her to calm down.

Why am I still with him? Why? I love him so much, but I can't take this much longer. I don't know what to do... Amy's thoughts exactly.

"I-I'm okay.." her voice shaky and low. She wipes the tears and mascara away and turns back to him.

"Yeah.. besides she was coming onto me. not the other way around." Sonic says stroking her face with his thumb.

Yeah.. Sure.. they always do... She nods showing little emotion as she, suddenly, hears the DJ play a song, she's all too familiar to...

[Love Rollarcoaster- by Mims ft. Letoya Luckett]

Tell her wit me it like a ride uh uh a ride

But when the ride is movin keep yah hands inside

Sonic pulls her to the dance floor. Once their he places his hands around her waist and kissed her lips gently. Her eyes watches his look toward her, as she smiles softly almost forgetting about his earlier

At first I take yah low then I can take you high

Take you twice around the world baby I make you fly

Make you fly keep you laced Christian Louboutin

Amy knows that he buys her a lot of stuff, so much expensive things, even when she doesn't ask for them. He kept her in name brand clothes from top to bottom knowing no limit to how much he would spent. He treasured her like a rare diamond. She knows this. Yet...

This rollercoaster ride she want to do it again

But she can't cause she know I'm in love with the doe

Plus the ride that she's on is too emotional

I'm to stuck in my ways for us to play how we play

Amy lays her head on his shoulder as they dance holding each other close. He's always hurting her in the same ways, and seemed to be stuck in his ways. No matter how much he would do to make up, Amy still felt hurt and nearly fed up with it all. So many times she dealt with this and put up with it...

At first you beggin to leave then you beggin to stay

Same shit different day I'm like please s'il vous plait

You can lead if you may but then I hear you say

She's always told him how she felt about it all. But he never seemed to listen. He only tried to make her forget about it, and get her mind off it. She can hear it now. What she always told him...

I'm so tired of playin love rollercoaster with you

Cause my heart can't take this drama you be puttin me through

It goes up and down round and round

Round and round over and over again


She can't take much more of this drama over and over again, but she loves him too much to just up and leave him like that. As she's lost in thought, she hears him whisper "I love you" in her ear making her smile slightly. She says "I love you" back, but secretly thought: Do you really, Sonic..?

The song soon ends. After a while more at the club, the two decide to head back to her home (which he brought). However, Amy is still mad from what Sonic could see, so he knows what he would have to do, to make her feel better. She's slightly tipsy from the drinks they had, so she held onto his shoulder. As they walked out to his car, a call came on his cell. A call from his brother, Manic. He answers it in a hushed tone, so Amy wouldn't know.

"Okay." he hangs up and takes Amy's hand. "Let's go."

He's going to leave again. I know it... Amy sighs heavily as he opens the car door for her. He gets in on the driver side and looks over to her. "Ready?

Amy nods her head irregularly, as she feels his hand rub on her thigh and up her dress. Sonic...

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