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Love RollerCoaster Chapter 14

During the rest of the time, Amy tries to act like herself, but fails to. Rouge notices a little bit, but shakes it of as nothing to be worried about. At least for now. After some more time at the club and spending time with the guys, the girls head home to continue their girls night. Rouge put in a movie and started to fix the snacks up for it. Meanwhile, the girls were getting dressed in their pajamas. Now some thirty minutes later...

"Amy? Are you okay, Hun?" Rouge nudges her pink friend sitting beside her on the coach. Amy appears to be in deep thought as she and friends sit in the dark and watch a scary movie. Child's play, the first movie featuring Chucky.

Amy only nods, not saying a thing. Rouge raises an eyebrow. The rest of the girls were busy watching the movie.

"See?" Julie-Su grabs some popcorn out of the bowl between her and Cream. "That's why I freaking HATE dolls!"

Cream laughs. "Cause of Chucky?"

"Yeah, you see that creepy ass doll coming to life!" Julie-Su practically screams.

Cream shakes her head. "But you know he's not real, right?" logically thinking.

Julie-Su shakes her head too. "Try telling that to Blaze over in the corner..."

Blaze growls hearing Julie-Su talk about her. Creepy dolls creep her out, especially Chucky. She really didn't want to watch the movie, but she had no choice.

"Be quiet!"

Julie-Su laughs."If he were real and here right now, I bet Blaze would burn the hell outta of it!" she jokes making the girls laugh and Blaze blush.

Amy clearly wasn't paying attention to the flat screen and the girls' conversation at that moment. Rouge knows Amy's mind is on something else... or someone else...


Earlier at the club, after the encounter with Sonic, Amy wasn't acting completely like herself. She's all hot and bothered from Sonic's touch that she oh so missed, so she couldn't really concentrate on anything else at the time. However, she knows she can't let that one simple contact with him, let her just forgive him so easily for what he had done. So she wonders around the club with a drink in her hand. Sipping away at the Strawberry Margarita.

However, she doesn't know that someone's eyes are following her around for the last ten minutes

That scene in the backroom replays in Amy's head over and over again. That is until she runs into Shadow...

"Oh, hey, Shadow!" she runs to hug him around his waist.

Shadow smiles and hugs her back. "Hey to you too.." he chuckles. "Nice performance you girls did."

Amy is taken aback. "Y-you saw that!" she shifts her body nervously. "Thanks." she tries to smile back at him, but fails to hide her embarrassment.

"Why are you blushing?" he teases with her.

She pouts. "Shut-up!" she turns her back to him and folds her arms. "You know why.." she closes her eyes and hears him still joking with her.

"Come on, you know I'm just kidding.." he shrugs.

Sighing, Amy opens her eyes to again only to see Sonic looking back at her from across the club. She blushes seeing him staring at her like that and the memories of their previous encounter comes to mind. Sonic stands there with some of his friends, but they don't seem to notice him not paying attention to whatever they doing over there. His eyes eyes are fixed on her... with Shadow... He narrows his focus...

Shadow touches Amy's shoulder making her slightly jump. "Hey? You alright?" he asks.

Amy breathes in and out. "Yeah, I'm fine." she assures him.

From Sonic's stand point, he's already had enough...

Sonic frowns before turning his back. "Let's go." he tells his friends before heading off.

"Hey, hold up, man!" his friends follow him out of the club. Manic and Scourge try to go see what's wrong with him too.

For some reason, he can't seem to stand seeing Shadow with Amy like that. Even just touching her like that and making her blush so easily. It picked at his nerves so much, he just had to leave the club right then.

Back with Shadow and Amy...

"If you say so..." Shadow notices Amy looking off into that direction again. She saw the frown on Sonic's face as he left the club. Luckily, Shadow didn't see Sonic in the club or knows he was even there.

"What's the matter?" he adds. "For real this time, tell me."

Amy shakes her head. "Nothing, I'm fine,okay?" she smiles and grabs his hand convincingly.

*Flashback ends*

Amy sighs as she gets up from the coach and goes to the kitchen. Rouge curiously watches her leave as she folds her arms. Cream, laying on the floor in front of the T.V., hears Amy get up.

"Huh? What's the matter with Amy?"

All the girls look back hearing the question and wonder the same thing.

Rouge shrugs as she stands up. "I don't know, but I'mma check on her just in case." Just as she is about to go after Amy, Julie-Su screams as the gruesome killer doll.

"You're such a scaredy cat, Jules!" Rouge comments before heading for the kitchen.

"Hey, shouldn't you say that to Blaze curled up in a ball in the corner!" Julie-Su points to Blaze actually doing that. All the girls laugh as Rouge shakes her head.

In the kitchen, Rouge finds Amy sitting and leaning against the wall. The same place she found her that morning. She rolls her eyes...

"Okay, what's up with you?"

Amy looks up from the tile floor. "Nothing."

"Lie again, and see what I'll do." Rouge playfully threatens.

Amy blinks once and looks away from Rouge's intimidating gaze. "Well, it's about Sonic.."

Rouge laughs. "What else is new?" she jokes only making Amy give her a annoyed look. She rolls her eyes and sits down beside Amy on the floor.

"I'm sorry, but go on."

Amy brings her legs to her chest and rests her head. "When I went to the bathroom after we did that dance..." she stops for a second. "Sonic.. followed me.. and he kind of.. pushed me against the wall and.. kissed me.."

"He's still the same..." she then whispers to herself, but Rouge can still hear her.

"What, he forced himself on you!" Rouge believes for a minute until Amy tells her different.

No, no! I.. Kind of let him..do it.." Amy admits with a sad voice.

Rouge sighs and takes a deep breath. "Look, dear.. You can't let him do that." Amy looks at her questionably. "You're not with him right now, therefor he has no right to do that. SO you CANNOT let him!"

"But-" Amy tries to object.

"No buts! It's clear you haven't changed a lot either since then.." Rouge points out getting her friend quiet. "You're still letting him use you like that, and I don't like it!"

Amy looks down at her knees. I haven't changed either..?

"You can't let him touch you like that and be all up on you when he wants to.. He's been doing you like that for years and enough is enough. You have to grow stronger and stand up for yourself when he wants to get like that with you.."

"I know you still love him, but sometimes love hurts.." Rouge says lastly. "If you let him do this, it only shows him that he's still got you."

Her words strike hard against Amy's heart, and know that what she's telling her is right.

"Until he cleans up his act, no more of that touching and kissing, alright?" Rouge makes her promise. "Let him face his consequences, Hun."

Amy smiles a little. "Yeah, alright..."

I promise...

Rouge laughs. "Good!" she looks off to the side, and scoffs. "I bet he wanted you after seeing you work on dance floor and that pole so good..."

Amy blushes and pushes Rouge over on the floor laughing. "Shut-up!" she giggles too.

"Oh, I forgot to mention how mad he got when he saw me with Shadow!" she remembers. "So he left the club early.."

Rouge stops laughing, but only for a second. "Really now? Se can't stand to see you with him.." she thinks for a minute. "Or other guys for that matter.." she guesses.

She smiles big. "Ha, he must be jealous!"

"Hey, what are you guys doing in here?" Julie-Su runs in the kitchen and trips over Rouge. She falls straight on her stomach making the girls laugh even more.

"What's going on in here?" Cream peeks in and sees all the girls on the floor laughing for some reason. Her face looks confused. "What are you guys...-"

"Ahh!" Blaze runs into the kitchen pushing Cream inside and making her fall on Julie-Su, still laying on the floor and laughing. She was running away from Chucky on the plasma screen apparently (o.o). They left her all alone in the living room, so she got scared by herself.

She sees what she's done. "Ooops.." she nervously laughs as she rubs the back of her head.

Everyone is laughing as they try to get up from the kitchen floor. Amy stops trying to get up as she rubs the forming tears in her eyes from the laughing. She looks at her girlfriends all laughing and having fun.

She's right.. I can't let him get away with that anymore..

Blaze holds out a hand for Cream to get up, but the rabbit ends up pulling her on the floor as well. An act of revenge! She topples over beside Cream. Cream giggles uncontrollably.

"Haha, gotcha!"

Blaze frowns, but it soon disappears as she bursts out laughing.

Amy smiles at the site as she feels Rouge's head on her shoulder. "Doesn't it bring warmth to your heart?" she asks.

Amy only shakes her head. "Yeah, yeah..."

Rouge jumps up. "That's enough of that. Back to the movie!" she commands everyone.

"Oooh, do we have to?" Blaze whines as she gets up from the floor.

Julie-Su snickers. "Scaredy cat!"

"Shut-up!" the girls playfully argue as they all head back into the living room. Amy is the last to get up as she starts to think again.

Mmm... I have to change too.. and not only for my sake, but for Sonic's too.

She smiles to herself.

No more touching me like that when you want to, my dear Sonic... That's Tough Love~

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