Money don't matter tonight

A collection of one shots exploring Zoro and Nami´s intimate, playful and expensive (?) relationship.


Chapter 01: It sure didn't matter yesterday

He never had respect for money it's true
That's why he never wins
That's why he never ever has enough
To treat his lady right

The sky was clear, the thousand sunny navigated the seas smoothly so Nami took the opportunity to locate in the kitchen and spend the afternoon making maps. She had to assume it was an extraordinary day as the place was really quiet, even Sanji wasn´t there. It was weird in a way but she didn´t want to use up any time thinking about it before the peace was gone, so she didn´t analyzed it and just stood there with her pens, rulers and papers.

The door of the room opened and the red head sighed, knowing that the calm was over. Soft steps walked closer to her but she didn´t leave the sight form her maps hoping it would go away but it was useless, she heard the chair moving and the sound of someone sitting in front of her. She moved her sight to stare at the newcomer. She was a little surprised to find out that the one who was quietly sharing the room was non other that her captain.
He slumped over the table and sighed again.

"What?" She asked.

Luffy pouted.

"What are you doing here, so quiet?" She asked suspicious.

"I have a question" He looked at her.

"In 2 days" She moved back to look at her maps.

He looked at her intrigued "What?"

"We´ll arrive to the next island in 2 days" she said bored.

"GREAT!" He cheered.

She continued drawing for a couple of seconds while Luffy was still there. "So?" Quiet Luffy was really freaking her out.

"I´m thinking about sex and prostitutes" He commented.

"WHA!" She jumped to the other side of the room

"You know what sex is?" Luffy asked her.

"Yeah! What the hell is your problem!" She pointed at him.

He didn´t get why Nami was so angry. "I didn´t know and Sanji says I should do it. Did you do it?"

She calmed down a bit. She knew that Luffy was weird but truly innocent. She had never thought about it but it was common for guys to have this kind of talks at that age, she even discussed the sex subject with Robin every now and then. "eerr…I think you should ask someone else about that"

He scratched the back of his head "Do you think I should do it with a prostitute like Sanji and Zoro?"

"WHAT!" Her coolness went away. Zoro had sex with a prostitute? "When?" she thought, what the hell, not that her captain was going to suspect if she asked about him" "I mean… when did Zoro had sex with a prostitute?" she tried to calm down.

"I don´t know… Sanji said every time we land in a new island"

"WHAT!" That stupid Marimo was sleeping with hookers every time they docked in a new port. She was furious.

"So, do you think I should do it with a prostitute?" He asked her.

She was about to slam the door open to find Zoro but she took a second to answer Luffy "NO" If he was so obsessed with food she didn´t want to think about what would happen to him when he´ll experience the pleasures of flesh.

"Why?" He yelled but she was no longer in the room.

"I don´t know! Go ask Robin or Franky!" she walked away.

5 minutes later she was in Zoro´s exercise room. The swordsman was doing push ups when the navigator stormed in but he continued as if she wasn´t there. He could tell, after all this time knowing her, the anxious tapping of her hills could only mean trouble for him.

"Zoro" She called him angry and kicked him in the ribs.

"WHAT THE HELL" He jumped and faced her irritated.

For a second she didn´t know what to do. She couldn´t just start yelling at him for sleeping with prostitutes. She knew that she had no exclusivity of him so if he was screwing other people she couldn't say anything about it but really deep inside her it bothered her. It made her jealous, sad, angry. "PAY ME YOUR DEBT NOW!"

"WHAT!" What the hell was wrong with this woman "You know I don´t have the money"

She frowned "You have money to spend when we land on an island so you should have to pay me"

"What! That´s not enough! I only have a couple of bellis to buy something to drink!" He frowned even more.

"That´s not the information I´m handling. I need to audit your last money movements" she crossed her arms over her chest.

"what?" He didn´t understood.

"You´ll have to tell me on what did you spend your money in the last couple of islands" She ordered.

"Booze!" He shot his arms up.

"And?" she inquired

He slouched defeated "We have to do this now?"

"Yes! I need my money Roronoa!" She was indignant.

He moved back to grab a towel and dry the sweat from his face and muscles. He sat on a bench "That´s all"

"I gave you a thousand Bellis from the common savings when we arrived at the last island!" she moved closer to him.

He sighed "I still have 500"

"Anyway, 500 is too much for booze" she continued glaring at him.

"I had to pay the hotel room that was 300, I guess" he scratched the back of his head.

"A-HA! Hotel! Why did you pay a hotel room!" She accused him.

"Because you never pay anything…"

That´s right, they had spent an afternoon in a hotel the last time they docked on an island.

"I guess the other 200 were lunch and booze" he tried to remember more of his spendings.

"And before that?"

"I don't know!" He stared at her, she was grinding her teeth and glaring at him. "Ok… What´s the problem? What did I do?"

"I don´t know… Why are you feeling guilty?" she raised an eyebrow.

"I´m not feeling guilty! It´s clear that you are mad at me for something and I don´t know why!" He said in a higher tone.

She needed to approach the subject in another way. "Why did you advise Luffy to have sex with a prostitute!"

"WHAT!" He was clearly surprised "I never advised him on that!"

"Well, but you shared your experiences" her tone was softer but she still looked angry.

He sighed "Ok. I don´t know what you herd but I think you had all mixed up"

"Then tell me"

"I don´t think I should" He looked away expecting her to get mad.

"WHAT!" She yelled again.

"I´m not telling you details of a private conversation between Luffy, Sanji and the guys" he gulped.

She growled in frustration.

"Don´t be angry, It´s stupid guys talk. You are going to hate it anyway" he tried to held her hand.

She moved her hand away "I´m not interested in Luffy´s or Sanji´s sex life"

"Then?" He didn´t get her.

Her hands fell to her sides in frustration. "Nothing!" she turned around to go.

"HEY!" He called her. He wondered what the hell was wrong with her, when he realized "OH!" He followed her "Hey Nami!".

She continued walking away.

"Come! I tell you" He called her.

She turned around and in a couple of seconds the two of them were back on the room.

"You want the details of my sex life" he grinned.

Suddenly she felt really embarrassed. "No! I wan´t to know if you are spending my money in hookers!" She said angry but blushing.

That´s when the green haired exploded in laughs.

"What are you laughing at!" she said furious.

"Nothing… hehehe. I´m not spending my money on prostitutes" he chuckled.

She kept on frowning clearly not satisfied by his answer.

"Come here" he grabbed her hand and pulled her. She ended up sitting on his lap with her arms crossed. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Luffy told me you had sex with prostitutes every time we docked on and island" she said softly.

"He said that?" He knew that Luffy was strange and understood things in his own way but this was too much.

"Well… Kind of" Actually he didn´t exactly say it like that now that she remembered it. Had she gone too far? She wondered.

"I don´t know what he got out of what we talked last night but I certainly never said that"

"So, then? Why would he say something like that?" She was starting to feel a little embarrassed, jumping into conclusions after talking with Luffy wasn´t clearly the right thing to do.

"Ok, I tell you but just because If I don´t do it you are going to be mad at me" He played with her fingers over her knee.

"Last night when we all went to sleep Luffy started to ask a lot of questions about sex so we exchanged a few anecdotes on that subject, that was all." He said quickly and not adding too much details " But I never said my experiences were from the last couple of years" He blushed after the confession.

"OH" some how she was a tiny bit less angry but curious and a little jealous. "So... You had sex with prostitutes…"

"A lot of years ago!" he entwined fingers with her.

It wasn´t so strange among boys. A part of her didn´t want to know because it only made her jealous but in the other hand she was really intrigued about how had happened "How?"

He sighed, he didn´t want to tell her but it seemed that he didn´t had other options. He´ll have a talk later with Luffy about the secrecy of guys talk. "When I was 14 I worked as security in a brothel for a year and a couple of girls… well…. You know"

She blushed and her head filled with questions: did they pay him with sex? Wasn´t 14 too young? That´s were he learned how to please a woman? But she knew she couldn´t take the answers so she only said "Oh"

"I needed a place to stay because I had got into a fight and broken my arm so… The madam offered me a job after I recovered her wallet from a robber" he continued the story.

She knew that was all she could take "OK"

He understood he had to stop. "So, everything´s cool?"

"I guess" she said looking down still embarrassed.

His other hand played with a curl of her hair. "I should charge you for that" He said trying to break the silence of the room.

"What?" She looked at him surprised.

"I don´t know… for being mad at me… don´t know you always charge me for things? maybe I can do it too" He shrugged.

"You can´t charge me" She pressed his nose with her finger.

He sighed "I don´t know how I´m going to pay you then" he relaxed his head on her shoulder.

She giggled "I guess I have not other option than to extend your credit for a couple of more years… Raising your interests OF COURSE"

"Thanks" He kissed her neck "You are really considerate" he said ironically.

"You know me" she said wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I´m broke I can´t pay for a hooker but if you want, you know I need the money, I have a big debt to pay" He joked.

She giggled "Really?" She lifted an eyebrow" I´m curios about what you could do for the right price"

"If you ask it, I´ll do anything" He looked at her "For the right price, of course"

She blushed, she knew he meant it and wasn´t going to charge her.

"Tell me your fantasies" He said sexily in her ear.

She gulped, turned on by his tone. "I think I could cancel a couple of belli´s of your debt for a foot massage"

He chuckled but when he extended his arm to reach her feet, she interrupted him.

"In your underwear" she added.

He looked at her, this time he was rising an eyebrow

"If I´m paying for that body honey, I want to enjoy it"

He sighed. He never knew where he could end up when he fooled around with her. He placed her on the bench and unhooked his pants that fell on the floor. He wasn´t wearing any tshirt so when he took of his shoes he was done.

Nami relaxed on her seat and stared at him. Oh yeah, he was hot, this gave her another idea. "But before, grab the bottle of water"

He looked at her intrigued and worried. Now he was a little afraid he will never get to the sex part as she was only going to play with him.

She moved her hand inside her bra. Zoro´s eyes fixed on her wiggling breasts while she searched for something inside there. After a couple of seconds she took out a 100 bellis bill and showed it to him between her fingers.

He grinned and moved to take the bottle of water.

"Poured it in your head and then spread the water over your muscles" She smiled and showed him the money again. She had to confess this whole sex-slave thing was really turning her on.

Zoro looked at her knowing that he had no other option than to do what she said, not for the money, because he was a man of word and he had said he´ll make her fantasies come true. He slowly moved the bottle to the top of his head and started pouring the water over his hair. The water splashed on his forehead and slowly traveled down his hair to his neck and chest. The swordsman brushed his hair back and ran his hand over his chest to spread the water. He looked at her and noticed that the red head had her mouth a little opened and her eyes were fixed on his hand following its movement. The palm of his hand slid over his pecs slowly and went down. This time when he looked at Nami; she was biting her lip, all flushed. He detected that if she was staring at his hand there were probably better places to show her. His hand slid slowly down his scar till it reached his abs and the movement continued to the hem of his boxers. When his fingers reached the fabric, he teased it with his fingertips and his hand slowly moved inside it. The underwear moved a little down, not enough to show her his special place but as much to let her see his lower abdomen muscles and sexy hip bones. He heard the navigator pant softly when he grabbed his package and took his hand out of his boxers to brush his hair again, showing her a lot of muscles on his side she didn´t know even existed.

She stared at him for a couple of seconds thinking how damn hot that had been. She extended her hand and put the 100 bellis inside his boxers. "I think I´m ready for that foot massage"

He chuckled and sat next to her, softly grabbing her feet and stripping it from her heels. Her right foot was the first one to get attention when the swordsman started to softly rub his thumbs against her toe mounds. She moaned and closed her eyes relaxing. He gently held her feet and rotated her ankles clockwise, then counterclockwise. Then he rotated each toe the same way, pulling gently on each one. She was enjoying it deeply when he took one foot in both hands and walked his thumbs back and forth over the soles of her feet. Then pushed deep with his thumbs, working the pressure points.

"God Zoro, this feels really good" she moaned while he moved his thumbs in semicircles directly beneath the ball of her foot working back and forth horizontally.

After then minutes, even though she could spend the whole day doing that, she understood that Zoro had earned another 100. She repeated her actions and placed the bill inside his underwear again.

"I have to say… I thought you would be more creative" he said as soon as she left the money.

"What?" She asked, still in the aftermath of his massage.

"Your fantasies are pretty plane" He said playing with her toe.

She hadn´t used the whole potential of his services yet but she was enjoying it. "Do you have something better in mind?"

"Oh yeah… but you know, I´m broke" He smirked

She grinned, oh yeah, it was so fun to play with him. "Ok. You are going to tell me your fantasy, but we are not doing it, just tell it to me with every detail" The teasing competition started.

"OK" he was Roronoa Zoro, he was not going to refuse a challenge.

He stood up grabbing her hand so she ended up in front of him. She raised an eyebrow.

"We are fighting" he said.

"Mm?" she asked surprised.

"My fantasy starts with us fighting, yell something at me" He insisted.

"Oh! We are acting" She said and smiled.

"Of course, this would be better than telling" and he gave her that playful smile again.

"OK!" She thought about it for a second "You stupid! You got lost again!"

He smiled widely and nodded.

"We should have left the island and now we are stuck here for another week!" She yelled at him.

"We are in the ship" he added.

"Oh ok" she changed her tone "And as the island is one big desert we have to stay on the ship!"

"Shut up! I didn´t get lost I was busy saving you ass from those Shichibukai´s and Marine admirals" He yelled back at her.

She raised an eyebrow. In the end it was his fantasy, he could kick the whole word´s ass if he wanted. "Well… Yeah but that was yesterday, we should had been on the ship yesterday and we would have if it wasn´t for your sense of direction"

"Yeah? My sense of direction or the thing that I had to carry you the whole journey"

"Well I had sprawled my ankle!" The tone of the fight turned almost real until Zoro put his hand firmly on her waist and pushed her backwards pinning her to the wall.

"After a couple of minutes, I get tired and kiss you, just so you would shut up" He pressed her body against her and ghosted her lips. She just gulped. "I´ll nibble your ear" His breath was hot against her lobe "And slid my tongue down your neck" He whispered softly against her skin as if he was performing the action, but he didn´t broke the rules of the challenge: he didn´t do it, he just tell it to her.
"At that point" He grabbed her hands and put them over his butt "You are completely horny" He looked intensely into her eyes, and she understood perfectly the character she had to perform. "Yes" She said softly. Her grabbed one of her legs from the back of her tight and lifted up so it could be at his waist level. He pressed his crotch against her "You just want me to fuck you right here" She nodded hypnotized. With her previous requests she had observed the sexyness of Zoro´s body and the pleasure of his touch, now this role play was pushing her limits. He moved his body as if he was doing it, His naked and hard muscles rubbing against her covered skin, so rough, just how she liked him.
"But then" He whispered against her neck and stopped "We hear steps… someone is coming" When he moved away she was about to stop the game and just order him to have sex with her but he moved faster and dragged her back so both could seat on the bench one next to the other "We move to the kitchen" his hand, again, moved to her waist and his lips inches away her mouth. His other hand caressed her cheek and brought her closer, she licked her lips and closed his eyes. "But the previous sound was Sanji so he comes in" Her eyes darted open only to find Zoro looking straight forward. This was starting to feel like a little torture, she thought.

"And that stupid fuzzy brow starts doing the dishes while we act as if nothing is going on" He waited for her to stop looking at him.

She took a deep breath. This was really affecting her "OK" she played as if she was reading a magazine.

"But you are too kinky so when you notice that Sanji is not paying attention…" He grabbed her hand, balled her fist and put his hand over hers to guide it. "You start touching me under the table" He moved their hands over his crotch and mimicked it as if she was masturbating him.
She couldn´t help but to gulp and stare at him.

"OH god it feels so good" He closed his eyes.

She couldn´t believe it… this was by far the most erotic thing she had ever done, who would had known Zoro was so… creative. She HAD to touch him and it was so close but she couldn't because the greenhaired´s hand was covering hers and directing her movements.

"But I´m not selfish, You know I´m not" His other hand moved over her leg and she thought she was going to explode "I move my hand down the table and inside your skirt" she wasn´t wearing a skirt now but the touch over her jeans felt really intense. "I move my fingers inside your underwear and start caressing you softly" he placed 2 fingers over her inner tight and touched her as if he was pleasuring her. His other hand keep moving as she jerked him.

"You moan softly, I can hear you but that idiot doesn't" he command her and she did it, he was breathing louder anyway.

"I touch you softly but you are already so wet that my fingers slide smoothly between your lips" He mimicked the movements "And I put more pressing" She didn´t realized it but she had closed her eyes, probably to imagine it better. "While I´m touching you, you can´t speak but that idiot offers you some tea and you say Yeah, and he thinks that's for him"

She was immersed in his fantasy, she was feeling exactly what he was telling her "Yeah"

"But no, that´s for me because you are about to cum, so hard. The adrenalin of knowing that he could find us turns you really on"

"Yeah" she moaned.

"And then it happens. I touch you exactly like you need it and you cum hard in my hand… It´s even more intense because you cant scream"

"Zoro" She moaned softly as she closed her legs. He moved his hand away her legs and licked his finger "MMM you taste so good" His other hand had left hers a little while ago but she continued moving. "As this idiot seats in front of us, I relax against the back of the chair and play asleep while you keep touching me" He put his hands behind his head and relaxed. "He is an idiot, he talks to you, you don´t care but you just talk to him so he wouldn´t find out" He looked at her hand moving "Faster I´m about to" He ordered and she just moved his hand faster. "Yeah. Like that".

She could feel with her knuckles Zoro´s real erection. This game was erotic for the two of them. She was about to open her hand and touch him when he said something new.

"Nami" He moaned softly "I said that and you know I´m about to cum" She looked at him, If he cums now Sanji is going to find out, She thought worried. He moved his right hand to the nape of her neck "so you throw a pencil as if you didn´t mean it, down the table and say Oops naively"

"Oops" she acted and after that his hand landed on her neck and pulled her down.

"You say I get it" he said

"I get it" She gulped while he guided her head over her hand which was supposedly masturbating him.

"And you put my hard and hot cock inside your mouth" Her face was inches away his erection inside his boxers.

"Your wet mouth and your velvet tongue is the last I can take so I cum hard inside your mouth" He moaned pressing the nape of her neck with his hands. "My hot seed is shot inside you but you drink it all, you suck it a couple of times more before you raise your head and sit again while you clean the edges of your mouth" He pulled her up.

"That idiot cook doesn´t notice anything" he continued

"Zoro" she interrupted him because she couldn´t take it anymore, she had to have him: Right here, right now.

"But luckily for us, he goes away" he kept on talking as if she hadn´t say anything.

"Zoro, I need you now" She pleaded.

"Yeah! You say something like that! And as soon as he closes the door I pinned you against the table"

She didn´t know how but in a swift movement Zoro had put her in her knees with her belly against the bench."You beg me to fuck you"

"Please fuck me" She begged.

He put his erection against her butt and his hands over her waist. He started to move as if he was giving it to her doggy style.

She didn´t know if it was for the friction or the fiction but she was starting to feel an orgasm building inside her.

He opened her legs a little and she instinctually raised her backside "I fuck you hard as you like it" he buckled his hips against her.

"Zoroooo" She moaned.

"Yeah baby, my fat cock is stabbing your pussy" he moved so violently against her that she couldn't take it anymore.

Her hands gripped the edge of the bench and suddenly she felt it, she was climaxing, yeah all dressed up and only imagining the dirty thought Zoro was describing to her. She screamed his name and collapsed against the bench.

He stopped and moved away. After a couple of seconds of anxious breathing Nami turned around sitting on the floor and rested her back against the bench.

The green haired sat next to her "I think I know what to do" he said in his sexy tone.

"Yes please" She begged. Ok the fantasy was amazing but she needed him now.

He moved closer to her, his hand moved towards her chest. One finger sneaked inside her bra and quickly took out a 100 bellis, caressing meanwhile her harden nipple.

"Really?" she gasped when his hand was out of her bra.

"I think I earned this" he put it inside his underwear and smirked.

"Really?" She asked tired.

"Don´t you agree?"

"OK. I have one last request" She kneeled and looked at him.

"Nahh… I think I´m ok for the day, I don´t want to be greedy" he looked away.

"Really?" She said disappointed.

"Really. No more money favors" He moved closer to kiss her.

She melted in the feeling of his lips. Zoro managed to wrap his arms around her waist and pull her on top of him. "What I have in mind next is for free… if you are ok with it"

She didn´t answer him, just kissed him again. He moved his fingers to unbutton her jeans and pull them down. While they kissed fervently, Zoro´s hand succeeded in undressing her leaving her only her undergarments. When his fingers fount the fabric of her panties he had to broke the kiss.

"Wow!" He said trying to look at her underwear while his fingers played with the wetness that had formed down there. "You are really wet" He said surprised.

"Yeah" She moaned in his ear "That was really hot, I even came" she nibbled in his ear.

Zoro didn´t know hot to describe the feeling he was living at the moment. He felt cocky, proud, sexy and extremely longing for Nami. "Then, I don´t think I should keep you waiting any much longer" He slowly pushed her down so she lay on the wooden floor.

"You shouldn´t" Nami said softly as she opened her legs widely.

He moved his hands to her waist and slowly slid her panties down her legs. As he expected she was drenched, her legs marked with the trail of her juices. He licked his lips at the view.

"Zoro!" She insisted in a soft growl.

He couldn´t wait anymore. He got rid of his underwear, bellis fell around the floor, and he positioned the tip of his manhood over her labia. He played a little more with her, he loved to tease her and rubbed his shaft up and down her clit.

"ZORO" That´s all she said.

He chuckled and entered her in one swift motion. Her arms jumped to wrap around his back and pull him closer to her. He buckled his hips faster, he couldn´t take it for much longer and it was obvious that neither did she.

When they herd Sanji´s voice announcing dinner they knew they had to end it quickly. Zoro´s mouth moved on top of hers, to kiss her but more to muffle the screams Nami used to perform when he gave it to her hard and fast.
The navigator felt her eyes roll back to her skull when the swordsman viscously stabbed her. It only lasted a couple of minutes to her when she saw white and her blood turned into fire. As her whole body trembled for several seconds she noticed that Zoro had stopped moving and crushed his head between her breasts. She didn´t talk, she couldn´t.

After a couple of seconds Zoro pecked her sweetly in the lips and started dressing.

She only had strength to sit against the bench. She stared at him.

"Tired?" He said in a mocking tone.

She showed him her tongue and stood up to put on her clothes. While she was adjusting her jeans she noticed how Zoro picked up the bills form the floor and put them in his pocket. He noticed she was looking at him and move closer to her, gave her a quick kiss and moved away "See you at dinner" he left the room.

Nami kept on arranging her clothes for a couple of minutes thinking on what had happened. She adjusted her bra and noticed she had no more cash with her, she giggled and moved to enjoy dinner with her nakamas.


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